The steps of the stairs: carpet cover, anti-slip size, carpet width and dimensions

Any ladder must be equipped with safety rules to avoid various injuries Any ladder must be equipped in accordance with safety regulations to avoid various injuries. Stairs - the main means of movement between levels in residential, office and industrial premises. Often, because of the aesthetics( stairs of polished wood and stone), savings( metal ladders) and design errors in the design of stairs, the design safety level is reduced: smooth, slippery steps with incorrect height and width can lead to all kinds of injuries and bruises. What measures can be taken to improve the safety of steps - read the article.

    • Height of the riser and the width of the ladder of the ladder: the key safety factor
    • Anti-slip cover for the ladder
    • Cover plates for the steps of the carpet: reliability and safety
    • Step ladder mats: types and mounting methods
    • Carpet on the stairs( video)
    • Details: mats on the stairs( photo examples)

Height of the riser and the width of the ladder: the key safety factor

The safety of the stairs determines, first of all, the size of the steps. Insufficiently wide treads and low risers can lead to the slipping of the foot of the stepper from the step and become the cause of injuries of a different nature. A responsible approach to designing a staircase in a private home will avoid such troubles.

When constructing the ladder, the following values ​​should be taken as a basis:

  • The step height should be within 15-20 cm, the width for living spaces should be at least 30 cm, for basements and attic - 20 cm;
  • The angle of inclination of the stairs should be from 26 to 45 degrees, but it is worth remembering that structures with an angle of more than 37 degrees are considered uncomfortable, and for the spiral staircase, an ideal inclination of 25-35 degrees;
  • The overhang of the tread above the riser must be at least 5 cm.

The height of the riser and the width of the tread should be such that the staircase is comfortable to walk The height of the riser and the width of the tread should be made such that it is convenient to walk along the ladder

The ladder must be created taking into account the values ​​that GOST specifies forOf each material. In addition, when calculating the height and width of the steps, the radius of the steepness of the ladder should also be taken into account: for steep constructions, the values ​​will be higher than, for example, for ramps.

Formulas for performing independent calculations and factors that must be taken into account can be found in the "Building codes and regulations".

Anti-slip lining for stairs

Lining is one of the available, popular and effective ways to secure the descent and ascent of stairs. Lining, usually used to cover the external staircase of private houses, steps of shopping complexes, office and industrial premises. According to the material of manufacture, the overhead elements are divided into aluminum and rubber.

Aluminum pads are elastic bands of rubber with an aluminum, anodized contour around the edges. Such products are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, corrosion. The disadvantages of the structure is their thickness: often about aluminum lining clings to shoes, which can cause injuries.

Rubber lining can be solid and ribbon. The most effective are considered to be whole, covering the whole surface of the step, the lining. In the market they are products made of rubberized crumbs and plates with notches on the front side. Such products can be made in different shades and guarantee a high level of reliability and safety. In addition, rubber is resistant to extreme temperatures.

Anti-slip lining ensures safe walking on stairs in all weather conditions Anti-slip liners ensure safe walking on the stairs in all weathers

Rubber anti-slip tapes create an additional relief on the treads, easily glue to any smooth surfaces and do not lose their performance even at negative ambient temperatures.

There are also rubber L-shaped thresholds that prevent slipping of the foot and protect the end corners of the steps from mechanical damage.

In order to install any type of lining, you must first prepare the surface of the steps: eliminate defects and irregularities, if any;Clean and degrease the surface. It is possible to fix the lining securely using a construction adhesive, a double-sided adhesive tape. There are, also, lining-stickers. The constructions with aluminum sides are fixed with locking bolts.

Cover plates for carpet stairs: reliability and safety

Cover plates for carpet steps are a spectacular option for enhancing safety in a private home, which can provide a high level of comfort. Products not only prevent sliding, but also allow to protect the surface of the steps, extend the lifespan of the stairs, and have noise-proof properties. It's nice to walk on such covers.

Lining is available in various colors and shapes, which allows you to choose products for any interior. Carpet mats are easy to care for: the covers are cleaned with usual detergents, quickly dry, do not lose their shape and performance.

Carpet covers not only provide safety when walking on the stairs, but also improve its appearance Carpet covers not only provide safety when walking on the stairs, but also improve its appearance

Depending on the shape, the carpet cover can be secured with a double-sided scotch, metal or plastic rails. An excellent option is the fixing of the pads with anti-slip pads, which are rubber lining with a plastic or metal contour and, among other things, also perform protective functions.

Today they also produce special carpet coverings on a latex adhesive. Such products are easily attached and also simply removed from the stairs without damaging the surface of the steps.

Specialists recommend purchasing carpeting with a rubber backing, which is easily glued to a smooth surface on a double-sided adhesive tape.

Mats for stair steps: types and mounting methods

Today, there are three basic shapes of rugs - semicircular, oval, rectangular. For non-standard steps, you can buy carpet products made on special order. Rugs can fully cover the steps or be placed only on their central part. More successful are products that at least partially cover the riser: these rugs not only prevent slipping, but also effectively protect the protruding corners of the steps from mechanical damage to the shoes.

Step mats are a simple and elegant way to secure a ladder in a private house. Rugs have different colors and textures and are suitable for any staircase, their cost is available for everyone, and securely fix the rugs on the surfaces of the steps can be hand-made - with a double-sided tape. If necessary, the mats can be easily removed and replaced. Also, the products can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and detergents for carpets.

The easiest way to fix the mats on the steps is to use double-sided scotch tape The easiest way to fix the mats on the steps is to use a double-sided tape

An alternative option is to stack the ladder along the entire span of the carpet tracks. This method looks exquisite and effective, and reliable fixation of the track guarantees a high level of safety and noise insulation. The only drawback - the track is not suitable for steep spiral staircases. A carpet material, for stairs with a small radius of curvature, should be greater than for ordinary stairs.

As fasteners for the installation of carpet tracks can come rails with spikes, metal nails. The most accessible, simple and convenient option will be fastenings - carpet holders, which allow you to securely fix the tracks and can be used as a decorative element. The constructions are mounted in the area of ​​connection of the misdemeanor with misdemeanor with the help of systems of the SNIP type.

The most practical and durable are holders for rugs made of brass or stainless steel.

Carpet on the stairs( video)

Make the ladder safer under the power of absolutely everyone. The modern market of accessories and mounting devices offers a lot of options for this in a wide range of prices. You just have to choose the most suitable method!

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