How to paint the walls of plasterboard: what to prepare for finishing the GKL, processing

That the painted gipsokartonnye walls remained long time in a good condition, it is necessary to choose exclusively qualitative paint To ensure that the painted plasterboard walls remain in good condition for a long time, it is necessary to choose exceptionally high-quality paint Drywall is an easy, convenient and flexible material that can be used for interior finishing of any surface, as well as create various decorative structures or evenTo carry out the division of space into zones. Finishing the plasterboard is a personal matter for every master. Painting is an option, on which the choice of many falls, as the paint looks great, easy to use and does not have too high a price.

    • How to paint the walls of plasterboard for a beautiful result
    • Preparation for painting drywall: prepare the
    • tool Finishing the drywall for painting: step by step instruction
    • How to prepare a drywall for painting: competent grinding for the perfect result
    • We prepare gypsum plasterboard for painting: materials and tools
    • How to paint the walls of plasterboard with our own hands( video)

How to paint the walls fromDrywall for a beautiful result

Gypsum plasterboard walls get along fine with paint, so you should consider different types of paint for compatibility with plasterboard. Remember that choosing a coloring material affects not only the appearance, but also the durability and endurance of the coloring surface.

The following types of paints are used most often for drywall:

  • water-based paint;
  • enamel paint.

If you compare these types of paints, their main differences are in the method of use, in the final result, and also in the composition.

If you want to get a wall with a matte effect, then to paint gypsum cardboard should use water-based paint If you want to get a wall with a matte effect, then you should use water-based paint

for waterproofing paint.
  1. has a low price;
  2. the need to apply in 2 or 3 layers;
  3. opacity.

Water-based paint becomes more transparent as it dries.

Enamel looks more presentable. In addition, the gloss of acrylic paint is able to visually expand the area of ​​the room.

Enamel paint has the following features:

  • Enamel paint will seem much more expensive than the usual water-based paint, but its low consumption covers costs.
  • The second coat of paint is applied only after the first coat has dried completely.
  • The first layer must be thoroughly shaded to form a thin layer as thin as possible.

Preparation for painting plasterboard: we prepare the tool

Pay attention to the correctness of your tool. Quality inventory will provide half the success when painting walls from gypsum board.

Before painting, you should perform the putty Before painting, the

is required. To paint the drywall, you will need the following:

  1. Narrow brush for painting hard-to-reach areas. The narrower the brush, the more comfortable it will be for you to use it. The coloring of the corners, as well as the areas around the sockets and other necessary wall elements requires high accuracy and accuracy.
  2. Wide roller of natural pile medium length. Too long pile will give a thick coat of paint, which will be difficult to work with in the future, and too fine pile will cause uneven staining. Non-natural materials will not be able to provide the proper level of paint release from the roller.

Protect the furniture and floor from the drops of paint with the help of unnecessary newspapers or other rags.

Finishing gypsum cardboard for painting: step by step instruction

Naked gypsum cardboard is full of defects and minor defects. To paint was made on a perfectly flat surface, you need to make some simple manipulations with gypsum board walls.

You can start painting after puttying after 12 hours You can start painting after puttying after 12 hours.

Preparation for painting takes place in several stages:

  • Immediately after installing the gypsum board, you need to seal the seams with putty.
  • After complete drying of the putty, apply a leveling layer. At this stage, use a wide spatula, which will make an ideal alignment without bands and knobs.
  • To strengthen the drywall, which in itself is a fairly brittle material, you need to apply a primer coat.
  • To bring the wall to an ideal will help a thin zero skin.

Before you start painting, you must carefully prepare the drywall.

How to prepare gypsum board for painting: competent grinding for perfect results

The grinding process is not difficult, but many suffer from the fact that they can not achieve the ideal smoothness of their walls. If you are aware of all the details of the finishing process, then perhaps you do not have enough theoretical base in the field of literate grinding.

For grinding, a special electric tool or bar is used, equipped with a special mesh or sandpaper For grinding a special electric tool or bar is used, equipped with a special mesh or sandpaper

Sanding the finishing layer of the gypsum board is as follows:

  1. For grinding, move around in circles. This will ensure even alignment.
  2. To make all unevenness visible to the naked eye, light the wall with a powerful lamp from below or from the side. Thus, all unevennesses will create a shadow and become noticeable.
  3. When all unevenness is sanded, finish the primer to fix the result.

Make grinding during a time when the bright sunlight will not stop you from seeing all the irregularities on the wall.

We prepare gypsum cardboard for painting: materials and tools

To grind gypsum plasterboard for painting was perfect, you need the appropriate tools and materials. Quality equipment will allow you to work with pleasure and without much stress.

Before you start painting, you need to prepare the necessary tools and remove the trash Before you start painting, you need to prepare the necessary tools and remove the garbage

Buy the following items to make the grinding sound like a child's play:

  • safety glasses;
  • respirator;
  • bar for grinding;
  • powerful lamp;
  • ladder-ladder;
  • emery with a grain size from 80 to 180.

Quality tools create the basis for high-quality grinding of the wall from gypsum board.

How to paint plasterboard walls with your own hands( video)

Walls made of GKL are very good if you want to quickly and inexpensively make wall alignment with unlimited decorating possibilities, including built-in lighting and relief patterns. Drywall treatment is a simple exercise that requires only time and a little patience. Be careful, and your walls will be perfect.