Wall-paper for a tree: imitation in the interior, photo, stickers with a picture of trees in the house, under the rustic boards

Wooden wallpaper give the room a background of a country house Wooden wallpaper will add room to the background of the country house Wooden wallpaper, and better expressed wallpaper under the tree, have become very popular in the past five years. Their popularity can be explained by the fact that many people can not afford suburban housing, but at the same time they want walls decorated with wood. The only way out in this situation is the purchase of wallpaper, which will imitate a wooden pattern.

    • We use wooden wallpaper
    • Good solution: wallpaper for a tree
    • Wallpaper with trees on the wall - the freshness of the interior
    • Unique wallpaper: imitation wood
    • Wood wallpapers: advantages and disadvantages
    • Choose wallpaper under the wooden boards
    • Additional wallpaper stickers: trees
    • Wall-paper for wood( video)
    • Wall-paper for wood( photo)

Find them pretty simple, they are practicalki in every store building materials or wallpaper. The main problem will be to directly select the wallpaper itself, as they will have to choose based on the overall style of the room, as well as the purpose of this room. The task may be difficult, but it is realistic to perform, and it is not necessary to have a design education, it is enough to have at least a little taste and sense of style.

This article will help you to understand how to select specific wallpapers and what to combine them with.

We use wooden wallpaper

Wooden wallpaper will create an easy interior in your room Wooden wallpaper will create a light interior in your room

Wooden wallpaper is a new word in the interior and an excellent solution in a combination of design elements. In the CIS countries, few people have become acquainted with such a curiosity, but recently they have begun to actively appear in the house of modern people who are trying to make the room more unusual and memorable.

Initially, it may seem that the wooden wallpaper is very heavy, much heavier than usual.

In fact, this is not true, the wooden wallpaper is light enough, and if properly and properly pasted, then there will be no problems and they will not peel off.

Such wallpaper can have many different patterns and ornaments, as well as patterns in the form of wood carvings. The choice is very large, so you can always pick something appropriate to the style of the room.

Kinds of wooden wallpaper

At the moment there are several types of wallpaper from wood:

  • Cork wallpaper;
  • Wooden panels;
  • Wall-papers veneer.

Cover over the cork wallpaper layer of veneer Cover over the cork wallpaper veneer layer

Almost every one of these types can be found in ordinary stores with building materials. The most popular model are wooden panels, but it is worth saying that the same veneer wallpaper is no worse, and maybe even better, because they look like a roll and are convenient for transportation. Very often cork wallpaper is covered with a layer of veneer.

Good solution: wallpaper for a tree

Wooden wallpaper can be found in any store selling the wallpaper

Wood wallpaper - an excellent solution when there is no opportunity to buy a wooden wallpaper or a wooden house. Nowadays there are a lot of companies that produce wallpaper that imitate the patterns of a tree. Find them is very simple, but it will be difficult to pick up. The desired look and color of the wallpaper can be selected only when the style of the room itself is determined.

Wallpapers and a tree pattern have gained their popularity due to the fact that they are available, and also have a natural beauty that makes the room more light and cozy.

The use of wooden wallpaper is not limited to any one room. The wallpaper under a light tree makes the room more spacious, while the wallpaper under a dark tree will transform the room into a darker and smaller room.


Light wood perfectly fits the kitchen Light wood perfectly suited to the kitchen

Here are some examples of rooms in which the wallpaper under the tree will be very harmonious:

  • Wallpaper for a light tree is better to take for a bedroom, as they will give a feeling of coziness and tranquility;
  • Dark wallpaper under the tree is suitable for cabinets and libraries;
  • For the hall, you can choose any color and shade of wallpaper with imitation wood, because the main thing is the condition of the style of the interior.

So, the color should be chosen based on the size of the room.

Wallpapers with trees on the wall - the freshness of the interior

Wallpaper with trees on the wall - a rather unusual and original solution. Moreover, it is important to take into account that they can be used both in the children's room and in other premises. The way of application will depend on how the trees on the wallpaper are depicted. If it's cute and more cartoon trees, then the choice is obvious in favor of decorating the children's room.

Recently, you can often find a photo wallpaper with views of trees or woods. They have become very popular for decorating bars or cafes.

Also, wallpaper with a picture for a tree is relevant for such premises as a bedroom or a hall. Some equip the room so that wallpaper with wood is suitable even for the kitchen interior.

Here it is important to choose the right drawing so that it does not look too stupid and childish, or not too gloomy. With such questions it is better to consult the consultants, so that they can help to choose the most suitable option.

Unique wallpaper: imitation wood

A huge number of benefits from wooden wallpaper will pleasantly surprise buyers A huge number of advantages for wooden wallpaper will pleasantly surprise buyers

As mentioned earlier, wallpaper imitation wood - a trend. Now many people have started to buy wallpaper made of wood. They will be an excellent, and most importantly a long-term decoration for the room. Seriously, they can really last a very long time, if they are stuck well.

These wallpapers have an increased density and can withstand many strokes.

It should also be noted that such wallpapers have a huge number of advantages, and all of them are listed below:

  • They have natural beauty;
  • They are also much safer for health;
  • They have excellent air transmittance;
  • They do not need serious care, and they serve for a very long time;
  • If you need to do a new repair, then the wooden wallpaper can be easily unstuck.

It's worth noting that all the wooden wallpapers are made from different types of trees. The type of certain wallpaper can be specified either from shop workers, or read on the label.

Wood wallpapers: advantages and disadvantages

Fire wood wallpaper Fire wood wooden wallpaper

Wood wallpapers have both advantages and disadvantages. Many people may think that such shortcomings are very minor and should not be ignored, but it should be noted that for some, these shortcomings are very serious.


  • There is a possibility of a fire;
  • They do not tolerate moisture;
  • The cost can be quite high;
  • The tree fades with time.

So, if all these shortcomings are not a problem, then you can safely buy them and rejoice that the walls will decorate the excellent and exquisite wallpaper.

Wood wallpapers

Wooden wallpaper can not be damped, as they absorb moisture and deform Wooden wallpapers can not be damped, as they absorb moisture and are deformed

The wallpaper for a wooden board is often called a panel. They appeared a little earlier than the wooden wallpaper, so they are more known to buyers. Find them very easily, there is also a large selection. Their installation is not so complicated and can handle it with their own hands, without the help of masters.

Now this type of wall covering is actively used both in the city and in the village house.

This material is also popular because it does not fit snugly against the wall, and because of this you can not see any past defects, so they can not even be eliminated if they are not serious.

Additional wallpaper stickers:


Stickers in the form of trees are perfect for connoisseurs of forest nature Stickers in the form of trees are great for connoisseurs of forest nature.

Stickers for wallpaper in the form of trees are more popular for decorating children's rooms. They are very affordable, you can find them at stores at very low prices, so buying such stickers will not damage your wallet.

But it's better to take into account the design of those stickers that are more suitable for purchase. It may happen that over time the sticker will get very tired, but it will be difficult to remove it.

Wall-paper for wood( video)

In conclusion, it must be said that a wooden wallpaper or wallpaper with imitation wood is an excellent solution that can decorate the room and make it more unusual. In such a room you want to live, and it will not be embarrassing to invite guests.

Wallpaper for walls under the tree( photo)