Sliding wardrobes photo design in the bedroom: interior and modern ideas, corner and built-in, doors inside

The stylish and functional closet will complement the interior of almost any bedroom Stylish and functional closet will complement the interior of almost any bedroom. We use sliding-door wardrobes in the bedroom to optimize the space. In addition to the main function - compact storage of things, they increase the visual space in the room. This is achieved through the use of single or double mirror panels. You can enter it in a modern or classic interior. Due to this, it is not difficult to acquire a functional cabinet in every respect.

    • Bedroom lockers: ideas and benefits
    • We choose bedroom cabinets: what to look for
    • Cabinet in the bedroom, design: adjustment of the decorative aspect
    • Design of cabinets forBedroom: functional recommendations
    • Design of the bedroom cabinet( video)
    • Design of the sliding-door wardrobe in the bedroom( photo in the interior)

Bedroom lockers: ideas and benefits

Depending on the functional load, Wafy coupe perform two functions. First of all, we are talking about the central visual element of the room. On the second place is the functional part. It is advisable to carry out a thorough visual inspection before buying.

From a practical point of view, the piece of furniture should be divided into 3 functional areas. Down there is always a shoe. The middle level is used for things that are constantly needed. The upper shelf is reserved for storage of things, the use of which is extremely rare. If all listed qualities he has, then you can safely buy.

Thanks to the spaciousness of the closet, you can hide a large number of things Thanks to its spaciousness, the closet can help hide a large number of items.

Other desirable characteristics are:

  • The presence of sliding doors significantly reduces the size of the space used. Even in a small room, "dead zones" are excluded;
  • Mirror panels are a magnificent decorative element that performs several functions at once. In addition to visual expansion of the area of ​​the room, they use the creation of light accents;
  • As an option, the use of side baskets and the attachment area for the iron is allowed;
  • Higher capacity - in contrast to traditional options that require a lot of free space, universal sliding-door wardrobes reduce the load.

We choose the wardrobes for the bedroom: what to look for

Capacity - in the bedroom it is better to choose a model with a small stock. This is not done if the family decides to have children. In this case, you do not have to think about buying a new piece of furniture. From a technical point of view, it is reasonable to study the quality of the aluminum parts. Unfair producers sin with the use of items of questionable quality. On the one hand, the cabinet turns out to be cheaper, and, on the other - its longevity remains questionable.

When choosing a wardrobe for a bedroom, you should pay special attention to its practicality and quality When choosing a bedroom cupboard, you should pay special attention to its practicality and quality.

It is better to abandon the intention of buying a model where there are parts made of soft metal. Careless movement or sudden closing of one section will lead to the formation of cracks.

Designers with experience recommend paying attention to a number of other factors:

  • Quality of grooves in sliding sections;
  • Accuracy of the geometry of the product - the more the guide profile and the rails go, the less problems will arise in the future operation;
  • Noise level mechanism of sliding doors - this item is relevant if the family has kids;
  • Absence of toxic materials and dyes;
  • Availability of warranty and after-sales service.

Closet in the bedroom, design: adjustment of the decorative aspect of

The rapid integration of a universal piece of furniture in all respects into the surrounding area is due to the decorative facade. Before buying it is recommended to view thematic photos. Ready-made options will prompt possible directions for further action. If desired, the facade of the cabinet is easy to decorate with photopan or decorative elements. Their main task is to form a visual accent. In doing so, it is necessary to balance the appropriateness and attractive appearance.

The wardrobe should be chosen so that it harmoniously complements the design of the sleeping room The closet should be chosen in such a way that it harmoniously complements the bedroom design

Among the most common options for decorating the exterior of the cabinet, the designers distinguish the following:

  • The graphic image in dark colors is applied using environmentally friendlyFilms. Its dimensions are insignificant. The main thing is to choose the appropriate option. A mandatory requirement here is to transfer it to the white parts of the sliding doors. Visual contrast will add a few centimeters to the room;
  • It is desirable that the tone of the finish of the exterior of the piece of furniture is in harmony with the prevailing color in the room;
  • It is necessary to refuse to be placed in a poorly lit room of a cabinet with a mirror. Similarly, it is necessary to act if the aristocratic style prevails in the room.

Design of bedroom cabinets: functional recommendations

Modern bedrooms - a place of concentration of comfort and functionality. That is why when ordering or buying a finished cabinet, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors. First of all, this refers to the shape and size of the piece of furniture. High and spacious rooms require high and round options. In this case, the interior will not seem to the inhabitants too deserted.

For a small size bedroom, it is advisable to choose a light-colored wardrobe or with mirrored doors to visually expand the space in the room For a small size bedroom, it is advisable to select a light-colored wardrobe or with mirrored doors to visually expand the space in the room.

In a limited space, a corner version with double mirror sections is appropriate. In this case, the visual space will become larger. From a practical point of view, for bedrooms with lots of antiques, velvet and wood, such options are not suitable.

In order to design the room to your liking, you should pay attention to the following tips:

  • When choosing colors, they are guided by their own aesthetic views. In this case, it is necessary to reconcile everything with the size and degree of illumination of the room. Too dark in a poorly lit room or too light in a sun-drenched room is lost sight of. It is better to give preference to colors that are 1-2 tone more contrasting than the prevailing color;
  • Do not use excessively aggressive colors and shades. They do not contribute to relaxation;
  • Universal is considered the choice in favor of a pastel cabinet with beige impregnations;
  • Built-in, casing, radius - there are a lot of accommodation options. When you choose between them, you need to remember all the geometric features of the room.

Design of the bedroom cabinet( video)

The sliding-door wardrobes are a universal piece of furniture in every respect. Allowing to conveniently place all the necessary things, it reduces the load on the surrounding space. In the case of the correct choice of color and format of the sliding doors, you can visually expand the space. The key to successful operation will be a preliminary check until the moment of purchase. The quality of the fittings, the smallest details and flaps should correspond to the declared parameters.

wardrobe design in the bedroom( the photo in the interior)