How to make a partition of plasterboard with their own hands in the room: a photo of a one-room apartment, a kitchen-living room

Beautiful zoning space can be done with gypsum cardboard septum Zoning is an integral part of modern interior design. It is possible to beautifully zonate space with the gypsum plasterboard. You can create this in several ways: using different finishing materials, furniture or using a partition. The latter option is gaining increasing popularity recently. Drywall is a great material for creating a partition in any room. Today, let's talk about how to make a partition of gypsum board with your own hands.

    • How to make a partition of plasterboard with your own hands in the room
    • Partition of plasterboard in the room: photo
    • Use of partitions of plasterboard in a one-room apartment: photo
    • Practical partition in the plasterboard room: advantages of
    • Do it yourself: the plasterboard partition in the room( video)
    • Design of the plasterboard partitions( photo interiors)

How to make the plasterboard partition by yourHands in the room

You can create a partition of plasterboard with your own hands in almost any room. Repair in this case is divided into several stages, the most important of which are the installation of the frame and lining. Also, care should be taken to insulate and lay wires and cables.

First of all you have to define the material for the profile:

  • Wood;
  • Metal profile.

Install gipsokartonnuyu septum can be their own hands, the main thing - in the correct sequence to perform the installation and finishing work

It is necessary to start the work with the installation of the frame, this is the most important and the most difficult stage in creating a gypsum plasterboard partition.

The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • Make sure that the ceiling and the floor are perfectly flat, if necessary - perform work on leveling the surfaces;
  • Then create a layout: apply two identical lines to the ceiling and floor, draw a strip on the ceiling that will be perpendicular to the walls and repeat it on the floor;
  • Then, through the lines, install profiles from metal or beams from wood, use self-tapping screws, drill and screwdriver;
  • Fasten fasteners at a distance of 35 cm from each other;
  • Install vertical racks, installed lithium should be supported by three vertical profiles;
  • Two will be on the edges of the sheet, one in the middle, two adjacent sheets of drywall should lie on one profile.

Begin the installation of vertical racks from any wall where there is a wall profile attached by screws. From it, set aside 55 cm to the opposite wall - this will be the place of mounting the posts to the profiles on the ceiling and floor.

Partitions from plasterboard in the room: photo

Partitions allow not only zoning the room, they can be used as tables, bar counters, niches. Do not think that the plasterboard partitions can only be an ideal rectangular shape. There are curly partitions with special shelves, niches that perfectly complement the interior.

The original partition of plasterboard can additionally be used as a stylish rack The original partition of plasterboard can additionally be used as a stylish rack

How do the various partitions in the interior look like:

  • A curved partition for the kitchen can function as a bar counter;
  • Partition with niches - a find for the kitchen in a modern style, functional drawers allow you to store and hide cooking utensils;
  • A low partition for the kitchen is the perfect solution for a studio apartment, it will save space, can be used as a table or bar counter;
  • The gypsum plasterboard girder for the hall performs a zoning function, it is appropriate in such premises as kitchen-living room;
  • Partition, extending from the balcony, performs the function of the table;
  • In the bathroom, the partition helps to separate the bathroom from the toilet, which is especially important in a combined toilet, where the shower and toilet are in the same room;
  • Rectangular partition is most often installed in small rooms to separate the living room from the bedroom, between them a kind of wall is obtained.

There are a lot of options for partitions, they can be built in shelves, niches, which will additionally decorate the room and hide some things.

Using partitions of plasterboard in a one-room apartment: photo

In a one-room apartment the problem of zoning arises. Most often, the plasterboard partition divides the room into two equal halves, for example, separates the living room from the kitchen.

An excellent zonator in a one-room apartment will easily become a gypsum plasterboard of an unusual shape A gypsum cardboard partition with an unusual shape

is an excellent zone in a one-room apartment. Especially popular are room partitions in studio apartments to separate two or three zones from each other:

  • Depending on the size of the room, Create two or three partitions to separate the zones from each other;
  • Partition allows you to separate the bedroom from the living room;
  • Make the most of the room from the side of the window;
  • To save space, create a partition with shelves or recesses to hide any items in them.

The partition can be partitioned either as a curved or as an ordinary partition without any decorations. If space allows, pay attention to the partition with the built-in electric fireplace.

There are even partitions with doors, this solution will be especially relevant for families with children to separate a playground or a sleeping area for children. This is a good option for the hallway, for example, in the loft style, where zoning is one of the main elements. Creative people use a partition in a one-room apartment to create a work area where you can store all the things necessary for work.

Practical partition in the plasterboard room: the advantages of

The most common plasterboard partition is used in the hall to highlight the areas of the kitchen and living room, dining room or create a working area.

The advantage of gypsum plasterboard is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for health Advantage of the gypsum board is that it is environmentally friendly and safe for health

Therefore, the following advantages of the gypsum board partitions can be highlighted:

  • Light weight;
  • Availability of material;
  • Variety of shapes;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Environmental cleanliness and safety;
  • Durability.

Due to its availability, it is possible to purchase many different sheets of drywall, which allows you to create a variety of shapes and bends. But remember that drywall is quite fragile, so do not hang or place heavy objects on the bulkhead.

The partition can be arched, have a door, drawers or niches for storing items, so every apartment has the opportunity to create the best variant of the partition.

In the gypsum board partitions are often installed lamps and shelves for books. A large amount of light is especially needed in a small apartment to visually increase space. The height of the partition can be different - from floor to ceiling or below, set it so that it separates only part of the room. A small partition can be installed as an accent in a spacious living room, they can be very beautiful, include patterns, decorative inserts.

Doing it yourself: the plasterboard partition in the room( video)

In conclusion, it can be said that gypsum board partitions are a versatile and stylish way of zoning in any apartment. Availability of the material and ease of installation make gypsum plasterboard partitions the most practical and stylish. The variety of forms allows you to create a unique atmosphere, even in a one-room apartment.

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