Interesting hall ideas: for the living room, original interior, unusual photos, non-standard form and design

The living room is one of the main rooms, so it should be prepared in a qualitative and thoughtful manner The living room is one of the main rooms, therefore it should be prepared in a qualitative and deliberate manner. The hall is the central room in the house or the apartment. It is designed for leisure, family gatherings, reception of guests. It is very important that the design of this room corresponds to a special atmosphere. To date, designers are a lot of interesting and original ideas that can be used to design this room.

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New ideas for the hall: the original design of

Among the huge variety of ideas, the finishes of the hall highlight directions and trends. Each style is characterized by specific details used in the design development.

Today, designers identify several areas.


Style has been used in design relatively recently. Its characteristic features are coldness and rough finishing of walls and floors. It can be roughly finished walls, brickwork, not a pre-war wall. Floors are usually finished with rough, wide boards or granite. Coldness of design is diluted with warm textile accessories.

Cool style loft designers are often advised to dilute warm accessories Cool style loft designers are often advised to dilute with warm accessories


A favorite style of people who prefer practicality. The main rule of application in the interior of this style is the minimum of decorative elements and maximum functionality. This style is characterized by restrained colors and straight lines. In the finish there are many glass and metal parts.

Eco style

Characterized by maximum approximation to nature. It combines such areas as country and provence. Only natural materials are used. There are elements of antiquity.

For those who prefer only natural materials, the eco-style For those who prefer only natural materials, the eco-friendly

is beautiful. Art Deco

A style that is full of luxury and wealth. Suitable for rooms with high ceilings and a huge area. The interior in this style contains light colors, some elements can be trimmed with gold or silver. The room, decorated in this style, is saturated with various decorative details such as vases, statuettes, antique watches and candlesticks.

The original interior of the living room

In order to make your living room original, you need only a flight of imagination and a little knowledge of repair and decoration. Interesting ideas can be watched on the Internet or go to any showroom of design stores. You can also use the service of professionals. In any case, it is necessary to study this question more carefully.

For finding interesting ideas for the living room, you can go to the exhibition or get inspiration from the Internet For finding interesting ideas for the living room, you can go to the exhibition or take inspiration from the internet

Many designers suggest making the living rooms original with the help of zoning or rooming in one common space.

In doing so, they use unusual materials for finishing walls, floors and ceilings. Apply unusual color solutions and combine several styles into one whole image. The original living room can also make doorways made in the form of arches or unusual geometric shapes. Also, the furniture in the room can be unordinary in shape and color.

Non-standard living room form

The phrase non-standard living room is applied to rooms that have a semicircular, circular or other shape. Most often this form is found in private houses or in apartments with a very large area. In order to make such a room beautiful and not like the others, you can apply the color techniques of finishing the walls and ceilings. Also not superfluous will be built in multi-colored lights and original chandeliers.

If you have a non-standard room, then it can be decorated using the original wall and ceiling finishes If you have a non-standard room, then it can be decorated using the original wall and ceiling trim

Original tailoring of curtains will give any room a special atmosphere. In the living rooms with a non-standard layout it is possible to put corner walls-slides, which perform various functions.

In such rooms it is good to make separate zones that will be allocated from each other not only by designation, but also by stylization. For example, you can separate the rest area from the reception area with a beautiful bar counter or a glass partition. The zone for work is played with light and modern technologies, which are located on laconic computer desks or secretaries. Also, do not forget about the elements of the decor. For people who love art, you can select a whole wall, painted in light colors. Huge pictures stand out well on light surfaces.

Using a fireplace as an idea

The use of a fireplace in the interior goes back to ancient times. Previously, the fireplace performed a heating function. Today, his role is also in decorating the room.

There are several basic types that are used in interior design:

  • Classic, firewood is used for firebox;
  • Closed with cast-iron furnace, suitable for admiring fire in winter cold evenings;
  • Gas, connected to a common gas system;
  • Electric, used only for decoration.

As an ornament, you can additionally use a fireplace As an ornament, you can also use the fireplace

The most common fireplaces can be found in private houses. It is accepted near the fireplaces to place comfortable armchairs and a coffee table. Each fireplace is finished taking into account the general interior of the room. In apartments with safety in mind, install electric fireplaces. They can be of different sizes and designs.

The fireplace as an element of design creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room.

On the top of the fireplace you can install a shelf on which will be placed family photos and exclusive souvenirs and vases. To beat the beauty of the fireplace can also be materials for exterior decoration. It can be stucco moldings, special panels with imitation of stone or brickwork.

Interesting ceiling ideas for the hall

The ceilings are a very important part of the interior of the room.

By the method of finishing the ceilings are divided into several types:

  • Painted;
  • Strainers;
  • Suspended.

Each method differs in material and appearance. Which one to choose depends on obtaining the desired result. Experienced designers in the development of the interior always take this fact into account.

If you need to visually increase the space, use stretch glossy ceilings.

Decorate the ceiling can be bright colors, original lighting or wooden beams Decorate the ceiling with bright colors, original lighting or wooden beams.

If you need to make an accent, use bright colors. The choice of colors depends on the space and the main idea. Good looking ceilings with the same color with furniture. Also, multi-level ceilings expand the space of the room.

It is worth not forgetting about lighting. A competent arrangement of light creates the necessary entourage and makes the living room where it is pleasant to spend time not only alone, but also with your friends. Using colored lamps will help to make accents that will create a special atmosphere.

Any style or design of the living room is chosen taking into account the personal wishes of the owner.

Interesting ideas for the design of the hall( video)

The hall is the room where the most time is spent, for this reason it is necessary to make the most comfortable and cozy. Many of the above styles and techniques can be combined, creating your own original design. Also worth paying attention to the small details, which are directly the highlight of the interior. All objects and decor elements should always be combined, embodying that very original idea.

Unusual living rooms( photos)