Design bedroom photos and colors: 2017, for the interior the best and the best, which one to choose, should be sand

The bedroom should be decorated in a color scheme that is comfortable for its owner The bedroom should be framed in a comfortable color scheme for its owner The color design of the room is a very important stage of the repair. With the help of light the room can be made wider, higher. Space can be transformed into transparent, calm and airy. This will affect the overall atmosphere, which will help to relax and have a good sleep. This year, color trends have undergone some changes. However, in the priority use of pastel shades. Another fashion trend is combination and color play. With the help of color, you can zoning the entire room and make the necessary design accents.

    • What color to choose for a bedroom: quiet sleep is most important
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    • Modern bedroom design: photos and colors
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What color to choose for the bedroom: calm sleep is most important

Many studies saythat the color has a great effect on the emotional state of a person. It is especially important to use the right color to decorate the bedroom.

British researchers came to the conclusion that a properly selected color has a beneficial effect on a person's sleep. To sleep was quiet you need to use a shade of blue, yellow, green, gray and orange.

Green color in the bedroom has a positive effect on the human psyche, creates an atmosphere of calm and comfort Green color in the bedroom has a positive effect on the human psyche, creates an atmosphere of peace and comfort

The human eye perceives these colors as soothing and relaxing. It promotes a deep and undisturbed sleep.

Favorable colors for the bedroom

  • Calm blue. Favorable. He creates a calming atmosphere in the room. It makes the room visually more spacious and cooler, which is especially nice in the hot season.
  • Yellow. Joyous color, which favorably affects the emotional state of a person. The yellow color visually expands the space, which is especially suitable for use in a small room.
  • Green. Calms, creates a favorable atmosphere in the room. It is important to use light shades of green and carefully choose dark ones.
  • Gray. Correctly chosen color will make the room cozy and elegant. This color will allow you to relax and recharge your batteries for the whole day.
  • Orange. Warm and cozy color. He will create a cheerful atmosphere, raise the mood and cause positive emotions.

The choice of colors depends on the personal preferences of each. When designing a bedroom, it is important to consider only the main factor - the color should not irritate and oppress. This situation can lead to poor sleep and even the onset of depression.

Classic bedroom sand color

Sand color - the perfect solution for bedroom decoration. It creates a calming atmosphere that favorably affects sleep. Still this color is an excellent background for any interior.

For people with increased nervous excitability, sand color will become a kind of therapy. It will help bring emotions and thoughts in order. They will become less chaotic, and this will allow you to fall asleep faster and stronger.

Sand color can be an independent design, and can be diluted with more vivid colors. For example, bright green or orange.

Making the bedroom in sand colors is almost a win-win option. Such a color solution will help create a light and light environment in the bedroom Designing a bedroom in sand colors - almost a win-win option. This color solution will help create a light and light environment in the sleeping room

Recommended combinations with sand color:

  • Beautifully look at the sand background of a picture or a photo within.
  • Decorative cushions will be combined well in discreet colors.
  • Sand - the perfect color for a bedroom in a classic style.
  • Ideal color combinations - sand with a bright green or orange color.
  • The beech is perfectly matched with a sandy tint.

The use of sand color will be justified in a room with poor lighting. The north side can make the room morose. A nice addition to the sand walls will be beautiful curtains in the classical style.

The right choice of color for a small bedroom

A small bedroom is quite common. But this should not be the reason for the disorder. The size of the room can be visually increased. And you can use both light and warm, and cold, and dark shades.

Wall-papers will transform an interior of a premise, will make a room beautiful and cozy irrespective of its size Photo walls will transform the interior of the room, make the room beautiful and cozy regardless of its size.

With the help of a dark color, you can visually remove the corners of a small room, which will expand the space. But you need to choose the color very carefully.

Choose colors better with the help of a professional designer. Design techniques help not only to expand the space, but also to make the overall atmosphere favorable, and the interior - stylish.

Examples of color solutions that are suitable for a small room:

  • Ideal for playing on contrasts. One wall can be made contrasting, choosing for it a deep color. This will help to make a wider room narrower.
  • Revitalize the bright design of the sleeping area. For example, a sticker of variegated wallpaper in the bedside area.
  • Make the room spacious will help wallpaper with a picture of the forest, water, sky, mountains.
  • Application of large paintings and photographs will help to divert attention from a small space.
  • Good reception for room expansion - the use of mirrors.

The combination of colors and shades will help to increase the room. The solution will not only color the walls.

Use of mirrors in a small bedroom will visually increase the area of ​​the room Using mirrors in a small bedroom will allow you to visually increase the area of ​​the room

To expand the space, use visual effects created by pictures and photos, in which color selection is also important.

Modern bedroom design: photos and colors

Bedroom is a place where a person spends a third of his life. This is an important room, designed primarily for relaxation and relaxation.

The correct color design is a very important step in the repair of the room. To choose a color you need to study the recommendations of specialists who will prompt the right combinations and tell how color affects the psycho-emotional state.

Calm bedroom does not mean that you can not use bright colors for its design. But it is important to be able to correctly combine them.

Color scale options for bedroom design:

  • White color. The perfect solution for a bedroom. However, pure white color can quickly become boring. It should be properly diluted with bright details, such as plaid, pillows, curtains, pictures, installation of bright floor.
  • Beautiful blue color in the interior soothes. It visually makes the space wider. It can be combined with lemon and gray.
  • Orange atmosphere for bedrooms evokes positive emotions, a sense of joy and happiness.
  • Contrasting combinations of bright yellow and turquoise paints will make the room balanced, bright and cozy.

On how harmoniously chosen the color scheme in the interior of the bedroom, will depend on the state of mind and mood of a person The degree of harmony in the interior of the bedroom will depend on the state of mind and the mood of the person

When decorating a room with color, it is important to pay attention to color dilution. Colored furnishings with pictures and photographs make the room original, but can dilute too bright colors or decorate too quiet.

Fashionable ideas of bedroom color 2017

In 2017, designers argue for the simple and functional arrangement of a bedroom. This requirement applies to the choice of color for the decoration of walls.

In the trend this season is white. He never goes out of fashion. White creates an airy atmosphere, fills the space with tranquility and pacification.

When decorating a room in this fashionable season, it is important to pay attention to the placement of accents.

Fashionable color solutions of 2017:

  • White. Creates a perfect background for the overall interior. Needs additional accents in the form of deep shades of furniture and bright decorative elements.
  • Black. Fashionable good color with proper design. Black color emphasizes the geometry of space. With its help, you can make accents on furniture and textiles.
  • Black and white. Trend of 2017.This combination makes the room austere and concise.

A marvelous combination of elegant black and refined white in the design of the bedroom is universal and can be used as a component of the interior in any style The amazing combination of elegant black and refined white in the design of the bedroom is universal and can be used as a component of the interior in any style.

Thanks to the new trends, you can experiment with seemingly ordinary colors. Proper use of color can really surprise and make the room play with new colors.

Best colors for the bedroom: the trendy palette

Modern design opens the field for experiments. It is not necessary to follow the latest fashion trends and use white or black color, if the soul requires deep colors and bright combinations.

Many do not know that the purple color makes the atmosphere in the bedroom mysterious and soothing. However, it should be correctly combined with other colors.

It's important not to be afraid to play with colors, even the brightest colors can sometimes surprise with its soothing effect.

Best color matching examples:

  • Eggplant and marsala or mahogany;
  • A combination of cream, milk and cherries;
  • Champagne color and mustard tint;
  • Room in a puddro and orange shade with a bright blue;
  • Lime and a wall in a crimson shade.

When decorating a room, you need to choose the right colors. It is important not to be afraid to experiment with colors and their shades, sometimes the most unexpected combinations can make the room original, stylish and modern.

Color in the interior of the bedroom( video)

The successful bedroom design largely depends on the choice of color for the decoration of the room. Fashionable color trends this year allow you to design a room in a variety of shades. The choice of colors must be taken very seriously. Color affects not only the aesthetic perception of the room, but also the psycho-emotional state of a person. Color affects calm sleep, allows you to relax and calm down. To the bedroom does not look boring, it is important to use bright color accents. What color the bedroom should be, everyone decides for himself. The main thing is for the owner to feel comfortable in it.

color solutions bedroom interior( photo)