How to sew a balcony siding outside: plating and finishing, lathing loggias with your own hands, step by step instruction and video

The appearance of the balcony, siding, looks attractive enough Exterior balconies, covered with siding, looks quite attractive This new buildings balconies also look decent - and the colors are bright and exterior finish worthy. And old houses, especially stalinkas, deserve an external modernization. One of the options for how to trim a balcony is a siding with siding. In many cases, such repairs can be done by yourself.

    • Material Selection: Cabin balcony siding
    • Why siding to the balcony: the pros material
    • Step by Step primary actions: finishing the balcony siding
    • done correctly: crate balcony
    • How to decorate a balcony with siding with theirHand( video)

Material selection: siding of the balcony with

siding. The siding itself can be vinyl or metal. Vinyl siding is considered a suitable option for exterior decoration. It does not rot, does not burn in the sun, it is not combustible. Siding strips can be any color - white, pink, lemon, gray-green, cream, etc.

Siding can be of two types: metal and vinyl Siding is of two types: metal and vinyl

metal siding is made of galvanized steel with a polymeric coating. The material is also durable, not combustible, it is easily mounted, and it protects the balcony well from external influences. But vinyl siding is still in great demand today.

Why siding for the balcony: the advantages of the material

Today, more and more owners are striving to shed balconies or loggias with siding. This material is really good, for example, only that its price is quite affordable, makes it attractive to the buyer.

Siding for balconies has a lot of advantages Siding for balcony plating has many advantages

also siding:

  • does not require any special training bases;
  • The material can be mounted on any substrate;
  • It is subject to weak mechanical damage;
  • Temperature drops siding is also not afraid;
  • Serves to the same noise insulation;
  • He does not need special care, just in time wipe the cloth with a cloth;
  • The cover can be made with your own hands.

Exterior finish requires compliance with the work plan, preparation of materials and tools and, of course, caution. The work itself will take place in several stages. It's easier to work with a partner.

Step by Step primary actions: finishing the balcony siding

First of all, prepare the tools for the job: a tape measure, screwdriver, builder's level, mounting a knife or hammer drill, a special metal brush for drills, fishing line, a nozzle for tightening screws. Of the materials you will need the siding, accessories for the siding, a suitable beam for the battens, special metal corners for the assembly. It will also require a primer for metal, and, if necessary, a cement slurry.

Before you finish the siding, you need to prepare materials Before performing finish siding materials necessary to prepare


  • Examine first coating former balcony. Free the balcony itself from everything superfluous, nothing should interfere with the work.
  • If the balcony fence is frankly in an emergency condition, disassemble it, replacing it with a brand new, strong one. But sometimes it's enough just to strengthen it with the channel.
  • If the old guard is left, clean it and apply a corrosion solution for the metal railings.
  • Then lower the bottom edge of the balcony structure from the cement cracked parts right up to the concrete. Fill large cracks with mortar mix for repair. And if the concrete base with serious damages, arrange around the perimeter of the crate with the subsequent pouring with cement.

If the railing of the balcony is old and rusty, they are removed by a Bulgarian. Cement large cracks, knock cement down to strong concrete, as already mentioned. If you decide to leave the lattice, then clean it and progruntuyte.

Make right: crate balcony

The next stage is the crate. The step of the planks of the future crate should not be more than 40 cm. Be sure to treat the wooden bars with antiseptic mixtures so that the mold and fungus do not appear on them. When decorating the top of the crate, pay serious attention to its fastening with the wall. Better for this use small metal bars, on the one hand they fix the screws to the wall, on the other - attach to the wooden beam. Please note that the thickness of the crate can not be less than the layer of insulation.

The wood for the balcony lining should be impregnated with antiseptic mixtures Wood for the balcony roofing must be impregnated with antiseptic mixtures

The heat insulation plates are laid under the frame. If necessary, you can lay out communication systems. You can also make a metal frame if desired. Then the frame is mounted on a similar principle, but in addition a layer of insulation is needed. You can also use mineral wool or some more modern insulation.

On top of the heater lining the protective membrane layer, which is fixed with screws. If the balcony has a concrete base, the lower part of the crate is fixed with a special construction glue, clamps fix it to the rods.

Assembly of the siding strips

First, set the starting bar, it is fastened to the lower belt of the grate with a lock. It is nailed or nailed by screws. In the details make oblong grooves so that the siding does not stand rigidly, otherwise it will swell or may fall off the fasteners.

Further work:

  • With a metal pencil in the middle of the groove, the recess is just under the screw, it is screwed with a screwdriver or drill;
  • At ¼ turn, the screw is turned to slightly release the siding strip, after the starting plate is strengthened, the bottom panel is lowered until the lock snaps;
  • The strip of the siding is disengaged, removed, according to the made marks, the second belt of bars is already fastened;
  • In the fence rods make holes, through which the bars are fastened with bolts or screws with self-tapping screws;
  • After installing the second belt, the strip of the siding is again lowered in the grooves of the details of the corner, until the lock of the starting plate has snapped;
  • Again, mount in the center of the fixing groove, screw the screw and turn it a quarter of a turn, the other belts are fixed in the same way.

Siding installation scheme Scheme of mounting the siding

With the installation of the casing, the upper belt is combined. In order to strengthen the design, install the vertical bars. If you know that the weather often throws surprises, and strong winds in your area are not uncommon, you can fasten the plates for reliability more often.

Before starting work, it is recommended to put the plate on the street for several hours. It is necessary that they take their size in a natural environment.

When fixing the bar, do not tighten it so that it does not deform. If you do everything for the first time, then it is recommended to start the lining from the sides. If you have never performed similar works, then it is better to entrust professionals above the third floor.

How to trim a balcony with your own hands( video)

The exterior paneling is not so complicated, but still requires certain building and repair skills. Do not be lazy to watch a video lesson, plan work. The result will be of high quality, and the paneling will last for many years. Successful work!