Bedrooms and hallways: wallpaper design, photo of a sleeping place in the corridor

Before beginning the arrangement of the bedroom-hallway, it is worthwhile to draw a drawing on paper and pick out the colors in which the room will be made Before beginning the arrangement of the bedroom-hallway, it is worthwhile to draw a drawing on paper and pick out the colors in which the room will be made. The development of the housing market in megacities and smaller cities led to the popularization of the combined bedroom and hallway. Previously, this seemed unthinkable, and today even owners of spacious apartments want to realize something similar. In order for the combined version to look organic, you need to correctly choose the texture, color and general stylistics of the materials used.

      • Bedroom in the hallway: there is room for everything
      • Competent design of the bedroom-hallway: what to look for
      • The hallway with a sleeper requires functional furniture
      • The choice of wallpaper for the bedroom-bedroom depends on its
      • The bedroom in the hallway: there is a place for all

        The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to talking about unusualBedroom in the hallway, this is a possible lack of space. Shoes, outerwear, umbrellas, sleeping accessories - this is only part of the list of things for which you need to find a place. Do not forget that the combined room includes a spacious bedroom. It is a question of the necessary space, allowing to decompose the bed and at the same time to move freely.

        To stay in the bedroom was comfortable, it should be separated from the hallway with a partition or door To stay in the bedroom comfortably, it should be separated from the hallway with a partition or door

        In order to properly dispose of the existing resources in the hallway, it is necessary to proceed as follows:

        1. With limited space leftFrom the entrance door creates a niche. With the help of a cabinet with sliding mirror panels and a shoe rack, a depression is formed. It mounts a clothes hanger.
        2. Slightly below is the shelf for hand luggage and small shelves for storing everyday trifles.
        3. You can create additional storage space by using shelves that are bolted to the wall at the ceiling level.

        Do not overlook the side of the cabinet that is installed in the room. At the stage of choosing furniture, you need to make sure, then the wall is equipped with shelves, made in the form of niches.

        Competent design of the bedroom-hall: what to look for

        Regardless of the prevailing stylistic solution, in a combined room, you need to carefully look at all the details. It starts with the color of the materials that you plan to use. We are talking about light shades without any pronounced textural solutions. Here it is important to make a stylistic reservation. First you need to inspect the room without furniture, if possible. Which shade or tone prevails?

        In order not to create a sense of a hospital room or a small apartment in the corridor, the finishing materials used must be 1/3 darker than the general style of the combined room.

        The bed in the bedroom-hallway should be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with free movement along the corridor The bed in the bedroom-hallway should be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with free movement along the corridor

        In this case, the eye will not literally rest on one point. If finance allows, the choice is made in favor of glossy surfaces.

        Despite their not very affordable price, they have several advantages:

        • Are less susceptible to external contamination;
        • Add a few visual centimeters;
        • Gives even an old furniture an attractive appearance.

        It is recommended to combine glossy and mirror surfaces. In this case, even in the absence of sufficient sunlight, there is no feeling of discomfort. The only restriction in using them is pets and toddlers. If the first and strive to try furniture "for a tooth," the latter - like a dirty palm for all to take. In other respects, the use of glossy surfaces allows for externally improving the room without a "global" repair.

        An entrance with a sleeper requires functional furniture

        To rush to extremes in this matter is not worth it. Functional design does not provide asceticism or excess furniture. The listed errors are often allowed by newcomers, so the end result leaves much to be desired. That is why it is recommended to be guided by common sense. It's okay if the closet is in the bedroom, not in the hallway.

        It's better to leave a little more room in the hallway, rather than sit down in the lotus position to at least somehow tie the shoelaces.

        An excellent solution is to put in the hallway a small sofa, on which, if necessary, guests can stay overnight It's a good idea to put a small sofa in the hallway where

guests can, if necessary.

It's easier to choose this or that option when the builders have provided a niche in the room. In this case, a bench is mounted from edge to edge. Under it is the shoes, and above it - clothes. In the combined bedroom-hallway, the built-in bench plays a role and an assistant. For example, guests or elderly people can comfortably take off their shoes or prepare for care.

In addition, you can save space as follows:

  • The use of bridge-shelves located at different levels, creates smooth transitions between elements in the interior;
  • Using shelves of dark wood on a background of white wallpaper - will give the room the effect of a village house;
  • Construction of shallow shelves of open type.

The choice of wallpaper for the hallway-bedroom depends on its design.

In some houses, the hallway is the connecting link between several rooms. As a result, households and guests are forced to walk from the kitchen to the bathroom through a combined room. In order for everyone to get without complications to the destination, you need to pick up the wallpaper and arrange the furniture correctly. The first thing to remember is that the color accent can not be made on the front door.

The house is a closed space, so all attention should be paid to its components. Where most often are the household members?After answering this question, you can determine which direction should be highlighted with a lighter shade.

If the room is large, then a good wallpaper will be dark, cold or bright colors, and if small - light If the room is large, then the wallpaper of dark, cold or bright shades is good, and if small - light

It is not superfluous to adhere to other recommendations:

  • It is recommended to abandon wallpaper with a contrast pattern;
  • Similarly, should be done with regard to texture wallpaper that "eat" space;
  • Ideal for the hallway and living room will be a pastel shade, slightly shading the furniture.

If there is a children's room next to the hallway, the input composition is made using a gently peach hue.

Cozy bedrooms and hallways( video)

In general, the design of the bedroom-hall is based on three pillars. Minimalism - there is only the necessary furniture. If there is an opportunity to put something in another room, then that's exactly what you need to do. Neutral colors - the less the wallpaper catches your eye, the better. It is necessary to ensure smooth transition of all structural elements of design. Completes the functional furniture begun in the bedroom-hall.

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