Door in the hallway photo: white and dark corridors, interior with entrance opening, oak and floor, sliding installation

The choice of doors for the hallway is very diverse The door selection for the hallway is very diverse As a rule, the hallway in the apartment is a small room of rectangular shape, it can not be very often extended. Sometimes the room is obtained by the residual principle, at the end of the apartment layout. Thus, non-standard space greatly complicates repair. From the projects of apartments it turns out that the doors of living rooms or corridor go out into the hall and serve as a separator between the rooms. It turns out that the door opens not into the room, but into the hall space. As an independent large room, the hallway can be considered only in a private house. In such houses, usually a small entrance hall is not put into the project, as it is very convenient and practical. In such a room it is possible to install a ladder to the second floor.

    • What you need to know before you plan to install the door into the corridor
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  • What you need to know before you plan to install the door into the corridor

    To understand what to look for when choosing a interior door into the corridor and hallway, let's first understand, What kinds of hallways are there.

    It is:

    1. The entrance hall into which the rooms exit. It is formed when all the rooms go out into the hall. As a rule, such a room has a rectangular shape. Sometimes it turns into a narrow extended room.
    2. A hall that simultaneously functions as a corridor. Such a room is obtained when the doors of all rooms are opened in the hall. The room, as a rule, is formed rather large, but each door opens into it, creating discomfort with simultaneous use.
    3. Entrance hall with a clearly separated corridor. Such a hall is obtained when the doors of a bath, toilet and kitchen go out into the hallway, then there is a corridor, and the doors of the living rooms are already opening into it.

    The hallway is a separate independent room, and no matter how many doors there are, choose their design in the same style, so that the situation of the communal apartment does not turn out, where each owner makes out his door as he wishes.

    Use spotlights. Chandelier is possible, as an element of decor, only in a large hall. Plus, the preference for spotlights will save energy. Since there are no windows in the room, sunlight will not enter the corridor and the hallway. To avoid this situation, choose interior doors with glass inserts, and in some cases, if there is such an option, it is entirely made of glass.

    Depending on the area and number of doorways, select the opening system. Systems can be sliding, classic swinging, accordion. Expanded doors, especially if they are single-leaf, take up a lot of space. Give preference to the opening system, as in the coupe, such technology, when the canvases are rolled between two rail mechanisms, saves enough space. But this technology will not allow you to lean close to the wall furniture or household appliances.

    Before installing the doors into the corridor, consider the opening system Before installing the doors into the corridor, consider the

    opening system. Hide the sliding door into a special compartment made of, for example, plasterboard. So your door does not fit anyone, it will not be visible that it looks aesthetically good. The color palette should be adjusted to the external factors of the room. Light colors are preferable, they will create a feeling of comfort, and visually increase the space.
    Sometimes you should use some tricks. For example, if a large number of doors are installed in your hallway and corridor, then some doorways can be abandoned and replaced with arches. Restoration, obtained after installing the arches, will make the room visually wider and lighter.

    Not metal doors in wenge color fulfill not only the function of an isolator of one space from another, but also can become an excellent decor element. Before starting the repair, before door panels are installed, it is necessary to measure all doorways. Make sure that the door leaf is of the standard size.

    Entrance hall with white doors

    White color is considered the most convenient option for a home. It is universal suitable for any decor. Since the market for interior doors is full of various options, it is not difficult for you to choose the right door.

    The advantages of white doors in the hallway:

    1. Easily combined with any room design. Combining, for example, a bleached oak window frame and the same color of the door, you can remove the feeling of narrow aisles around, complete the interior and give it integrity. The white doorway will look equally good, like the entrance in the hallway on the first floor, and the interior in the nursery and the living room above and the kitchen. Even fire doors are originally painted in light colors. The second door in white color will give a close space of lightness.
    2. Some consider the white color to be quite impractical, but it's not, for example the dust on the white surface is less noticeable.

    White doors in the hallway will perfectly fit in any interior White doors in the hallway fit perfectly into any interior

    With narrow and non-standard wide versions, when it is not possible to remove or correct the load-bearing walls, an excellent alternative would be to order a door from a specialist. So you will be able to fully express your individuality and, perhaps, to acquire a perfectly suitable canvas for you. Increased doorways in the height will help to increase the visual height of the ceilings.

    As well as the dark door to the corridor in different interior styles

    In addition to the fact that the neutral color door will be suitable for any design, you still have to decorate the door to create a complete interior. White will perfectly match the interior, made in light dairy, beige glossy tones.

    In this case, do not need additional accents:

    1. The door leaf will fit well if it is in the same color range as the walls.
    2. Also white color will perfectly create contrast to dark shades.
    3. White and blue color will look in the Mediterranean interior.
    4. Interior doors of these colors will look great in the marine theme.
    In the hallway with a door of dark color, the furniture of light tones In the hallway with the door of a dark color, the furniture of light colors is perfectly combined with the light-colored furniture

    If in the decor of the door to apply a white color and add a glass finish, the room will visually become light, light, improving sleep in the bedroom, for example. This solution will be an excellent solution for a small apartment.

    Dark doors in the interior of the corridor

    Dark doors, especially the entrance iron, are used in the interior of apartments very often. Sometimes there are problems in the color combination of the dark door cloth and the rest of the room design. The best style for fitting a dark door there is modern. The door leaf is selected according to the color of the floor. It is good to use the same door structure as the floor.

    The color combination of doors and floor is very important, an erroneous combination in the design will affect the comfort of the room. Also, be guided by the colors of furniture. Picking up the color of the furniture, you can smooth the contrast from the doors and the floor. With the task of smoothing the contrasts, the plinth will work out perfectly, or the trim pieces in the same color characteristic.

    An excellent design solution for large hallways and a corridor will be a dark door and a light floor covering.

    Possible combinations:

    1. Transition from one color to another. Such a transition should be soft. In this design, doors, furniture, skirting boards, platbands, etc. are made in a minimal color difference.
    2. Full color fusion. Contrasts in this design can not be. In this case, the design of the door leaf and the rest of the decor do not differ in tone.
    3. Smooth contrast. Apply neutral colors to the combination of the hallway interior and the corridor was harmonious.

    Dark doors in the corridor interior look rich and luxurious Dark doors in the interior of the corridor look rich and luxurious

    What to rely on when choosing a dark door:

    1. Wall color. For walls it is worth using dark decor in a small amount, for example, various contrasting inserts.
    2. Platbands, as a rule, are selected, being guided by a plinth or doors. There is a contrast, light casing and a dark door leaf.
    3. The color solution of the floor can be different. Laminate can be a light tone, or a dark coating, oriented to a dark oak or a nut.
    4. Choose the structure of furniture under the structure of the door leaf.

    The dark door leaf can be linked to the general characteristics of the room by adding small details of the same structure as the canvas. For example, the use of frames for pictures.

    Interior corridor with dark doors and dark floor

    The color combination of dark doors and dark floors in the corridor and hallway is not uncommon in the design of our apartments.

    It is necessary to pay attention to some subtleties:

    1. It is worth choosing such a combination, where the floor is slightly darker than the door leaf.
    2. With this choice of color solutions, where the floor of a darker shade, the doors are lighter than the floor, and the ceiling is light, a smooth transition is obtained.
    3. But the use of monophonic design will result in the small space of the corridor and hallway visually become even smaller.

    When arranging the corridor interior with a dark door and floor, pay special attention to the lighting Arranging the interior of the corridor with the dark door and floor, pay special attention to the lighting

    If the room has sufficient sunlight and high ceilings, this combination will not hurt. Please take into account the lighting of the room.

    For decoration, if space permits, paintings and panels can be used. They can be hung on free walls. But it's important not to overdo it. For decorative elements, it is better to choose shades lighter.

    Corridors with light-colored entrance doors

    The black door leaf in the interior looks exquisite, modern and stylish. Just like the white canvas, black is combined with all colors, which makes it a practical enough choice.

    Effects to be created:

    1. Light-colored flooring and black doors visually expand the room.
    2. Harmonious is the combination of light walls with black doors.
    3. Feel free to combine with black cloth celestial colors, deep blue, dark green and lilac.
    4. Brightness will give a combination with orange and red.
    5. And the elements of furniture, plinths and platbands in tone will allow you to tie the black canvas to the design.

    Entrance doors of light colors are perfectly combined with darker shades of walls and furniture Entrance doors of light colors are perfectly combined with darker shades of walls and furniture

    With these simple tricks, you can create an original design.

    Choose a compact opening system if your entrance is small. Do not lose space, if you install a system in which the door leaf hides inside the wall. Plus, the design of such a door can be made in any style. Well such a system will emphasize minimalism, and the economy of the place is astounding.

    Choosing the entrance door to the corridor and hallway

    Modern manufacturers of interior doors give the consumer a fairly wide range of door designs.

    Types of doors, depending on the material used in their manufacture:

    1. Fibreboard. The main advantage of this kind of door is budget. A small weight of such a cloth allows you to deliver the door structure to the apartment yourself and install it yourself. The frame structure is made of wood and sheathed with fiberboard. This kind is very popular among consumers, and therefore the lineup is very well represented in stores. Of the minuses of such a door, the main thing is short-lived, since the fiberboard does not have a large margin of safety, and also such a door is very resistant to moisture. Such a door in the bathroom or some other room with high humidity will not last long.
    2. Doors-MDF.Low cost, the same drawbacks as the previous species.
    3. Wood. The strength of this type of door will depend directly on the strength of the rock from which they are made. Of the precious woods, interior doors are installed in rooms with a unique design. Such wooden canvases are very expensive.

    There are several versions of the material from which the doors in the hallway can be made There are several versions of the material from which the doors in the hall can be made.

    Glass, steel, plastic interior doors are not in high demand. Such materials are specific for the doors inside the apartment. Detailed consideration of them is inexpedient.

    Types of the entrance door to the interior of the corridor

    How long the box will last depends on how long the door will last for you.

    Doors can be made of fiberboard, untreated wood or laminated linen Doors can be made of fiberboard, untreated wood or laminated linen


    1. Made from fiberboard - looks dignified, but not durable. It is possible to deflect from the weight of the door leaf and even from its own weight of the box, respectively, it is not possible to hang a heavy wood door on such a box.
    2. Unprocessed wood canvas, in contrast to fiberboard, is considered to be a more durable material, and pricing is at the level of a budget fiberboard. Consists of the dried profile of the beam. When choosing such a material, consider that it will require an additional finish of the box.
    3. Laminated sheet. Pay attention to the quality of the paper used for lamination to avoid cracks and scratches on the door leaf in the future.

    Interior in the hallway( video)

    The design of the doorway must be made of a durable, reliable material. The box not only performs decorative functions, but also serves as a support for installing the door leaf.

    detail: the door to the entrance hall( photo examples)