Photo bedroom in the apartment: the image and choice of the room, middle-class options, examples and types, design and catalog samples

Before you independently plan the design of the bedroom, you need to decide what style the interior of the room will be designed for Before you plan your bedroom design yourself, you need to decide in which style the interior of the room will be designed. Using a bedroom photo in an apartment allows you to think in advance of all the stages of the upcoming repair. Finding those is easy in thematic publications devoted to design. Do not give up this stage is recommended, both experienced decorators, and beginners. From a practical point of view, it is better to consider in advance various options for execution. This will help pick up furniture and other decorative elements.

    • Types of bedrooms: design recommendations for beginners
    • Bedroom models: choose the right option
    • Tips for moms and dads
    • The final choice of bedrooms: weigh the pros and cons
    • ModernBedroom in the Art Nouveau style( video)
    • Design of the bedroom in the apartment( photo)

Types of bedrooms: design recommendations for beginners

Until the owner of the living quarters has made the final decision,even a third of the incredible options. Experience shows that individual photos can significantly change the previously considered successful concept. First of all, we are talking about stylistic solutions, of which there are several. The most popular is the classic version. Simplicity of forms, lack of furniture with the transformation function, a large amount of free space, a bet on the use of natural wood - all this is a characteristic of the classic style for the bedroom. From an aesthetic point of view, matte and more restrained colors prevail in the room: olive, beige, cream. Less common in the interior is blue.

Special attention is paid to the windows, which are complemented by impressive curtains in form. It is desirable that they be decorated with a heavy cloth decorated with fringe and tassels.

The peculiarity of the interior of the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style is a combination of classics and original ideas of our time Interior feature of the bedroom in the Art Nouveau style - a combination of classics and original modern ideas

If it comes to floor types, then preference should be given to the parquet. The opposite part of the bedrooms is decorated with a decorative chandelier and stucco molding. The pendant model forms a muted lighting model.

When choosing furniture, the rate is exclusively based on the use of natural wood. Will complement his dressing table, impressive in size, a double bed and a leather sofa.

In addition to the classic version, a number of others are distinguished:

  1. Provence - a wooden natural floor is completed with plastered white walls. The bed is characterized by large sizes. It is desirable that it was made of wood and necessarily with a thread. If we talk about the color of furniture, then here preference is given to soft tones. Bright example of the following colors: lime, brown, terracotta;
  2. Minimalism - like the supporters of Eastern traditions in the design of the room. Every detail in the room is made entirely of natural materials. Another important characteristic is functionality. Each element in the room serves a specific purpose. From a practical point of view, a low and wide bed is complemented by built-in closets in the wall. Visual accents are placed by Oriental paintings on the walls;
  3. Modern - it relies on the ease of form and the maximum amount of free space. For interiors, multi-level ceilings of light colors are selected, supplemented by spotlights. Visual zoning is done with light curtains and tulle. For a floor it is more expedient to choose a parquet or a laminate, supplemented with not too bright carpet.

Bedroom models: choose the right option

The first thing you need to decide when buying furniture is to take a ready-made version or better to make it to order. Experience shows that the second option is preferable. First, not all apartments have unified parameters. This means that the finished kit does not always take place in the room as originally planned. That's why to begin the reconstruction of the room is better with the creation of a visual model.

Due to its design, corner cupboards are an excellent way to optimize the bedroom space Due to its design, corner cupboards are an excellent tool for optimizing bedroom space.

Computer technology will help in this. Due to the use of 3D modeling programs, possible options can be viewed in a few minutes.

The following design recommendations will help in this:

  1. Samples of furniture are selected taking into account the prevailing geometry in the room. If it is a question of high ceilings and wide rooms the high cabinets with glass panels will help to zonate space;
  2. The choice of the corner version of the cabinet is advisable in a room with small dimensions;
  3. An important indicator is the degree of illumination. It is undesirable in a poorly lit room to bet on a classic style, implying the use of curtains made of heavy fabric. It is more reasonable to make a choice in favor of modernity or minimalism;
  4. A well-lit room does not tolerate minimalism or country. Even high-quality furniture, which the catalog helped to choose, will not be reflected in the comfort level.

Tips for moms and dads

Parents know that babies need increased attention from adults. This applies in full to the furniture for the children's room. Having considered its various types, the choice must be made in favor of a safe option in all respects. In this case, do not make a common mistake. Some parents are so focused on safety that they forget about a number of other important components.

When choosing furniture for a child When choosing furniture for a child's room, it is necessary to focus on such parameters as: functionality, environmental friendliness and aesthetics

First and foremost, we are talking about functional characteristics. For a middle-class family, furniture is needed that allows you to store children's things, toys and other daily items in demand. It is important to remember that a sample of high-quality and safe in all respects children's furniture should have several offices for long-term storage of things.

Among the other essential characteristics that should be present in the design of the children's room, there are:

  • no sharp corners - this design will reduce the likelihood of injury to the baby;
  • rejection of small decorative materials that the baby can swallow;
  • availability of a spacious changing table;
  • bet on pastel colors.

The final choice of the bedroom: weigh the pros and cons

The image of the future sleeping bag must always be in front of your eyes. Help in this, as mentioned earlier, 3D technology. Furniture, decor elements, curtains and other is selected, based on a general concept. Determine the choice will help reviews that take into account the positive and negative aspects of possible projects.

The furniture purchased for the bedroom should be kept in one style, and also fully in harmony with the overall situation in the room The furniture purchased for the bedroom must be kept in one style and completely in harmony with the overall situation in the room

Another possibility to make a rational choice is to visit thematic exhibitions. The samples presented are designed for a different level of income.

In doing so, remember the following:

  • The selected furniture forms must match the geometry of the room;
  • Furniture should not occupy more than 40% of the room;
  • Not every exhibition copy will fit into the interior;
  • Used as a decorative element of a cabinet or a bed of sticks, do not have to be rude.

Modern bedroom in Art Nouveau style( video)

The process of preparing a bedroom for renovation begins with choosing a dominant style. Help in this will have computer technology. It should be remembered that not every room can harmoniously realize Provence or classics. Only by paying attention to each, let the smallest detail, you can talk about the success of transformations in the room.

Design bedroom in apartment ( photo)