Preparation of walls for liquid wallpaper: how to cook at home, primer and spatula, video

Liquid wallpaper is used when decorating living quarters and offices Liquid wallpaper is used to decorate living quarters and offices Nowadays many people have started using liquid wallpaper, because with their use the repair is greatly simplified and becomes a pleasant pastime.

    • Is it difficult to use a liquid wallpaper
    • How to make liquid wallpaper at home - repair in joy
    • How to make a primer for liquid wallpaper
    • What should be a spatula for liquid wallpaper
    • Application instructionsLiquid wallpaper( video)

It is difficult to use liquid wallpaper

The use of liquid wallpaper does not carry any serious difficulties. They are very easy to prepare, and it will not be difficult to apply. The only serious obstacle to the ideal walls is the preliminary preparation of these directly before painting( this does not apply to drywall).

If there is no preliminary preparation of the walls, this can result in the fact that after painting the wallpaper will look very dirty and untidy, and may also show a divorce.

To liquid wallpaper on the wall, it must be prepared in advance for repair To ensure that the liquid wallpaper is placed on the wall, it must be prepared in advance for repair.

The only optimal solution before the application of liquid wallpaper is primer. It will provide perfect coverage and even color, as well as remove walls from stains or dirty spots. Also, alignment of pits and cracks in the walls is required, because they will be very noticeable when the liquid wallpaper is applied.

How to prepare a liquid wallpaper at home - repair in joy

Every adult can prepare liquid wallpaper at home. If you carefully read the instructions and follow it, then the wallpaper will turn out to be good quality and well will fall on the wall, showing its color in all its glory.

As a rule, when buying liquid wallpaper, they are immediately in separate bags. There is nothing more to add to them, besides water, of course. One packet should account for about six liters of water, since these are standard volumes. The water should not be hot, the warm room temperature is optimal, up to about forty degrees. After the wallpaper is flooded with water, the mixture will have to be thoroughly stirred to a uniform, moderately dense mass.

After the wallpaper has been prepared, they must be infused for at least twelve hours. Also, before the paint is applied to the walls, it must be mixed again beforehand.

When kneading liquid wallpaper should choose a capacity of at least 10 liters When mixing liquid wallpaper it is worth choosing a capacity of at least 10 liters

What's important to know

Aspects that need to be considered before the actual application of the wallpaper:

  • The surface must be absolutely smooth;
  • Also, it should not be water repellent;
  • The color of the walls should not be bright, the best option is white color;
  • There should not be any pits or hollows on the wall, the deeper;
  • It should be noted that the strength of the walls plays an important role in the application of liquid wallpaper.

It would be nice to take into account also the fact that when preparing such a mixture, it is better to stir the wallpaper not with a drill or a stick, but with your hands. In this mixture, there are no skin-hazardous or corrosive chemicals, so nothing will happen to the skin of your hands. But if you use a drill with stirring, liquid wallpaper can lose all its properties, and after applying will not look nice.

Such wallpaper have a sufficiently long shelf life after manufacturing. In a closed form, they can hold out for several days, but several weeks at a time. Although, most likely no one will be so long to pull with the wallpaper on the walls.

With the help of liquid wallpaper you can realize any artistic idea With the help of liquid wallpaper you can realize any artistic idea

How the primer is made for liquid wallpaper

As mentioned earlier, preparation and priming of walls is a very important process. Without it, all work can become useless and will not bring the desired result. Therefore, it is worth taking this item with special care and caution in order to avoid mistakes.

Primer is needed in order to remove uneven walls, dark spots or remnants of past repairs. Also, after proper application of the soil, the liquid wallpaper falls much more beautifully and lasts longer.

No matter which primer is chosen, it should be noted that it takes place in three stages. After each step, wait at least three hours before the previous layer completely dries.

Successful wall covering with liquid wallpaper as a whole depends on the quality of the primer Successful wall covering with liquid wallpaper as a whole depends on the quality of the

primer. There are a lot of different kinds of different primers, but certainly not all of them have achieved such popularity as the three below.

Acrylic primer

It is the most popular and popular due to the fact that it fits almost every type of wallpaper. Also, its plus is that it allows you to apply the mixture more sparingly. Such primers make the wall as level as possible and fill potholes or pits.

Soil for deep penetration walls

This primer is very durable, and as the name implies, it penetrates into the smallest pores of the walls, completely filling them. But it is worth considering that such a primer can only be used if the outdoors is warm or the room is warm enough. Otherwise, there will be no benefit from the soil at all.

Quartz primer for colored wallpaper

This primer will be optimal for those who are going to use colored liquid wallpaper. The color will be just beautiful, making the walls very colorful and bright. But it is worth considering that such a soil is very poorly mixed, because of what small formations in the form of pebbles on the bottom of the ground are possible. Later, these pebbles will manifest themselves on the walls.

Much attention should also be paid to the tool that will be applied to the primer. For such cases, it is better not to use brushes, as they will create lumps that are completely unacceptable for liquid wallpaper. The last layer is applied only then the codes completely dry the previous one. This rule applies to primers of any kind.

It is not so difficult to select and prepare the soil with your own hands, the main thing is to follow the technology exactly, and then you can make beautiful liquid wallpaper.

The quality of materials should always be in the first place The quality of the selected materials should always be the first one.

What should be the spatula for liquid wallpaper

Before applying the wallpaper, you should immediately understand that it is desirable to have two different types of spatulas. One should be wide, to fill the entire space as a whole, and the second must be narrow so that the edges and corners of the walls can be processed.

Spatula - this is the most convenient way of applying liquid wallpaper, as it completely eliminates the formation of lumps, smooths the surface. The surface after the spatula will be very smooth, and the application process will be convenient and almost unnoticeable.

When working with a spatula, everything is extremely simple: a small part of the mixture is applied to the spatula, and then it is applied to the wall.

A spatula for the application of liquid wallpaper should be comfortable so that the hand does not strain while working and the movements are smooth and smooth The spatula for the application of liquid wallpaper should be comfortable so that the hand does not strain while working and the movements are smooth and smooth

After using the same spatula, the mixture is evenly distributed throughout the wall. Then the entire process is repeated again until the wall is completely filled.

It is worth considering that the liquid wallpaper - not putty. There is absolutely no need to press on the spatula. The entire mixture should be applied with soft, measured movements without pressing. If you push too hard, then the wallpaper can shine through. Also, you should always ensure that the thickness of the mixture on all sections of the wall is the same.

To make the mixture on the walls dry faster, it is recommended to open windows and doors. But this is only if it is summer or very warm outside. Otherwise, the wallpaper can start to show the stains and will dry very slowly.

Instructions for applying liquid wallpaper( video)

Liquid wallpaper is an excellent solution for repair. The primer is also easy to choose by yourself. The main thing is that these wallpapers are completely safe, easy to apply and do not have any smell.