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Flizeline wallpaper can be repainted more than once, which makes them more popular Non-woven wallpaper can be repainted several times, making them more popular Non-woven wallpaper in recent years become more and more popular materials for the walls. Most often they are bought, which in the future to paint, because the fleece is close to the paper in texture, has a pattern on the surface that mimics the coating of the plaster. The advantage of these wallpapers is the ability to repaint them several times. What is it - wallpaper from non-woven, how much they dry and how they look, and also technical characteristics, types, pros and cons of these materials are described below.

    • Non-woven wallpaper: what it is
    • characteristics, types and composition
    • Pros and cons
    • non-woven substrate under the wallpaper
    • Can I clean non-woven wallpaper
    • Environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper
    • Color Paletteand combinations
    • Reviews
    • How to choose a non-woven wallpaper( video)
    • Non-woven wallpaper( photos)

Non-woven wallpaper: what it is

Fleece - a material made of cellulose, outwardly FSUsWell on paper wallpaper, but more durable and lasts longer. Flizelin is used as a basis for various wallpapers, for example textile.

This material is used not only for the manufacture of wallpaper, but also for medical purposes, for the creation of packaging and moisture resistant materials.

Flizelin - the main material from which the non-woven wallpaper Nonwoven - base material which are produced from non-woven wallpaper

main advantages

  • material does not absorb water;
  • Has high strength and durability;
  • Fire-resistant;
  • Possibility of coloring;
  • No deformation;
  • Not contaminated;
  • Does not shrink during drying.

All this makes it possible to call nonwoven fabric a real substitute for paper and explains its popularity.

For this type of wallpaper is a special adhesive, which in its texture is thicker than the glue for conventional paper wallpapers. Apply glue to the walls, which speeds up the gluing of materials. Due to the fact that the non-woven wallpaper is quite transparent, they need to be glued on perfectly flat and solid walls. However, if the painting is later planned, then it is possible to trim and not ideally flat surfaces. You can paint wallpaper from non-woven fabrics with water-based paints.

The best manufacturer of wallpaper based on non-woven fabric is Italy. Italian wallpapers are characterized by beautiful designs and high quality. They have a long service life, various sizes: meter and conventional rolls.

Russia does not produce wallpaper from non-woven fabric, but all materials presented in stores comply with GOST.Smooth wallpaper shines through, the relief building material is created for coloring.

features, types and composition

Fleece wallpaper are finishing material, which is manufactured from natural composition consisting mostly of cellulose. Also, the composition of the wallpaper includes artificial fibers and various polymers. Due to its composition, non-woven wallpaper can be called environmentally friendly and safe for human health.

At the moment, you can find two kinds of non-woven wallpaper:

  • Directly non-woven;
  • Wallpaper on non-woven basis.

Wallpaper fleece

The first are ordinary paper, but more durable. They are pressed layers of non-woven fabric, while they can be of different colors, textures, contain different patterns and patterns. They can be glued, and then painted, and you can use it yourself.

During the manufacture of wallpaper on the substrate of non-woven linen, finish is applied, most often vinyl, but can be a fabric or paper finish. The wallpaper properties depend on the finishing material.

Flizelinovye wallpaper have a good strength and are represented by a wide range Nonwoven wallpaper has good strength and is represented by a wide range of

Fabric wallpaper on non-woven

Such wallpaper( labels on the package) look stylish, but are quite expensive. The textile layer is a coating of linen, silk, and also imitate the coating with a flock. They have good sound insulation, but absorb odors and require careful care.

Vinyl wallpaper on a fleece base

Vinyl wallpaper on nonwoven - the most popular type of wallpaper on nonwoven.

These wallpapers have many advantages:

  • high strength, they are difficult to cut and scratch;
  • They can be washed;
  • They are not expensive;
  • The palette of this kind of wallpaper is very wide;
  • Also not polluted and look beautiful and modern.

However, vinyl easily ignites and emits harmful substances. Also under the wallpaper can accumulate moisture and form a mold.

Non-woven wallpaper, paper

Paper wallpaper on a substrate of nonwoven fabric( width and color may be different) have a high ecological compatibility and low cost. But they can easily be damaged and can not be glued in damp areas.

Do sticking only after the primer has dried. Why the wallpaper is bubbling?Most likely, the wrong preparation of the walls was made or the wrong glue was chosen.

Wallpaper on nonwoven paper is recommended to glue in dry rooms Non-woven wallpaper of the paper recommend to glue in a dry place

Keep these wallpapers can be a long time, painting is better to choose materials with a deep relief. The primer should be white if the painting is not planned.

Non-woven hot embossing wallpaper

During the manufacture of hot stamping wallpapers, vinyl spraying is applied to the non-woven base. Embossing allows you to create beautiful and unique patterns, as well as these wallpapers have increased durability.

In principle, these wallpapers are not much different from ordinary non-woven, their main advantage is an impeccable appearance. They, like non-woven wallpaper, quickly dry, have high ecological compatibility and long service life.

Pros and Cons of

These wallpapers are an improved form of paper wallpaper, but due to their composition they cover some drawbacks of paper.

possible to allocate some of the pros of non-woven wallpaper:

  1. dense texture allows you to hide some surface irregularities, thus, it does not absorb moisture and does not accumulate dust.
  2. Flizelin is flame retardant and does not release hazardous substances during combustion.
  3. Wallpaper from nonwoven does not burn out in the sun.
  4. Adhesive non-woven wallpaper is lighter than paper wallpaper, after drying, bubbles do not form and the fabric does not shrink.

Flizeline wallpaper is made of a safe material and has a better quality than conventional paper Non-woven wallpaper made of safe material and have a better quality than conventional paper

be glued wallpaper butt joint, the gap is formed after drying it does not.

However, these wallpapers, there are some drawbacks:

  1. This wallpaper is easy to damage, scratch.
  2. Relief wallpaper can collect dust.

Wall-mounted non-woven wallpaper is quite expensive, this is due to the lack of production in the territory of Russia.

Non-woven underlay for wallpapers

For additional warming and leveling of walls in the room, roll-fleece is increasingly used. This material has a high vapor permeability, which allows natural ventilation of the walls. Also do not forget about other properties of non-woven fabrics - waterproofness, elasticity, it is also easy to apply to any wall. Substrate of non-woven fabric allows you to hide the unevenness of the wall, it can be applied in dry rooms, children's rooms.

Can I clean non-woven wallpaper

As a rule, on the packaging with the wallpaper present marking, indicating whether the wallpaper can be washed. After washing, the wallpaper dries quickly enough, but you do not need to wet them too much.

Flizeline wallpaper can be washed, but it is not recommended to strongly wet them Non-woven wallpaper is washable, but not recommended for heavily wet

materials manufacturers usually indicate on the package, in what way you can wash the wallpaper( see pictures.):

  1. The brush on the roll packaging means that the wallpaper can be washed using detergents;
  2. Three wavy lines mean that the wallpaper can be washed with a wet rag;
  3. One line - a damp rag.

Footprints on the wallpaper can be cleaned with an ordinary washing band, you do not need to wash the wallpaper. Deep dirt can be removed with a dry napkin, it must be applied to the wall and iron the stain with an iron through a napkin. Small spots are removed with a damp sponge, you can use a soap solution or cleaners without abrasive particles to wash the walls.

For cleaning, you can use warm water with soap, as well as a liquid for removing varnish. To avoid dust accumulating on the embossed wallpaper, they can be vacuumed and wiped with a dry rag.

Environmentally friendly non-woven wallpaper

is believed that the non-woven wallpapers are less harmful than the same vinyl. Explain this can be a natural composition of wallpaper from nonwoven. Cellulose is safe for health, the polymers that make up the wallpaper are also not harmful to health. The only thing that can cause an allergy is the dust that accumulates in the topography of the wallpaper.

Flizeline wallpaper can be safely glued in the children's room, they will breathe and do not emit any harmful substances for the child's body.

Non-woven wallpaper is not toxic, so you can glue them in children Nonwoven non-woven wallpaper is not toxic, therefore it is possible to glue them in children's rooms.

Many people say that non-woven wallpaper is harmful, but it is not. Now the wallpaper is made exclusively of high-quality materials, which even when burning do not emit dangerous substances. We can say that the fabric of non-woven fabrics is not more harmful than ordinary household chemicals and other things that have already become familiar to us.

palette of colors and combinations

Non-woven wallpaper is most often available in soothing shades, so as not to overload the bright colors pronounced relief. Also, the light colors of the wallpaper are produced under the paint.

There are various wallpaper with stripes, patterns, colors. The most popular shades are white, beige, brown.

The palette of wallpapers in 2016 means the use of bright and juicy colors, which can be achieved using paint.

In 2016, non-woven wallpaper is popular in light colors In 2016, popular non-woven wallpaper in light tones

If you want to get a bright wallpaper, it is best to buy non-woven wallpaper embossed bright and paint them in bright colors.


Those who used flizeline wallpaper, note their simplicity in gluing, a big advantage is that the repair can be done by yourself, without resorting to the help of professionals, thereby saving money.

Reviews vary depending on the types of wallpaper, but in any case, most reviews are positive. The advantage of this type of wallpaper is that you can glue them even in the children's room - they do not emit harmful substances and do not harm the baby's body.

The main thing to remember - the surface must be perfectly flat and smooth, it is impossible to glue non-woven wallpaper on the wall, without a primer, or transparent texture accentuate all surface defects. For painting, you need to choose paints on a water basis, they also do not cause harm to health.

How to choose a non-woven wallpaper( video)

In conclusion we can say that the non-woven wallpaper - a modern material which is rapidly gaining popularity. It can be safely glued even in the children's room, because they produce it from natural ingredients, which even when burned do not harm the health. This type of wallpaper is durable and durable, and it is easy to glue even unprepared person, and you can repaint several times. Marking on the packaging will tell you how to wash the wallpaper. However, the cost of non-woven wallpaper is quite high due to the lack of production in Russia.

Non-woven wallpaper( photos)