Finishing of the staircase with wood: facing of the metal frame, wooden covering of the metal frame, steps

Decorate the staircase and make it interesting with the help of finishing the steps with a tree Decorating the staircase and making it interesting can be done with the finishing of steps with wood The staircase in the house does not only perform a decorative function, first of all it is a functional element of the room. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to take care of its strength. Wooden stairs have a special charm and charm, this material allows us to feel the unity with nature and the magnificence of natural elements. However the price for rare breeds is high enough, and the century of constructions from a tree, unfortunately, is short. The way out of this situation can be found by cutting a stronger metal or concrete frame with wooden steps. How to do it yourself - read on.

    • Advantages of facing the stairs with wood
    • How to trim the ladder of concrete
    • Metal frame for the wooden ladders
    • Ladder on the metal frame covered with wood
    • Finishing the metal ladder with wood( video)
    • Design of stairs lined with wood( interior photo)

Advantages of facing stairs with wood

To make the staircase strong and durable, it is necessary to erect a staircaseThe materials are appropriate. Most of all, these qualities correspond to metal or concrete. However, such structures in the house look too rough and simple, which can not be said about wooden products.

The advantage of finishing the stairs with a tree is that it is beautiful and practical The advantage of finishing the ladder with wood is that it is beautiful and practical.

The wood stairs have a pleasant appearance that blends with almost all interior styles. Unfortunately, such a natural and noble material has one big drawback - short-term operation. To solve this problem will help finish the concrete or metal frame with wood. In this case, the products will have the positive qualities of both materials, while virtually eliminating the negative aspects.

Advantages of finishing stairs with wood:

  • Strength and durability of the structure, due to the reliability of the frame;
  • Ease of work with wooden elements;
  • Wooden steps, set on a metal or concrete frame, will not be cold;
  • The tree fits well with other materials;
  • The wood staircase will fit organically into any interior.

In addition to our advantages, it is worth noting the cost reduction for materials of this design. Also, if you use a ladder on a metal frame, wood paneling with wood will significantly reduce the weight of the whole product.

Wood trimmed stairs perfectly fit into any interior. They are distinguished by the presence of a mass of merits and the absence of any shortcomings.

How to trim a concrete ladder with

It is not difficult to coat a concrete base of a ladder. However, you need to have not only the skills of working with tools, but also an excellent artistic taste.

To give the pine a more noble appearance, it can be treated with stain for oak or mahogany, and then open with several layers of varnish.

First of all, pre-lining ladders on a concrete basis, you need to think about what kind of wood is better to choose. Especially popular are expensive breeds, such as: oak, beech, wenge, ash, merab and teak. These types of trees are the most durable and noble. However, if you want to reduce your expenses, you can use pine to finish the interstorey staircase in the room. This tree, although not very strong and durable, but simply in processing and at home can serve you for several decades.

To trim a ladder from concrete it is quite possible independently, if it is competent to familiarize with advice of experts It is completely possible to sew a concrete ladder with wood if you thoroughly read the advice of specialists

Brief description of the process of finishing with concrete stairs:

  1. Concretes of stairs are first leveled with a special mixture. This stage can not be missed, even if at first glance the steps seem perfectly smooth.
  2. After the leveling mixture has dried, a plywood fitted to the size is mounted on the step using self-tapping screws. It is necessary in order to protect the wooden finish from the effects of moisture.
  3. Steps are made of wood. You can make them yourself using a template or order from professionals.
  4. Further, starting with the lower stage, with the help of bolts and liquid nails, a finishing material is mounted on the ladder.

When the lining of the concrete ladder is completed, it is necessary to cover all the remaining slots with filler and assembly foam. Correctly having executed work, you receive strong and beautiful design.

Metal frame for wooden ladders

Wood is not only a concrete base, but a metal frame is suitable for this purpose. To decorate such structures, noble tree species are also selected, or the pine available to all.

The metal frame for the ladder should be high-quality and durable The metal frame for the ladder must be qualitative and robust.

There are two types of ladder on a metal frame suitable for wood trim. The first is open, it is distinguished by the accuracy of its execution and the perfect appearance. Here, woodworking is more of a design move than a necessity. Open designs look great on their own, without any additional elements. However, wooden steps add charm designs.

If you have chosen an open frame for your home, then remember that all the defects that occur during its assembly will be visible, so if you do not have the ideal welding skills, then it is better to entrust this work to professionals.

There is also a modular, same roughing, view of the frame. Its name was given to this construction due to the fact that it needs to be erected during the rough construction works in the house. With the collection of the frame of this sample, even the man who holds the welding machine for the first time will cope.

To assemble a metal ladder frame you will need a well-designed drawing. You can make it yourself, or order in specialized companies. In the first case, you will need to correctly calculate the size of each design parameter.

The rough frame is brewed from the channels and cut into parts of the corners. This process does not take much time, but requires precision of action and mindfulness.

Ladder on metal frame, wood-trimmed

In order to qualitatively make the skin of the metal structure with wood, it is necessary to approach the material selection phase competently. What breeds are most suitable for this function, you already know, but we suggest you pay attention to some more nuances.

Excellent in the interior will fit the ladder on the metal frame, which is trimmed with wood Excellent in the interior will fit the ladder on the metal frame, which is trimmed with wood

The nuances of the choice and preparation of wood for the lining of stairs on the metal frame:

  • In the finish of stairs, the moisture content of wood is very important, in any case this parameter is notShould exceed 12%;
  • The wood that you have chosen to finish the ladder should not have cracks, chips, traces of insects and knots;
  • Treat the material for the lining of the staircase with protective agents to prevent decay, the formation of fungi, mold and insects;
  • After finishing the stairs, do not forget to cover the wooden stairs with a protective varnish or oil-wax mixture.

After you have purchased and processed the wood, you can go directly to the metal structure cladding. For this purpose, each step of the ladder is measured separately, and individual elements are cut from the tree. You also need to do with the railing.

The sawed and prepared steps and handrails are mounted on the frame with the help of a screwdriver and self-tapping screws. However, in order for the skin to look more neat, mark the points of attachment with a simple pencil.

Finishing of metal stairs with wood( video)

Stairs on a metal or concrete base, trimmed with wood, look noble and beautiful, but at the same time they have excellent quality indicators. Combining strong materials with noble breeds is an excellent option for a modern home.

staircase design, wood-paneled( interior photos)