Tulle for the bedroom: photo and design of 2017, novelties of the catalog, beautiful how to choose for windows, hang on the eyelets

Tulle - this piece of decor, which adds a room of tenderness, intimacy, delicacy Tulle - this piece of decor that adds a room of tenderness, intimacy, delicacy Tulle is just what the bedroom needs. Dense tulle will hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes, and thin fabrics slightly muffle the paint and visually make space larger.

      • Tulle to the bedroom, how to choose competently
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      • Tulle for bedrooms - design of 2017: useful tips
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Tulle in the bedroom, how to choose competently

The variety of options is sometimes shocking, because it makes sense to give some tips on choosing tulle. It's great if the seller will provide you with a catalog where you will look through all the novelties and mentally try this tulle on your windows.

How many tulles do I need?Measure the length of the cornice, beautiful will be the drapery of the tulle for the windows, when the width of this tulle is twice the width of the cornice. If you like thick drapery, then take a tulle more than the length of the cornice in 2.5 or 3 times.

The choice of tulle is based on the design of the room and on financial costs The selection of the tulle is based on the design of the room and the financial costs of the

What kind of fabric for the tulle is

  • Organza - the fabric is strong, light and transparent. Make it from natural silk, viscose or polyester. The price will depend on the raw materials. The fabric can be decorated with applique, embroidery, rhinestones, making perforations. Silk embroidered flowers and birds simply look terrific on such a fabric, they turn out to be as if alive.
  • veil - the difference from organza is that the veil is very thin and soft, it is a cotton fabric of plain weave. You can even conditionally say that the veil - it's almost gauze, only the interlacing of threads is more dense, and the threads themselves are thinner.
  • Viscose is a popular synthetic fabric. It is not very durable, so combine it with polyester and polyester. Tulle can be monophonic, with embroidered or printed pattern, with applique.

This, of course, not all kinds of fabric, there is also silk, and polyester, and muslin, and, of course, chiffon.

Tulle to the window sill: how to decorate the bedroom with curtains

In the bedroom you can choose a short tulle, length for the window sill. This is a very practical option, since tulle does not "walk" on the floor, it looks neat and cute.

It is important to remember that the choice of tulle length from the size of bedrooms does not depend on It is important to remember that the choice of the length of the tulle from the dimensions of the bedrooms is independent

By the way, a short tulle can create an effect of space. Sometimes they try to give the same function to the blinds, but they rarely will be able to recreate that comfort and charm, as simple, but elegantly selected tulle.

Tulle for bedrooms - design of 2017: useful tips

For some, the most beautiful curtain is a white thin curtain, which is inexpensive, and is already sold ready. It is not double, and not to say that it is very dense. If you really like such a tulle, the best is the enemy of the good, remember this. Take what you associate with comfort and comfort. In other cases, the following tips will be helpful.

If you want more light, then the tulle should be light tones - from the veil or silk, and if the bedroom needs to be darkened, then take the colored tulle

Tips for choosing tulle:

  • If the curtainsYou have bright, with a large pattern, tulle should be monophonic and discreet, that is, the richer the curtains, the more imperceptible tulle.
  • To make the bedroom pomposity, for tulle is to choose an organza with gold plating, or tulle with silk embroidery, with drapery guipure.
  • To play in contrast, it makes sense to choose a tulle of this color that will be in harmony with other elements of the interior. It can be a carpet, a blanket, and cushions, and bedside tables.
  • If the curtains are simple and unremarkable, the tulle should take brightness on itself - color, embroidery, spraying, rhinestones, etc.

How beautiful to hang a tulle in a bedroom: variants of

Someone does not need large embellishments, but wants a little highlight. For example, you take a fairly simple monochrome tulle and curtains with a not very bright print, but on the eyelets. Already original and charming.

If you want to decorate the window in the bedroom in a big way, then choose sets of tulle If you want to decorate your bedroom window in a big way, choose

Short tulle is a bright accent in itself, and if it's also colored, then you do not need any other decorations. It will look good asymmetric tulle, it always looks original and unusual, it makes the room more dynamic.

Tulle bedroom sets: what is this

Bedroom suites are a ready-made set of window curtains that initially fit together and make up one decorative ensemble. Recently, a very fashionable version has become, where even lambrequin is made from multilayer tulle.

It can be tulleys of different lengths, different shades, which can be hung in several variants.

The kit for bedroom from tulle can include accessories in the form of brooches for tulle, holders for curtains or flowers The kit for the bedroom from tulle can include accessories in the form of brooches for tulle, curtain holders or colors

The kit always looks more elegantly, solemnly, and it is often chosen in the bedroom where the owners want to the window onlyTulle, without thick curtains at all.

Curtains and tulle for the bedroom( video)

Tulle for the bedroom is an attribute of the cosiness and intimacy of the environment, without which the window looks bare and untidy. When choosing a tulle, try on it for the main colors of the interior, and think about whether the tulle pattern is so good, so that it does not quickly become boring and does not become an irritant to the eyes. And this is an important point of choice.

Successful acquisitions!

tulle Design bedroom( photo)