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The design of the dressing room should be done in such a way that it is not only beautiful, but also functional The design of the dressing room should be made in such a way that it is not only beautiful, but also functional Many consider the dressing room to be only a female whim, however, this is not the case, and you can meet this room with the stronger sex. The dressing room helps to distribute all things, order them and keep them in order. Unfortunately, not every apartment or house has to create this space. More details about the types of dressing rooms, and how to best arrange them, below.

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Design of the dressing room

The design of the dressing room for men and women is different. For example, in the women's dressing room, there is either a large mirror or several averages, so that she can appreciate her image, in a man's dressing room, as a rule, one medium-size mirror.

Furniture items in the dressing room should be placed around the perimeter of the room.

The following main differences can also be distinguished:

  • There are also color solutions for wardrobes, for men everything is strictly black, dark blue and gray, andIn the female predominant warm and light shades;
  • In the women's dressing room, walls are often decorated with wallpaper or paint, in a man's room - with a stone or a brick imitation;
  • Different dressing rooms and storage system - women have many shelves and hangers, men usually have everything folded on shelves or in drawers, there are almost no hangers;
  • In the women's bedroom is not always a lot of light, it can be just cozy due to small lamps, and in men there is always an abundance of lamps.

However, in the dressing rooms, as a rule, there are no bright colors, all materials are only in a calm range, regardless of the host's sex.

Fashionable design of the wardrobe 2017: photos and modern ideas

In 2017, some design trends for dressingroom design are popular.


  • High-tech;
  • Modern;
  • Minimalism;
  • Loft.
The original solution is to use in the wardrobe built-in lamps, mounted in shelves The original solution is the use of in the cloakroom built-in lighting fixtures These modern ideas unite a lot - natural materials are used, quiet basic colors, there is enough light. Shelves and hangers are present in all styles, in modern and loft you can often find metal hangers.

The idea of ​​a shoe stand made from wood - suitable for all styles. Depending on the style you choose, they can be of different colors. For a modern and minimalism, black and white shelves are best suited, and for a loft brown. Interior in the end turns out rather strict and restrained. Furniture in the wardrobe depends on the space of the room and on the chosen style. In modern and minimalism, cabinets, or built-in, or replaced by shelves and drawers. Drawers for shoes are very popular in modern design directions.

Of course, you can make furniture for the dressing room with your own hands. If you plan to make the frame yourself, carefully study the instructions and select the necessary materials for registration.

For a wardrobe, select a medium sized room, make the necessary measurements, create a plan. If you have many things, or you want to combine the women's wardrobe with the male, then the living room, as well as possible is suitable for creating a dressing room. The main thing is that there are enough square meters to accommodate all items of clothing.

Ideas for the dressing room

Create a beautiful dressing room for everyone, first determine the type of dressing system, then with finishing materials and furniture.

In the dressing room, the night stands should be placed below, and the shelves at the top In the dressing room of the nightstand stands at the bottom and the shelves at the top

Currently, there are several cloakroom systems:

  1. Built-in wardrobe - the best option for this room. In this kind of cabinets and shelves occupy a little space, you get a spacious and comfortable dressing room. You can freely choose the necessary clothes, without getting confused in the endless hangers and shoe stands.
  2. The mesh dressing room is ideal for apartments and houses where there is no space for storing things. It is a separate fasteners and boxes, as well as a frame that is assembled at your discretion. This kind of dressing room is common, both in apartments and at work. Going into the office, you can hang things in the mesh wardrobe at work. This wardrobe allows you to comfortably lay things, especially jackets and coats. Choose this wardrobe system if you have a lot of different outerwear, because there are predominantly hangers that will allow you to carefully keep all of your clothes.
  3. Frame dressing room - an option for those who love and know how to make. With the help of a frame, you can always create a wardrobe that you have always dreamed of. It is similar to the previous version, but it is still considered more reliable. With the help of skeletons, you can build the necessary number of boxes and clothes hangers. If you have moved and plan to live in one place for a long time, pay attention to this version of the wardrobe system.
  4. Panel wardrobe is an excellent option for people who are willing to spend a lot of money on the layout of the dressing room. In such a room, the walls are covered with special panels, on which are further fixed shelves for things and hangers for outer clothing. This kind of wardrobe system can be called the most reliable and convenient, but at the same time quite expensive. In the panel wardrobe, it's easy to find things, but it looks truly luxurious.

Design solutions for the design of dressing rooms are very diverse, before choosing wallpaper and furniture, carefully study all types of wardrobe systems and review the options.

You can create a wardrobe even on a large balcony, the question is only in convenience. If things are not very much, then it is quite possible to create shelves and hangers on the loggia.

Ideal wardrobes: practical tips

Ideal dressing rooms are spacious and cozy rooms in which things are conveniently located. In them there should be a lot of light, above each section, set the fixtures so that it is convenient to find the necessary things.

Each wardrobe must contain a minimum of 1 large department for outerwear Each dressing room must contain a minimum of 1 large department for outer clothing

You can give some tips to create the perfect dressing room:

  • Distribute things in the dressing room by section, jackets and coats in one, summer jerseysIn the other, dresses and sarafans in the third;
  • Shoes also distribute on seasons and arrange on supports, be sure to make shelves and neatly arrange shoes, boots, boots;
  • Before you hang things, determine which ones you will definitely wear, because there is no clutter and clutter in the ideal dressing room;
  • Install as many compartments as possible, especially with hangers, they should be larger than the drawers.

In general, we can say that the ideal dressing room includes a sufficient number of shelves and hangers, which are easy to reach. Things that you use more often, put closer. Put the underwear and accessories in the drawers.

How to design a wardrobe room( video)

A dressing room is a room that is not present in all apartments and houses, but can be very useful when properly designed. First, select the finishing materials, make the necessary measurements and purchase furniture. Unnecessary things discard and leave only those that really wear. If you do everything right, the dressing room will be a great place, help to keep things in order, faster and easier to create images.

Design dressing room( photo examples)