Curtains in the bedroom: photos and novelties 2017, interior and design, curtains and bedspreads, beautiful white tulle, how to choose

Correctly chosen curtains in the bedroom will help to make her design unusual and stylish Correctly selected curtains in the bedroom will help make its design unusual and stylish Any well-designed interior is a balance of shapes, colors, and most importantly, style. Even if you are building a very small bedroom, and the main furniture is, choosing accessories is not at all easy. Focus not on what shine fashion stores, and style bedroom. For example, for a bedroom in the classical style, the modernist blinkers will be awkward, and for a bedroom in the Japanese style, you will have to give up the usual tulle.

    • Design of the curtain for the bedroom: we make the interior whole
    • Curtains in the bedroom, new items 2017: how to be with the color
    • How to determine the appropriate color for the curtains
    • Elementary is simple: how the drapes change the interior
    • 6 main rules for choosing a curtain
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Design of the curtain for the bedroom: make the interior a whole

It's great if you pre-What will be the design of the bedroom, then everything is simple - you follow the plan. But if you choose curtains in an already finished bedroom, adjust to its conditions, it will be a little more complicated.

Curtains should be combined with the interior of the bedroom Curtains must be combined with the bedroom's interior

There are some simple principles of furnishing things in the interior:

  • Tulle and bedroom curtains are selected with the canopy material for the bed or decorative pillows;
  • Drawing on the curtains can correspond with the pattern of the bedside rug or the print of the coverlet;
  • It's great if you use a set from one collection - ready-made sets of curtains, tulle, bedspreads, decorative pillowcases, etc.

If you look through the catalog of a modern manufacturer( and many of them are budget-priced), you will see whole interior collections there, where the selection has already been made - from the bed to the vase on the bedside table. It is convenient for those who doubt their own taste.

There are also curtains, which a priori fit the bedroom.

Curtains in the bedroom, new items 2017: what to do with the color

The most important fashion trends always begin with color. Then comes the style, style, etc. Despite the fact that it is fashionable today, remember that the basic colors in the interior should be two. And for the bedroom, pastel colors are more suitable, rather than bright colors and colorful fabrics. At least for a traditional bedroom.

Turquoise, blue and white - as well as their variations and shades especially in fashion today.

Turquoise curtains in the bedroom are particularly popular in 2016 Turquoise curtains in the bedroom have a special popularity in 2016

For example, for walls, you choose materials of the lightest shade of the first color. Furniture is already selected in several shades of the second color. Well, the curtains are selected with a pattern in which the first and second colors are combined. The same drape fabric can be used as a material for decorative pillowcases on pillows.

How to determine the appropriate color for the

curtains If you do not know which color to choose and want to understand how the color affects the atmosphere in the room, further advice will be helpful to you.

How to choose the color of the curtain:

  • White - light, airy, but dissolve in the room. Maybe it will surprise you, but white color in this case is considered quite aggressive, therefore it is worth diluting it with shades. And it can be coffee, beige and pink.
  • Yellow - will look good in a room where there is very little sunlight, just do not overdo it with saturation, nevertheless in the bedroom bright colors are not very appropriate.
  • The green is an excellent color for the bedroom, it can create an atmosphere of calmness and relaxation, and a cold green will make a hot southern room not so hot.
  • Turquoise - all shades will suit for the bedroom, psychologically this color is suitable, light shades of turquoise perfectly combined with sand, white, golden.
  • Blue curtains must be supplemented with warm elements, but blue "friends" with white.
  • Sunny or faded orange is suitable for a bedroom, but red will not be appropriate.

Blue-white drapes will look very nice and elegant in your bedroom Blue and white curtains will look very nice and elegant in your bedroom

Black and white curtains, double or usual, will suit the same monochrome interior, but also furniture, and bedspreads, and walls, and the floorMust be in tune with that.

Elementary is simple: how the curtains change the interior

If you buy ready-made curtains, you evaluate not only the color and quality of the fabric, but also the thickness. Dense curtains just the same in the airy interior rarely look pretty. A beautiful curtain is not something that merges with the walls, but creates the illusion of a single, indivisible space.

It is worth remembering that the massive and heavy curtains will weight the space of the small bedroom. But if the bedroom has columns or sculptures, then it is the massive curtains that are needed.

Curtains to the floor add to the room height - for example, if the ceiling in the bedroom is low, take exactly the long drapes. If you want to emphasize the area of ​​the room, you will have to avoid strongly trimmed curtains or curtains that fall to the floor. Such bulkiness will be intrusive.

For low ceilings the blinds to the floor are perfect, because they give the room a height For low ceilings, floor curtains are perfect because they give the height room

6 main rules for choosing the curtains

. To sum up, six basic rules for selecting curtains can be summarized.

These rules look like this:

  1. Bright and colorful curtains in a traditional bedroom are actually taboo, except that a very spacious bedroom can afford such liberties;
  2. It's great if the beautiful curtains combines two basic colors in which the bedroom is framed;
  3. In rooms where there is little sun, use yellow and orange shades;
  4. The hot bedrooms will make not so stuffy the green and its shades;
  5. The curtains should be similar to the other textiles in the bedroom;
  6. In the low bedroom, the curtains should be on the floor.

Well, if you do handicrafts, curtains made with your own hands are beyond any fashion, and even above it. Having decorated such portiere by embroidery on the edge, you will make a thing that can become a family heirloom.

Ideas for curtains design for bedroom 2017( video)

The choice of curtains is a delicate matter, but this complexity is even interesting. Find your color, your texture, your print, which you will be pleasant as a delight for the eyes every day.

Good choice!

drapes in the bedroom( photo)