Marble staircase: photo steps, lining and repair of fencing panels, galoshnika decoration, manufacturing in the house

The marble staircase is able to give the interior chic and high cost Marble staircase is able to give the interior a chic and high cost. It happens that the staircase arrangement is thought out already when creating a house project - in a stairwell between vertical surfaces in a bay window. Also occurs when the house is purchased for a construction option. In this case, the design tasks converge to the decor. In a completely different way, a marble staircase project is being created in a two-level apartment. Here it is one of the main elements of the living room that attract attention.

      • Marble stairs and steps in the living room of the house
      • Interior with marble steps with stairs
      • Marble staircase facing
      • Modern living room with marble stairs to the second floor
      • Other styles in the interior of the house with marbleLadder
      • How does the marble staircase look like( video)
      • Marble staircase design( photo in interior)

Marble stairs and steps in the living room of the house

You can fantasizeInfinitely, but the marble staircase can be different.

It differs by:

  • Constructions;
  • Form;
  • Separate elements.

Regardless of where the beautiful construction will be located, the first thing the owner of the apartment thinks about after the repair and decoration is done, its decor. Usually, the owners of a multi-level apartment already have representations of the future interior of the room, and the staircase must fit into this image, and develop it.

A marble staircase can be made in different colors: black, white, beige, green, etc. Marble staircase can be made in different colors: black, white, beige, green, etc.

Today the most relevant are the following solutions:

  • Classics and nobility;
  • Vintage;
  • Modern execution;
  • Country;
  • Modern;
  • Neutral style, etc.

Interesting interior "chips" allow you to create an original, stylish and functional design. Each form of decoration should be discussed in more detail.

Interior with marble steps with stairs

The classic is always in a trend, and it is distinguished by its individuality and special quality of execution. If these parameters are absent, a refined idea, most likely, will turn into a cheap parody. The basis of the classics is a marble array. Marble is heavy in weight, relatively affordable( although it all depends on the type).Marble can be made of any color, it is simply painted. In addition, the marble structure can be decorated in a variety of ways, even order the production of enclosing panels.

The design may include the following:

  • Artificial aging;
  • Patina;
  • Metallization of individual elements;
  • Toning "for exotics."

Marble steps are well combined with gold handrails

You can combine with metal. Usually, these are forged items, sometimes casting. From the metal can be made handrails, balusters and rails, koloshnik.

Designers recommend to take as a basis a certain style direction. Acceptable are such types of styles as Art Nouveau, Baroque or Art Deco.

If desired, you can always place historical photos or copies of paintings that accurately reflect the details of the style direction, for example, reports, monograms, rocailles. You can always choose what you like, and order a sketch of the interior with a staircase to the second floor.

Another material is a stone that is reliable and solid for stairs in a classic style. However, it has significant drawbacks - great weight and complexity of styling. Rare house can withstand such loads, so the presence of a stone staircase in the nursery, in the living room or in the zone where the kitchen is located, dining room, hall, other room, must be calculated even when creating a house project and laying the foundation. More often a stone is used, when it is necessary to perform the facing of the steps, on top of the stairs made of concrete slabs.

Lining of stairs with marble

One of the trendy trends in the design of stairs is the style of vintage.

It includes several "chips":

  • Special aging elements with special processing;
  • Careful ruggedness of the country;
  • Special emphasis on the bright properties of trend materials. To traditional materials, marble and metal, for example, ceramics or frescos are added. You can also use structural plaster on the risers and the wall.

The staircase, faced with marble, has a long service life and good aesthetic qualities The marble staircase has a long life and good aesthetic qualities

Thus, the decorated decorative design fits perfectly in a number of popular styles such as fusion, eco, country and ethnics. Unlike the classical direction, bold decisions are welcome here, you can realize your dreams. Acceptable asymmetry, the use of contrasts, unexampled negligence and a paradoxical symbiosis of materials. From different elements, a general design of the staircase is created, wherever it is located, in the corridor zone, in the hall, on the balcony or elsewhere.

To the interior was not callous and vulgar, it is desirable to select no more than 2 brand elements.1 in color and 1 in texture, everything else acts as a complement.

Modern living room with a marble staircase to the second floor

Modern decor of staircase designs, as a rule, develops in 2 absolutely opposite directions. The first is exclusive, the second is mass. In the first case, all worthy of attention are "removable" elements.

The brightest building materials, combined with marble:

  • Concrete;
  • Glass;
  • White and polished metallic;
  • Porcelain tiles;
  • Stone.

Forged railing in combination with a marble staircase perfectly fit in the interior, made in a classic style Forged railings in combination with a marble staircase perfectly fit in the interior, made in the classical style

Usually, this ladder design dominates the house, becoming the basis of the style of the room. In residential buildings, you can repeat this in a miniature performance, but to create such a masterpiece, it takes a lot of space and finances. If the place where the ladder will be located is already selected, then the most modern version will be a construction on the bolts or a helical model. The reason for the demand is low weight and visual ease of the stairs. You can play such a composition with the help of decor.

The important point is that the building materials and forms used for the ladder model in small numbers are repeated in the surrounding interior.

The second direction of development of modern design of stair constructions is mass production. These are affordable designs, which were developed by designers of a significant level, and then launched into mass production. They are also good because, if desired, they can be supplemented, or remove something superfluous, by changing some elements of the design( cut, cut) or style performance. The basic building materials to a marble basis - wood, a composite, non-metals. Their advantages are in the multivariance of the constituent elements and in the quality assurance that a reliable producer always provides.

Other styles in the interior of the house with a marble staircase

The interior of the hallway with a marble staircase at the door can be made in other styles. In the fashion interiors in the Scandinavian, neutral style, as well as in the style trends of modern and country. The ladder, carrying the ideas of a neutral style, can be freely decorated and have any shape, color.

Neutral - this is not the dominant style, he willingly gives a role to the surrounding design. The role of the neutral is to avoid variegating and creating dissonance.

How does the marble staircase look( video)

This is part of the overall composition, where the ceiling, wallpaper, furnishings and landscape outside the window merge together. Ladder marches in this case laconic, restrained and there is nothing superfluous. The structure can be made of marble with the addition of wood and metal. The main thing is that it supports the details of the interior, their texture, colors, acted, not as a dividing, but united them into a single whole.

Design of marble stairs( photo in interior)