Entrance hall: corridor in the apartment, photos and options, how and how to trim the corner, materials and video, office and estimate

A tastefully decorated hallway will help create a positive impression of the apartment for everyone who enters it tasteful hall will help to create a positive impression about the apartment at everyone who comes into it Arrangement of every room in the house or apartment is done in view of the functionality of the room. Many underestimate the corridors, allocating little time and money for their design. Modern designers advise to pay more attention to this space, because it meets people who come to the house. In order for the space to be properly designed, you need to know some design rules. An important aspect is the beautiful decoration of the hallway.

    • Beautiful corridor: wall decoration
    • Finish corridor in the apartment: types and characteristics
    • Finishes hallway: photos and floor finish
    • How to decorate the hall in the apartment: design ceiling
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Beautiful corridor: wall decoration

Today, many apartment owners are beginning to realize, That the hallway is not only an intermediate space, but also acts as a separate room, the design of which requires a special approach. This means that thanks to the creative finish, the corridor can turn into a real work of design art.

When choosing the type and type of finish, it is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the room. They will differ dramatically in different types of apartments and houses.

Before proceeding directly to the design, it is important to determine the functional load of the room. It should be decided in advance whether it will be simply a through space, or will serve for storage of things or for decoration. All these functions can be combined.

Choosing materials for finishing the hallway, you should choose the most practical and wear-resistant options choosing materials for finishing the hallway, you should opt for the most practical and wear-resistant variants

finishing Features:

  • finishing materials must be of high quality.
  • Wallpapers should be different wear resistance.
  • Surfaces must be washable.

The hallway is the place through which a large number of people pass. Its purity is influenced by the weather, depending on which the room gets moisture, dirt and dust. Qualitatively selected materials will help to resist all levels of pollution.

Finish corridor in the apartment: types and characteristics

When it comes to finishing, first decide how will be decorated walls. The choice of the type of finish depends on the function of the room. Wallpaper is still the most common type of wall decoration.

When choosing the quality of materials for wallpaper, it is important to pay attention to how many people live in the apartment, whether there are children and pets.

If wallpaper was selected for wall decoration, they must be well washed, resistant to damage, and not cause allergies. It is very important that they have a pleasant texture and color. Do not give preference to too cheap products - they will not last long.

Light colors are optimal for the decoration of the hall: they visually expand the room in a confined space and lack of natural light bright tones optimized for finishing the hall: they are visually expand the space where space is limited and the lack of natural light

finishes hallway:

  • Wallpaper;
  • Stopper;
  • Paint;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Wall panels.

In case the hallway has a small area, it is best to use wallpaper or paint of light colors. Panels give the room excess weight. However, to design a large hallway - this is an excellent option, which is full of variety of choice.

Entrance hall finishing options: photo and floor finish

The entrance hall is a place with a special load. The floor takes a hit from shoes, dirt, water, bicycles, etc. The material covering the floor must be strong, stable, high-quality.

Today, many designers disagree on what flooring to use for the hallway. The choice entirely depends on the owners of the premises.

Each of the materials has its pros and cons. Before choosing a cover, it is important to weigh the weight of the pros and cons. And choose the option that suits the hosts the most.

Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware are the most preferred materials for finishing the floor in the hallway ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles - the most preferred materials for the flooring in the hallway

Finishes Floor:

  • Laminate. Materials should be selected that resist moisture.
  • Tiles. This is a reliable and durable material. It has practically no drawbacks. Builders prefer porcelain stoneware.
  • Linoleum. Has a cheaper price, but also serves less than other types of coatings.
  • Floor board. Kind of finish that has a beautiful appearance and serves a long time with proper care.

Very often designers resort to the use of combining materials. In places more exposed to the influence of external factors, more durable coatings are used. It is important that the combined surfaces look harmonious.

How to decorate the hall in the apartment: design ceiling

choice of ceiling surface depends on the preferences of the owner. The ceiling in the hallway can be decorated as well as in the other rooms. It is important that the coating was high-quality and reliable.

It is important to remember that when choosing materials, you should pay attention to the way they are applied or installed.

Today, hinged and tension structures are very popular. Stretch ceiling, made of a material of glossy texture, will visually increase the height of the ceiling. It also does not require special care, which saves time and effort.

Stretch and suspended ceilings have proven themselves as practical and modern ways of finishing stretch and suspended ceilings proven themselves as practical and modern methods of finishing

versions of finishing the ceiling:

  • Painting;
  • Whitewash;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Decorative plaster;
  • Ceiling tiles;
  • Suspended ceilings;
  • Stretch ceilings.

After selecting the material, it is important to familiarize yourself with the method of finishing the surface. It should be noted that the surface must be carefully prepared for painting and wallpapering. But stretch ceilings are better to entrust to professionals.

original finish hallway

angle Contents hallway can be not only functional, but also beautiful. Very often in the design of walls, floors and ceilings use a combination of several types of materials. This allows you to diversify the design, arrange accents, make the entrance hall interesting.

To finish the corner in the hallway often designers use decorative stone, which can be natural or artificial.

Artificially manufactured stone is made from plaster or concrete, in which dyes are added. These materials are strong, durable, moisture resistant, have a variety of texture and color. The angle, designed with this kind of stone, does not require special care and is very easy to repair.

A natural or artificial stone can be harmoniously entered into the interior of the hallway Natural or artificial stone can be sufficiently distinct to enter the interior of the hallway

laying process:

  • Purification old coating;
  • Leveling the surface;
  • Priming;
  • Stacking of decorative stone.

You can decorate the corner yourself or hire a master. Decorative gypsum stone can be made by hand. However, the process of manufacturing without prior preparation and experience will take quite a long time. Examples of self-manufacturing can be found on the Internet.

Beautiful finishing of the corridors( video)

Modern materials allow you to perform beautiful finishing not only in living rooms, but in the hallway or bathroom. Kinds of furnishings allow to choose that variant which will approach under the general design of a premise. Today, finishing materials for apartments, houses or offices can be purchased from different manufacturers in building supermarkets or online. It is important that the estimate be drawn up correctly. Different materials are suitable for cold and warm rooms. It is important to take into account, if the corridor in the room is unheated.

Examples hallway finish in the flat( photo of the interiors)