Arches in the hall from the plasterboard photo: the hallway and the corridor are beautiful

Make the interior of the room stylish and original with a decorative arch Make the interior of the room stylish and original with the help of a decorative arch Drywall arches are considered to be an excellent decor of many rooms. A special feature of the design is that the GKL web is used for installation, which is a universal material. It is sold at an optimal price, it is easy to work with and most importantly it is perfectly flat, so you will not have to carry out additional plastering accordingly.

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Photos arch of the drywall in the hall: types

Initially the arrangement of arches in a residential area has been held in Asia and only later thisThe tradition has spread throughout the world. It is the arches that finish the door and window openings, which allows you to create a creative view of the room. It is worth noting that the appearance of arches and their design for today can be very different. There are different shapes, finishes and decorations.

Gypsum cardboard arch can be of any shape and size, which should be selected taking into account the features of the room plasterboard Arch can be any shape and size, choose to be allowing for the premises

For example, the arch can be made:

  • Round;
  • Square;
  • Oval;
  • Wide and narrow;
  • High and low.

Naturally, the choice of type and type depends on which room the installation will be installed in. A round and wide design is used for zoning the living room, especially if there is a studio there. Also, this option of finishing is suitable for those rooms where the hall is made up of a living room.

The asymmetric arch is used in rooms with creative design and where irregular shapes predominate. Arches of this type attract attention and become an accent of the room, for example, if you need visually to cover the uneven ceiling or curved walls.

Arch drywall in the hallway: photo and styles

arch in the hallway can be a worthy ornament of the whole house, if you make it carefully and so that it fits into the interior.

But at the same time, it is important that the arch had the typical features of the corridor, because each room is unique and special in its own way:

  1. If the hall is made in the style of a classic, the arch should be wide and high, and the standard curve of.
  2. For corridors in high-tech style, you can choose arches that make the room more light, for example, equipped with lighting.
  3. Arches in corridors in the style of postmodernism or art deco are decorated with stucco, both natural and artificial.

Arch is a decorative element and can decorate almost any interior Arch is a decorative element and can decorate almost any interior

For those who are fond of Eastern culture, and wishes to make an arched drywall construction, only based on the desire to imitate the style of the East, it is necessary to give advice and concluded he would beThat then it is necessary to finish the whole house to the east. If the hall is made in the style of Art Nouveau, and the corridor will be decorated with carpets, fabrics and dome arches - this will look somewhat ridiculous and extremely not harmonious.

The standard version of the arch for the corridor is a semicircular or completely square. They can be decorated according to their preferences and they will never go out of fashion.

Due to the fact that the corridor is a small and at times not very lit room, it is the square and high arches that will help visually expand the space and raise the ceilings. In general, the arch installed inside the corridor will look optimal if the room itself is wide and large. In ordinary cases, it is necessary to use arched constructions for arranging doorways from the corridor to other rooms.

How arches are made in a gypsum boardroom

As already mentioned, beautiful arches can also contain a hall, and there is an opportunity to equip them in the corridor. The advantage is just behind the living rooms, as they have sufficient dimensions for placing the gypsum board structure. The originality and appearance of the arch depends solely on the household or on the designer who is engaged in interior design. Variants of the arch decoration can be a huge variety. Some simply paint with water-based paint, while others prefer to impose a natural or artificial stone, hang pictures or pots of flowers.

The decor will look solid and appropriate only if it is enough, not a lot and it is appropriate in the interior of the room.

To make an arch from gypsum cardboard it is possible independently, the main thing - to take into account useful advice and recommendations of experts You can make an arch of gypsum board yourself, the main thing is to take into account the useful advice and recommendations of

. To make a competent arch in the hall, you should pay attention to a number of recommendations:

  1. When forming the arch, Frequent incisions in the arch profile, which will make a steeper bend.
  2. The arches are lined with GKL sheets on both sides.
  3. If the sheets of drywall are too thin, then the skin is double( on both sides).
  4. For quality connection of sheets, you need to install special jumpers.
  5. To curl the drywall, it must be thoroughly soaked with water and wait about 20 minutes.

If there is a large bending radius, then you need to select thin sheets of GCR, with which it is no more difficult to work with. With regards to the finish layer of the arch, then, again, the choice is great.

It can be:

  • Lining;
  • Moldings;
  • Plastic and similar materials.

The most important thing is that all this is in harmony with the whole apartment. To decorate the arch with a lining, it is necessary to apply a layer of plaster on the newly installed structure, allow to dry, and then grind. In addition, the coating must be thoroughly primed to prevent the formation of moisture, mold and rot. After that, you can safely mount the linen of wooden lining.

An alternative is to install moldings. Such products look fashionable and modern, besides they can be made of plastic, gypsum and polyurethane.

Decor will be an excellent addition to any composition. To install the molding, the arch must be carefully plastered, ground and painted in the right shade. Only after this, the moldings are assembled.

Installing an arc for a drywall room

When mounting an arch in a hall, you will need to decide what height it will be placed at. Naturally, the height depends primarily on the ceiling coating.

Before installing a drywall arch, you should first make a layout, think through the design and location Before installing a drywall arch, you first have to make a layout, think over the design and location of the

The installation of the arch itself and its skin must be carried out strictly according to the technology:

  1. On the sheet of gypsum cardboard, The future of the canvas for arch lining.
  2. It is necessary to check the conformity of the opening and drawing several times.
  3. Cutting is carried out by an electric grinder.
  4. Drawing the second part of the arch can be done from the first, simply by attaching it to the material as a stencil. Thus, you can be 100% sure that the two parts will be identical to each other.
  5. When bending the liner for the end skin, or in other words the lower part of the arch, you need to be as accurate as possible. To do this, use the force method, and press the canvas, bending the bricks to the desired radius. As it was said before, the material is bent, not broken, it is moistened with water and left to dry completely.

The fixing of the structure is carried out on a framework made of metal profile by means of screws. Fixing elements can be chosen universal, which go for both metal and GCR.

Assembling the arch in the gypsum board room( video)

In conclusion, we advise - if it is not possible to make the bend of the GCR sheet, it is possible to trim the profile with several pieces of plasterboard material, clearly cutting each element along the width of the opening.

arch design in the Hall of plasterboard( interior photos)