Wallpaper with orchids for the walls photo: in the interior non-woven, elizium in the kitchen, with 3d pattern, design

Wallpapers with orchids can decorate the interior of any room wallpaper with orchids can decorate any room Orchid - a symbol of tenderness, romance and love. In addition to wallpaper with orchids as an addition, you can also apply live flowers, pictures, wallpapers, photos. Orchids can act as the main element in the interior, and can take on the role of an additional accent or a few accents, the main thing is to observe harmony, so that the room does not look vulgar.

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Stylish wallpaper with orchids at InterR rules for the use of colors

To decorate the interior with flowers requires careful preparation and work.

Wallpapers with orchids fill your room with love and tenderness wallpaper with orchids fill your room with love and tenderness

Designers Rescue and recommend to the result pleased to observe the following rules:

  1. is not necessary to acquire and hang wallpaper that bear the image of theA lot of small flowers. Such a picture will constantly ruffle in the eyes, accordingly a person in such a room can not normally rest and relax. Optimal version of the wallpaper with one large flower of orchids, and all the rest of the room should be glued with neutral finishing materials, calm colors.
  2. If the room is small in size, then you should discard too large colors. An excellent version of the panel with the orchid elizium.
  3. Wallpapers with a picture of orchids will look great in any interior, making the room more calm, more gentle, more romantic.
  4. Do not use wallpaper, paintings, pictures of orchids in the rooms where the main interior is designed in the style of pop art directions, loft, rustic, eco.

It is important to pay attention to the composition itself, it must inspire daily.

Wallpaper orchid wall in the interior in a variety of indoor

finishing material for walls with a plot orchid not appropriate in every style direction. Masters in design recommend decorating with orchids in any room.


In the bedroom, tender flowers will create a romantic, tranquil setting. As a basis for wallpaper with orchids it is better to use a dark shade material.

Wallpaper with orchids perfectly fit in the bedroom, as they create a quiet and calm atmosphere Wallpapers with orchids perfectly fit in the bedroom as they create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere

Living room

In the guest room, the main room of the house, it will be appropriate to look large flowers on the stones. However, depending on the style of the room, the composition on a dark background can also approach the bed colors.


In the kitchen you can use the orchid drawing to zoning space. By the way, a good solution is to duplicate a picture, position it on the facade, apron or on the wall surface.


In the bathroom it is better to use an image where water is included, this will create harmony. Orchids in the bathroom are very appropriate, as they create an atmosphere of relaxation, tranquility, appeasement.

If the orchids are chosen in the interior, it is not superfluous to buy canvasses-companions. Here the main thing to remember is that not all the pictures are combined with the colors of love and tenderness.

Wallpaper with orchids will help to make the bathroom a special setting that will help relax and relax Wallpapers with orchids will help make the bathroom a special setting that will help you relax and relax

It should be remembered that wallpaper companions should be combined with the type of drawing, not with the background. An excellent solution will be the use of wallpaper with strips or checkered material. As companions can also be used wallpaper with a picture of plants.

Wallpaper with a picture of orchids for walls

The image of a fragile flower on a thin stem is quite popular nowadays. First, the drawings are presented in the market in abundance, and secondly, the image of the orchid is usually of light tones and therefore almost all the designs accept it in the device of the landscape of the room. Today, most couples try to bring as much lightness and light into the space of the house as possible. Wallpapers with orchids are perfect for this task.

However, when installing wallpaper, non-traditional ways of pasting walls are usually used:

  1. If the room is small, then it's better to use universal adhesive wallpaper with an orchid.
  2. Holistic flowers can be well combined with other types of monochrome wallpaper.
  3. It is better to trim the orchids in the kitchen with the finishing in the same direction of the apron headset.

In a large room, a delicate flower on a thin stem, an orchid, will look beautiful and original on the wallpaper In a large room, a delicate flower on a thin stem looks beautiful on the wallpaper - orchid

A single image on the wall will fit into the urban art deco styles and minimalism. The living room is well suited for bright colors of flowers on a dark background. But in the bedroom it is better to glue bright shades, which have a rest and a quiet sleep.

Stylish wallpaper non-woven "Orchids - Elysium

As already mentioned, wallpapers with orchid elision fit for any room. Thanks to such wallpaper, you can emphasize the style and good taste of the owner of the room.

Wallpapers with orchids Elysium can be of different types, the most popular are the following:

  1. Silkscreen;
  2. Compact vinyl;
  3. Heavy vinyl;
  4. Inhibited.
Wallpapers with an orchid Elysium will give the interior a room of warmth, comfort and romance Wallpapers with orchid elizium will give the interior a room of warmth, comfort and romance

The most reliable and high quality are considered non-woven wallpaper with an image of orchid flowers. Such material does not wear off, does not burn out, protects against mold and fungi. In addition, these wallpapers are moisture resistant, which makes it possible to arrange them in the bathroom, the hallway and the kitchen. Advantages of mass, the only negative - is the high cost, but the price justifies itself more than.

Modern waterproof wallpaper with orchids to the kitchen

Wallpaper with orchids in the kitchen will create an atmosphere of charm and some charming elegance.

However, before you glue the orchid wallpaper in detail, read the recommendations of experts:

  1. Choose an image with three-dimensional colors, small flowers oversaturate the space.
  2. In a small kitchen it is better to place a panel.
  3. Wallpaper is ideal for zoning space.
  4. Realistic 3D wallpaper visually expand the space.
  5. The plot needs to choose an inspiring and pleasing eye.
  6. Choosing a wide color palette, you can experiment with the design of the kitchen.

Moisture-resistant wallpaper with orchids will create in the kitchen a special atmosphere and originality of the interior Waterproof wallpaper with orchids will create a special atmosphere and originality of the interior in the kitchen

Wallpapers with orchids, undoubtedly, will bring exclusivity and style to the room, will be a real surprise for the house. The flowering plot will please every day.

Bright orchids: 3D wallpapers on the wall

3D wallpapers with orchids are incredibly realistic and addictive.

This type of finishing material has several advantages and they are the following:

  1. Environmentally friendly.
  2. Possession of non-toxic properties.
  3. Durability.
  4. Durability.
  5. Strength.
  6. Resistant to fire.

Specialists recommend for higher realism to install indoors BLB-lamps that work in the ultraviolet. The effect 3d can be achieved only at a certain light and at the right angle. In a small room, wallpaper with 3d effect is better not to glue. The 3D coatings provide more opportunities for fantasy realization in the design plan, it is not strange that they are so popular nowadays.

Orchids in the interior( video)

Observing these simple rules can create a harmonious, comfortable atmosphere in the house. It is very important to follow the advice of designers. Only in this case the repair will please the whole family for many years and will not want to alter and update something.

wallpaper with orchids for walls( photos)