Ceiling Armstrong tile sizes: Baikal hanging views, thickness and type replacement, metal and moisture resistant

Ceiling Armstrong is an excellent option for finishing and repairing any room The Amstrong ceiling is an excellent option for finishing or repairing any room. It is inexpensive, with its help you can create comfortable conditions, and it has a decent enough design. This type of ceiling can be used in a variety of style directions, it is able to emphasize the highlight of the room.

    • Advantage of the Armstrong ceiling plates in the apartment
    • Armstrong tiles for the ceiling for mounting
    • Color and size of the ceiling plates Armstrong: choose according to your taste
    • Types of ceiling plates Armstrong and application
    • Ceiling characteristicsArmstrong: dimensions of the tile( video)

Advantage of the Armstrong ceiling plates in the apartment

There are different types of such hanging constructions, each of which has a peculiar designinstvami.


  1. Prim. Functional ceilings with waterproof coating. They do not deform even at high humidity, reaching a level of 95%.Also you can find waterproof Baikal tiles made on the same technology.
  2. Ultima. Acoustic ceilings, covered with a layer of noise insulation.
  3. Bioguard. The ceiling with a special hygienic coating, thanks to which the canvas is absolutely not afraid of the effects of steam or fat. In addition, bacteria do not multiply on it.
  4. Designer ceiling has an original look, which is especially important for rooms that are designed for a specific style.

Armstrong ceiling tiles have a light-reflecting effect, which saves energy Amstrong ceiling tiles have a light reflecting effect that saves energy

Armstrong ceiling boards have a beautiful and promising name. Ceiling metal construction Armstrong has a lot of advantages that distinguish it from many others. Thanks to such a ceiling, it is possible to have access to the ventilation system, as well as to the sensors of tracking or fire protection, including, and to lighting devices.

The system perfectly conceals the defects of the main ceiling, as well as all paved communications.

Replacement, assembly and disassembly is carried out in a minimum amount of time. Ease of care. The material perfectly absorbs extraneous noise, and does not let them inside. Ecology, safety and incombustibility - also include the pluses. It is worth noting that you can not call this term all ceiling coverings made of mineral slabs.

Disadvantages of Armstrong tile for ceiling when installing

Unfortunately, any type of ceiling covering has both positive and negative sides. The ceiling of Armstrong was no exception.

Armstrong ceiling tiles can deform from any, even the slightest, mechanical impact Amstrong ceiling tiles can deform from any, even the slightest mechanical impact

It is worth familiarizing with its shortcomings before mounting:

  1. For such a design, a flood from a floor above. Despite the fact that the slabs are water resistant, they do not have water resistance. If there is no certainty that such problems as floods do not arise during operation, it is better to exclude the installation of such a ceiling coating.
  2. In rooms where the humidity is too high and the temperature varies from high to low, the plates may lose their appeal, in particular, they turn yellow.
  3. The material is very fragile, and installation is best entrusted to professionals, to exclude the breakdown of components and improper installation.

The color and size of the ceiling plates Armstrong: we choose

for your taste Naturally, many prefer to decorate the ceiling in white color.

This creates:

  • Air;
  • Lightness;
  • Additional visual expansion of the space.

However, if required, you can purchase a variety of Armstrong plates in color. For example, sold, and colored, and patterned and embossed - a lot of options. It is only necessary to determine independently with such parameters and go shopping.

In addition to the shades, it is possible to choose smooth plates with perforating or embossing.

Lattice models of tile ceiling Amstrong suitable for hiding the suspension system and communications located under it Lattice models of tile ceiling Amstrong suitable for hiding the suspension system and communications located under it

There are trellised tiles that look quite original. When purchasing materials and components, do not forget about the lighting equipment and the necessary elements for their installation.

Dimensions of Armstrong boards on sale are basically the following, by:

  • Width - 60 cm;
  • Length - 60-120 cm;
  • Thickness - 0,2-2,5 cm;
  • Weight - 2,7-8 kg.

In other words, if desired, you can make the ceiling the most unusual, stylish and exclusive, and even without the involvement of a specialist.

Types of ceiling plates Armstrong and application

Depending on the type of premises, its parameters and purpose, it is worth choosing certain finishing materials by characteristics, requirements and other features. The same can be said about the suspended ceiling Armstrong. As it was said earlier, material of various types, types, colors and sizes comes into the market.

Using the design plates of the ceiling Amstrong, you can turn an ordinary room into a creative one and at the same time with minimal expenses Using the Amstrong ceiling design plates, you can turn a standard room into a creative one and at the same time with minimal costs

Each type of ceiling is suitable for a specific room:

  1. Ceiling coverings of economy class do not have distinctive features. They are perfect for an industrial building, hotel, hall, kindergarten and similar institutions.
  2. Functional ceilings with moisture resistant slabs, made on the basis of latex, are used in conditions of high humidity. For example: in the pool, restaurant, bathroom, bath, laundry, cafe, kitchen and not only. Also, they are suitable for finishing the shop of an industrial enterprise, where there is high humidity, for finishing the inside of the visor, in particular at the entrances, etc.
  3. Acoustic ceilings are designed for premises where it is necessary to exclude penetration of extraneous sounds. For example, for a cinema, office, nightclub, again, a restaurant, a hotel or a noisy production hall.
  4. Ceilings with a special hygienic coating are used for medical premises, as well as for cooking workshops. They fully comply with GOST standards. You can meet them in hospitals, clinics and even operating rooms.
  5. Designer ceilings simply shine with originality and exclusivity. They are sold in various forms, textures and colors. It is with their help create the most unreal styles, which is especially important for mansions, hotel rooms, halls or restaurants.

Armstrong ceilings can be called almost universal material, which is perfect for decorating the ceiling.

The price is affordable, the service life is long, the care is minimal, the plates are not heavy.

The sale comes in a large number and a wide range. Problems with finding the right model simply do not arise.

Ceiling characteristics Armstrong: tile dimensions( video)

Well, is not it ideal for finishing work?And do not need to waste energy to fill the voids under the tiles, so that it firmly holds on to the ceiling.