Lambrequins for the bedroom: photos and new items 2017, modern tulle, patterns on windows, catalog

Curtains in the bedroom create a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility Curtains in the bedroom create a pleasant atmosphere of peace and tranquility Curtains in the bedroom are a must. What kind of fashion catalog do not look, nowhere without them does not do. And modern models, and classics, and extravagant, and minimalist. Do not think that lambrequin is yesterday, and the solemnity and "bombast" of this element is not relevant. One has only to penetrate into the question, as immediately before the eyes of a mass of options, one more beautiful.

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pelmet in modern bedroom

what pelmet in the bedroom?He more effectively draws up a window. And sometimes it serves as the only bright accessory, which is the decorative center of the room. On the classification of lambrequins - in more detail.

Hard lambrequin, bando

It completely closes the cornice, it is done in most cases on a non-woven basis, which without any problems takes the desired shape. It can be dentate, or ornate, and wavy. Hard lambrequin can be either short or long.

Soft pelmet in the form of SMAD or frill

textile element in the form of frills( small gofroskladki) or SMAD( Garland) - it is clear flowing folds - SMAD, but frill fall randomly.

For the production of soft lambrequin, lightweight fabrics are used that are well suited for draping For making soft tissue light used pelmet well amenable drapery

Make them from soft tissue and the window is decorated easily and air.

Combined lambrequin

One product combines a soft version with a solid one. In this case, dense matter is combined with air, which makes the decor more romantic.

And already the decor of lambrequin itself can be brushes, fringe, crystals, appliques and crystals.

Lambricken for bedroom: new items in 2017

This year, all attention is focused on color. Since the choice of colors and shades of lambrequin is great, you can sew it to order, you will have the opportunity to achieve incredible effects in the design. The shade of lambrequin should not be discordant with the color range in which the interior of the bedroom is decorated.

The suitable tone is selected using as a basis:

  • Curtain color;
  • Neighboring walls;
  • Textile beds;
  • Carpet.

The most organically looked lambriken in the classic interior of the bedroom most organically looks pelmet in the classic interior of a bedroom room

desirable that pelmet was a couple of shades darker or lighter than the walls, otherwise it will merge with them, and everything will look awkward together.

Well, the most fashionable in 2017 is a set of lambrequins and bedspreads made in one style.

Tulle with a lambrequin for a bedroom, photo - 2017

Cozy elegance - the combination of tulle and lambrequin in the bedroom is called. Light fabric gives the overall interior airiness, but at the same time it makes it possible to hide what is happening in the bedroom during the day. In this it is still equal and irreplaceable.

Embodiments and combinations tulle pelmet:

  • Tulle with a floral pattern will look cool with lambrequins at which maximum floral pattern or repeats similar in some detail;
  • Stylish looks tulle with the effect of degradation and lambrequin of the same hue;
  • Tulle and lambrequin in several layers of lace - a variant of a particularly romantic design of the bedrooms;
  • Well, the draped curtains of soft white tulle look great with a velvet lambrequin.

If the bedroom is small, you should not choose the option with a very luxurious drapery - it looks ridiculous, and visually further reduces the room's footage. The abundance of decor in a small space can also be considered a mistake.

The design of the lambrequin should be harmonized in color and texture with a cloth on the curtains The design of the lambrequin should be harmonized in color and texture with a fabric on the curtains.

It is accepted that the size of a lambrequin should not be more than 20% of the window dimensions. And therefore, if the premises are low, lambrequins with perekidami are undesirable, but lambrequins with longitudinal elements will be very, very useful.

Samples of lambrequins on windows: photo to bedroom 2017

If lambrequin is soft, fabrics such as organza, veil, satin will suit it. Soft lambrequins are usually used in a classic interior, because they seem to hint at the aristocratism of the situation. Beautiful are the lambrequins, which are made in the form of a combination of two contrasting colors.

If the bedroom is small, but the lambrequin in it is still very desirable, choose a simple option. It is made in the form of frills or draped in vertical folds along the length of the eaves, attached to a baguette, cornice bar or additional bar. If the cornice is already in the bedroom, the lambrequin is fastened to the outer bar by means of a kuliska, a buttonhole on buttons, bows or buttons.

Under the soft, falling down beautiful folds of lambrequins, transparent, almost weightless curtains of organza or veils Under the soft, receding lambrequin folds, transparent, almost weightless curtains made of organza or veils

are suitable. Today, according to fashionable catalogs, such elements of lambreken as:

  • - the element where the end of the lambrequin is laid with vertical folds, has an oblique one-sided edge;
  • Kokilye is an element whose end has embedded decorative folds that converge towards the center or from it diverge;
  • Hand bell, tie - these elements are formed from a narrow strip of fabric that looks either as a bell or as a tie.

You can also make buffers that are formed from a strip of fabric, are gathered along the upper edge of the curtain tape.

What are the Lambrequins( video)

Lambrequin in the bedroom is a modern window decoration element that makes the room more elegant, aristocratic. Correctly choose the color and style, do not weight lambrequin with unnecessary details, and it will decorate, even transform your bedroom.

Good luck in choosing!

Examples curtains with lambrequins bedroom( photo)