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This year, especially popular is the interior, decorated in turquoise colors This year the interior, decorated in turquoise tones is very popular. Turquoise color attracts many people. It is a symbol of purity, rest and relaxation. It is people who remember it, being in a stuffy and dusty city, as it personifies the coolness and freshness of sea water. Therefore, it is quite natural that turquoise shades have recently gained immense popularity in the process of finishing the bedroom interior. Turquoise bedrooms allow not only to relax and enjoy peace, but also to concentrate, tuned to the working state.

    • Bedroom in turquoise colors - a new trend in the modern interior
    • Bedroom in turquoise color - harmony and grace
    • Bedroom design in turquoise-brown colors
    • Add a little light: bedroom design with turquoise and orangeShade
    • Sea surface in the bedroom interior
    • Bedroom in black and turquoise colors is the top of elegance and elegance
    • Bedroom interior turquoise( video)
    • Bedroom design in turquoise color( photo of interiors)

Bedroom in turquoise colors - a new trend in the modern interior

The days of dull and faded shades have passed, clean and fresh colors have replaced them. According to the masters spreading the doctrine of feng shui, the color of turquoise, like no other, is suitable for finishing the bedroom interior. This is due to the fact that turquoise positively affects the emotional state of a person, saturates it with a positive and inspires with creative ideas.

Please note!Turquoise color can be used in the bedrooms of adults, and in the interior for children.

The stone of turquoise has been appreciated and esteemed by people since ancient times. He was endowed with truly fantastic powers. It was believed that he is able to heal a person from deadly ailments. In addition, this stone, as an amulet chosen by the girls, hoping to find their love.

Turquoise color looks good in the bedroom made in the style of Provence The turquoise color looks good in the bedroom made in the style of Provence

All the turquoise shades give the interior a bedroom of refinement and elegance.

However, like any other stone, it has its own nuances that should be considered:

  • When changing lighting, the turquoise color can change the shade beyond recognition. Therefore, if you rarely get sunlight into the room, you need to choose light-turquoise colors;
  • In small rooms, light turquoise shades will look more organic than dark ones;
  • Light colors visually make the room more spacious, saturate it with ease and air;
  • Turquoise is not used to create a monochrome style;
  • Light shades of turquoise color perfectly blend in with warm tones, and dark ones with cold;
  • You should not combine a large number of bright colors with turquoise tones, otherwise, the design of the bedroom may turn out to be too colorful and "loud".

The advantage of turquoise color is that it is great for decorating any interior, both classical and modern.

Bedroom in turquoise color - harmony and grace

Turquoise bedrooms more and more find their fans. The interiors created by the designers are filled with refreshing colors and suitable accessories, giving the room a colorful, bold, catchy, but not vulgar, appearance.

Turquoise color in combination with white is able to visually increase the space Turquoise color in combination with white can visually increase the space

All light shades of turquoise help to visually enlarge the room, make it more spacious, giving unobtrusiveness, lightness and airiness. Dark, on the contrary, make the room a little less than it is.

Bedrooms, which can not boast of large sizes, suggest the use of light shades of turquoise in the interior. However, according to some people, light colors can give the room a simple look. Therefore, they paint the walls of their small room in excessively dark turquoise shades, making it visually even less. And this is the most common mistake when creating a bedroom interior in turquoise colors.

If you want to fill your room with "overseas space" and give it the right amount, but you should use decor and accessories of juicy colors without making it look ordinary and simple.

These can be padded stools of deep dark turquoise color, pillows with floral embroidered lurex thread, plaids in white-blue or chocolate tones, curtains of gray-blue or brown shades.

Bedroom design in turquoise-brown tones

Let's start with the fact that the bedrooms, in which there are brown and turquoise colors, are considered the top of grace and chic. This room is perfect for supporters of the eternal classicism, but at the same time, wishing to make it brighter and more spectacular. It is the application of chocolate shades that makes the room stern and serious, and the color of turquoise, on the contrary, brings the interior of brightness and insanity at the same time. He as though shouts, that the turquoise room in brown tones, is created for the terrible and picky person which in a shower, wishes to continue to become the small child and, "to play a little bit".

The bedroom, executed in turquoise-brown tones, looks original and stylish The bedroom executed in turquoise-brown tones looks original and stylish

If you want to create a bedroom in brown-turquoise color, then:

  1. The walls are covered with wallpaper in brown tones;
  2. Gender: the installation of a laminate in the color of Turkish coffee;
  3. Ceiling: stretch PVC film of milk chocolate color.

So that this room does not seem gloomy and dark, the turquoise color will dilute it, giving the necessary freshness and color. For this we use accessories: a hanging chandelier, curtains, bedspreads and bedside cushions of bright turquoise color.

Add a little spark: the bedroom design is turquoise with orange shade

Given that the turquoise color embodies the cold and calm, the orange will give him the necessary warmth and coziness. Turquoise bedroom with bright orange accessories will look stylish and unusual, charging, being in it a positive person. For example, walls with furniture are made in a dark turquoise color, and curtains, pillows or blankets will be orange accents.

Sea surface in the interior of the bedroom

Often one of the walls in the bedroom serves as an object to make it look like the sea surface. The color of the sea waves helps to soothe, it evokes a feeling of carefree and childlike, evoking pleasant thoughts about rest.

Turquoise color evokes pleasant memories of a vacation at sea Turquoise color evokes pleasant memories of rest at sea

The soft turquoise bedroom is complemented by white windows, doors, a shelf, floor skirting boards, and various accessories: curtains made of tulle or bedspreads of light and weightless organza.

The bedroom in black and turquoise colors is the top of elegance and elegance

Black-turquoise bedrooms are rare, as only a small number of people are able to give their room such a majestic appearance.

In the east, black color is a symbol of perfection and nobility, it symbolizes good and good deeds. However, in large doses, especially in the bedroom, he is able to plunge into depression. Therefore, all the shades of black are introduced into the interior, in small homeopathic portions, while they are diluted with bright tones.

The walls of turquoise color in the bedroom are well complemented by black curtains or curtains The turquoise-colored walls in the bedroom are well complemented by black curtains or curtains

In black and turquoise tandem, neutral color should also be present. It can be gray, beige or white.

White walls, black floor and furniture in turquoise color, you will agree, you are unlikely to meet such a design in every house.

Bedroom interior turquoise( video)

All shades of turquoise improve the mood and soothe, they are a symbol of positive and good emotions. Therefore, they can often be seen in children's rooms or in the bathroom. A living room decorated in gray-turquoise colors is the top of perfection. If you are a fan of this color, do not doubt, your apartment will not only not lose its gloss, but on the contrary, it will become refined and graceful.

Try it and it will work out!

bedroom design in a turquoise color( photo interiors)