Closet in the hallway: photo and design, ideas for the interior, width of furniture for top clothes, office rounded furniture

The wardrobe in the hallway is a multifunctional piece of furniture that has excellent performance The closet in the hallway is a multi-functional piece of furniture that has excellent performance There are no trifles in the interior of the hall. At least because, small things can only be in the spacious hallway. And the traditional small corridors, the size of which leaves much to be desired, it is necessary to furnish according to the rules of minimalism. This will help them to visually look bigger.

      • Standard cabinet width in the hallway and other sizes
      • Cabinet design in the hallway: high rounded version
      • Semi-circular or radial cabinet: hallway with drawbacks
      • Long cabinet inHall: photos, design, ideas
      • Scandinavian style: white wardrobes for the hallway, photo
      • Cabinets in the interior of the hallway: country or awning
      • How to choose a wardrobe in the hallway( video)
      • Details: cabinet in pr(Photos of examples)

See pictures in the photo gallery - stylish hallways do not assume clutter, even large ones. Well, if you have a conventional three meters, every detail has to be thought through. And the center of this hallway in the apartment, undoubtedly, is the closet. And it's not so important, it's a brand( Austen, Stanley, Ikea), or what you did yourself.

Which cabinets for vestibules are preferred

Certainly, today instead of stationary sets, closets have come to the fore. Thanks to them the hallway acquired a completely different appearance. The main advantage of the closet is its compactness. This is really a multifunctional piece of furniture - this is not only a place for storing clothes, there will also be boxes, baskets, various boxes with documents and so on. In fact, this is a mini-pantry.

If the hallway is large, it is better to choose a wide wardrobe, and if small - narrow If the hallway is large, then it is better to choose a wide cabinet, and if the small one is narrow

But apart from such practicality, the wardrobe is different and decorative function. Unusual textures, drawings, photos, colors and designs - the closet can become a decoration of the living room and close the boring wall. Two-color wardrobes today are actively used - even for the kitchen are already beginning to order similar designs. The manufacturing of cabinets is usually carried out on individual orders, therefore the peculiarities of the premises to which they are intended are taken into account.

Standard cabinet width in the hallway and other sizes

Before taking measurements, decide on the design and shape of the cabinet. To the customer you can come with your drawing or sketch, or choose those options that will offer you. And today there are a lot of types and models of cabinets.

How to measure:

  • When calculating the dimensions of the hallway, measurements are taken of the width, length and height of the room, taking into account the nuances of the door box, light switches, battery and everything next to the cabinet.
  • First of all, the overall dimensions are determined, while taking into account the skirtings and moldings, as well as the possible unevenness of the walls.
  • From the overall dimensions of the width and height, the gaps for these irregularities, plinths and moldings are subtracted, and only then are the overall dimensions determined.
  • The depth of the standard is 600 mm, from which it follows that the useful area at this depth will be 500 mm( 100 is required for installing the sliding system).
  • The width of the inner shelves from 400 to 1000, there is virtually no more.
  • The height between the shelves is 300 mm in height.
  • The height of the cabinet is usually 2400-2500 mm, the length of the hose for the hangers is 800-1000 mm.

You need to buy a wardrobe in the hallway of this size, due to which it will not interfere with comfortable movement from the door to the room You need to buy a cabinet in the hallway of this size, due to which it will not interfere with comfortable movement from the door to the room

Which cabinet to put, you can solve the following algorithm: Google - the size of the cabinets images. And for you ready-made options, look through everything, and decide which cupboard should be at your house. So you can choose a good option.

Design of cabinets in the hallway: high rounded version of

Rounded or radius cabinets( round cabinet) have become very popular lately. Radius halls will fit literally into any style, and only such furniture is preferable in homes where there are small children. This is the best choice in many cases.

Advantages of rounded cabinets:

  • Unusual, non-standard, elegant - even the simplest samples in the form of a circle sector. It is noteworthy that any decorative elements on this background will look brighter, more interesting.
  • The outline of the facade will depend on the radius of the bend. Sliding models assume a minimum radius of 300 mm, and the maximum is unlimited. There are fewer opportunities for swing models.
  • This form makes it possible to occupy any section in the entrance hall angle, indirect angle, niche, narrow interdual space, etc. With direct models there are restrictions, but a semi-circular cabinet in this respect is very convenient.
  • Curved shapes are functional - the hall space is more effectively used. In narrow sections, the depth of the cabinet is reduced, and on the more loose, on the contrary, it increases.
  • Any execution is possible - modular, built-in or cabinet furniture.

High rounded cabinet fits perfectly into the hallway, made in a classic style The high rounded cabinet fits perfectly into the hallway, made in the classical style.

The facades can be any - glossy, matte, mirror, with photo printing, etc. Such a beautiful wardrobe can also be assembled according to your sketches. But the catalog is rich in examples that are worthy of consideration.

Semicircular or radius enclosure: hallway with defects

And without any drawbacks, of course, there were not. Despite the interesting design, capable of transforming the entire hallway, there are small cons of such cabinets. However, judge for yourself.

Disadvantages of radii cabinets:

  • They, though they save the space of the hallway, but in terms of capacity can be inferior to direct models. It depends on the standard filling dimensions.
  • The materials also have a limitation - from the EAF, for example, the facade will not be made, this material is difficult to bend and literally immediately deformed. Well, a mirror in the curved surface will look caricatured. More precisely, the reflection in it, which, of course, is inappropriate.

Radius cabinet has small dimensions, so it is suitable for small halls made in the style of high-tech or modern The radius enclosure has small dimensions, so it is suitable for small hallways made in the style of high-tech or modern

It is worth mentioning some stylistic limitations. For classical styles, only a convex shape will be good and, preferably, the model has swing doors. Combined options do not accept hi-tech and the same minimalism. But here, for example, modern is quite suitable for the use of complex forms.

Long cabinet in the hallway: photo, design, ideas

If you have a long hallway, you can put in it a roomy closet, also very long. It can be, for example, an Italian cabinet from an array or a budget model from a local manufacturer, or maybe even a home-made cabinet. But often this choice of furnishings for a long hallway is not the most successful - from the room you make a pantry.

In the long hallway ideally should be present:

  • Shoe;
  • Bucket or ottoman;
  • Hanger for actual clothes;
  • Cabinet for top seasonal clothing;
  • Mirror, it would be nice - in full growth;
  • Storage space for small items - chest of drawers or drawer with drawers;
  • Umbrella;
  • High chair or pouf for a bag.

Among the advantages of long cabinets should be noted their spaciousness and the presence of a mirror Among the advantages of long cabinets, it should be noted their capacity and the presence of a mirror

This, of course, the ideal option, everything can simply not fit in the hallway. But, believe me, the garniture variant is better than just a long closet that will turn your hallway into the corridor of a long-distance train. If the hallway is large and long, it can have wall niches and other plasterboard structures that transform the room. Even the closet next to the cabinet is more interesting than just a long closet.

Furniture as an office is also not an option for an apartment. And if you put the same rack in the hallway, decorate it with some elements of comfort, so that the house was a house, and did not remind you of work. Sometimes it's better to have two-door wardrobes in a couple of pieces, rather than one boring long one.

Scandinavian style: white wardrobes for the hallway, photo

There is such a slogan: our daily life is ruled by Ikea. He's talking about how a well-known Scandinavian brand called many and set a certain bar for other producers. But no, of course, nothing is shameful if you also like this manufacturer or, on the whole, prefer the Scandinavian style. And he, in turn, prefers for the hallway mostly white cabinets.

The cabinet made in the Scandinavian style is mostly painted in white or another light shade The cabinet made in Scandinavian style is mostly painted in white or other light shade

In general, the Scandinavian style is a hymn to space, therefore you will hardly be able to see the hallway, furnished with furniture. Usual to us cabinet there may not be at all. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary to dismantle old cabinets in order to free space.

But open storage systems are often found: it can be, for example, a rotary rack. There are hinged low cabinets, a hanging locker with hooks, an accordion closet, a case-pencil case. But the most common option is a white not very high cabinet with two doors. It complements the light interior, and not always, by the way, serves to store clothes. This can be quite an economic cupboard, and seasonal outerwear is stored on an open coat rack.

Cabinets in the interior of the hall: country or provence

These are quite romantic, cozy styles - country and Provence. Provence, by the way, many designers consider one of the options of country. It is not necessary to buy furniture manufactured in Italy, for example, in order to support such a popular style in its hallway.

The wardrobe in the style of Provence is distinguished by its small size and excellent aesthetic qualities The cabinet in the style of Provence differs in its small dimensions and excellent aesthetic qualities

Cabinet in the style of Provence:

  • Light preferably shades, it is possible and color wenge and beech, but the main thing is that this furniture is made of goodWood, solid, natural;
  • Often used a two-sided cabinet that also performs partition functions;
  • Cabinets 160 cm long and longer are used, the main one is beveled, strictly rectangular( as if chopped) - this is the bend, the smoothness of the lines is welcomed;
  • Floral ornament, carving, and other natural decoration are possible.

Often under the style of Provencal furniture is simply restored, not purchased. Sometimes even an old children's wardrobe is restored. Similarly, with the style of country - it's simple furniture, which is not so faceless, yet, like modern ready-made headsets.

How to choose a closet in the hallway( video)

In the hallway there can even be a small bookcase, of course, the bookcase is unlikely to fit in a small hallway, but if the dimensions of your corridor allow, the apartment will become even more cozy from this.

Good choice!

Details: closet in the hallway( photo examples)