Built-in wardrobes in the bedroom photo: corner with their own hands, interior design, corner bed

The wardrobe with mirrored doors is not only practical furniture, but also acts as a modern piece of furniture The wardrobe with mirrored doors is not only practical furniture, but also acts as a modern interior Traditional cabinet furniture is very popular. But most of the apartment is filled with different furniture. With the appearance of closet closets on the market, their popularity has started growing very quickly, and all this is no accident, because their useful volume exceeds the benefit of any other cabinet by almost 3 times. The advantage is achieved through a sliding or folding system of doors, the opening of which does not require additional space around, which, of course, saves a lot of space in the room.

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Built-in closet in the bedroom

In most cases, the built-in wardrobes find their place in the living room, hallway or bedroom. They do not take up much space, but the useful volume obtained inside can not go unnoticed and unappreciated. Outside, the cabinet seems small, but there are a lot of things inside.

Built-in wardrobe allows you to accommodate the maximum number of things, because it occupies the entire space of the room to the ceiling. A mirror door cabinet allows you to visually increase the bedroom space.

Putting a wardrobe in the bedroom is a very reasonable idea. The closet can be placed next to the bed, without worrying about that there is enough room next to the doors to open. The valves simply move apart in different directions, without disturbing either the surrounding people or the furniture around them.

The built-in closet will save space in the room and hide a lot of things The built-in cabinet helps to save space in the room and will hide a lot of things

Individual order allows you to choose:

  • Style;
  • Design;
  • Cabinet design;
  • Its size is inside;
  • An internal layout can be specified and defined;
  • Location of the shelves.

All modern furniture companies carry out the closets exclusively to order, after preliminary measurement, which is performed by the specialist master of their company. This allows you to make the closet by individual dimensions, placing it in a specific place. The cabinet is also assembled by a professional.

Built-in closet in the bedroom with their own hands

With a huge desire, the closet can be assembled by hand. Having made the necessary measurements and selecting material for work, you can make your own closet with your own hands. Ordering only the outer doors. And you can order it entirely, leaving your own work only for the assembly.

To make a wardrobe for a bedroom you can do it yourself, the main thing is to decide in advance with its design You can make a wardrobe for a bedroom with your own hands, the main thing is to decide in advance with its design

Each cabinet is accompanied by the necessary instructions, which can quickly and easily assemble a cabinet. It is best to build the assembly together, since it will be much more convenient when someone will hold the shelves, which will lead to the prevention of breakdowns.

Built-in corner wardrobe in the bedroom: photo

Built-in can be not only a simple direct sliding cabinet, but also a corner cabinet that allows you to find the corner of a very functional application. For bedrooms it is one of the very convenient options for placing a cabinet. The cabinet can occupy not only the angle, but also the wall adjacent to it. The size of the cabinet is determined by the owner of the room, this is one of the most important advantages of a wardrobe.

Mirror doors will allow such a huge interior to hide and practically disappear, while increasing the space due to reflection in the mirror.

There is an assumption that you can not sleep in front of mirrors. It is for such superstitious buyers that furniture firms provide a huge selection of different doors. They can be monophonic, with patterns, mirror, with drawings on the mirror.

The number of doors can also be different. A standard set is a cabinet with two or three shutters, but their number can be either reduced or increased. Color, design, color design, drawings on the doors of the cabinet will help to better fit the cabinet in the interior.

To save space in the bedroom you can use a corner wardrobe To save space in the bedroom, you can use the corner cabinet

The price for the cabinet is determined by many factors:

  • Quality of wood;
  • Used fittings;
  • Number of boards used to build the cabinet;
  • Types of shelves;
  • Cabinet dimensions;
  • Number of doors and more.

The cabinet design is carried out individually for each apartment, room. Outside and inside, the cabinet can be unlike any other. Different options for shelving placement will help to place all things to your liking. For example, inside there can be a special compartment under the ironing board and dryer. Inside there may be several sections under the hangers and so on.

Sleeper, built-in wardrobe - room design

For different types of bedrooms, a different version of the sliding-door wardrobe can be offered. A small bedroom can be decorated with a small built-in wardrobe, for example, corner. A large wardrobe can be placed in the large bedroom. The cabinet can be built into the niche, the door or any other place.

The built-in cabinet can serve as a way of zoning space. For example, many people use the construction of a wardrobe, as a way to fence off a sleeping place. This is a very convenient way for a one-bedroom apartment or an apartment-studio.

Outside, it seems that there is a cabinet, and if the doors are opened, then the cabinet will be exclusively at the edges, and the rest is the entrance to the far side of the room where the bed is located.

This option allows you to hide the bed from prying eyes and rest at any convenient time.

Select the built-in closet so that it harmoniously complements the interior of the bedroom Choose the built-in closet so that it harmoniously complements the bedroom interior

This solution will be a very good option for a long narrow room where it is very difficult to place all the necessary furniture. And so, I put a wardrobe in the middle of the room and immediately solved several functional problems. This and additional space for the placement of things, it's sliding doors and mirrors. And in the end it turns out two separate rooms - a bedroom and a living room.

Often this way of sharing space is used in rooms where there are pantries. Built-in closet fence pantry, where in the future a sleeping place or dressing room. That is, from the outside, it seems that there is a closet, but it is worth discovering how an amazing female world opens up before her eyes with elegantly hung out dresses and exposed pairs of shoes just like in expensive movies.

In recent years, built-in wardrobes have become even more popular. The cost of this design allows you to place this convenient and beautiful option for storing clothes in virtually any room. The closet will find its use in various rooms.

Having looked at the various photos, you can find an approximate version of the cabinet, its internal content and its constituent elements. It is important to think in advance about the necessary parameters of the cabinet, the way it is placed, and choose the appropriate place. And only when all these issues are resolved, you can call the master to measure.

Built-in closet in the bedroom( video)

After making the necessary measurements, the master will be able to say the approximate cost of the structure, as well as the duration of its manufacture. Today, the price of the closet is quite acceptable, so almost everyone can afford to decorate their bedroom with this convenient and beautiful wardrobe.