Wallpaper for the hallway and the corridor photo: in the interior of the apartment, liquid for walls, repair of a small narrow Khrushchev

Wallpaper - this is an important part of any modern hallway Wallpaper is an important part of any modern hallway Repair for many is a real disaster, and often because it is already clear in the process of finishing - the wallpaper does not fit, the furniture is not mounted, etc. To finish was ideal, you need not only a certain skill and diligence, everything that is possible to do the day before is important. And with care choose the wallpaper, knowing about them all.

      • Wallpaper for the hallway: how to understand the variety of products
      • Wallpaper in the hallway in the interior: color
      • Small hallway wallpaper: the best options
      • Wallpaper in the hallway of the Khrushchev: what to choose
      • A narrow hallway in the apartment: the design principles
      • Liquid wallpaper in the hallway: whether to use
      • How beautifully to paste wallpaper in the hallway: receptions
      • Original wallpaper in the hallway( video)
      • Stylish wallpaper for the corridor and hallway( photo)

Hallway wallpaper: how to understand the variety of products

The first thing you need to know is the type of wallpaper that fits in this room. You determine what type is suitable, and the choice is reduced to this particular type only.

As the corridor or hallway is a place that gets dirty more often than others, you definitely need washable wallpaper. On the walls there are always spots, dust, dirt, scuffs. And they can only be combated with a damp and timely cleaning.

A great option for the corridor and the hallway will be washable wallpaper The washable wallpaper is an excellent option for the corridor and the hallway. As to the degree of water resistance, the wallpaper is divided into three types:

  • One wave. So, you need to treat such wallpaper as carefully as possible. And you can wipe such wallpaper only with a cloth of microfiber or suede.
  • Two waves. The material is more moisture resistant, it can be wiped and moistened with a cloth.
  • Three waves. Indicate the special stability of the coating, such wallpaper can be cleaned with household cleaning products. If there is an additional badge with a brush, it means that the material has a special strength.

Of course, that for the hallway the most moisture-resistant wallpaper is suitable. With them, the process of taking care of the room is simplified.

Wallpaper in the hallway in the interior: color

Color is of particular importance in the interior. First of all, it creates a mood, an atmosphere. He creates a cosiness, which should be in the hallway as well.

Examples of color and its meanings:

  • Pink is sweet and gentle, but for those who do not in principle like this color, they will be an irritant;
  • Red is a very active color, dark shades can be gloomy, aggressive, so combine red with calm color, choose soft red variants;
  • Orange is a rush of emotion, mood and even euphoria, but in high doses it takes energy, because orange and light green on a white background is a more optimistic option;
  • Yellow - it is considered that it also raises the mood, but because of the color activity it also needs to be dosed, you can use striped wallpaper;
  • Green is a soothing, calming color, natural, natural;
  • Blue - can be both gloomy, and maybe aristocratic;
  • Violet - psychologists say that this color can trigger leverage of indifference, perhaps it reduces criticality.

The corridor is best decorated in warm colors, avoiding bright colors The corridor is best designed in warm colors, avoiding bright colors

More often in the hallway choose a wallpaper of pastel tones, since they are as neutral as possible. Select and stylish wallpaper for painting, which allows at least every year to change the atmosphere of the hallway due to a new color.

Wallpapers for a small hallway: the best options

Visually expand the small hallway, corridor or dressing room can be due to the color and pattern of the wallpaper. Black, of course, it is not worth taking - dark color always makes the room less visually. White has the ability to visually expand the space, but for such a room the color is still very marble.

Tips for choosing wallpaper for a small hallway:

  • Bright colors very enliven the space, due to them you can brighten up the modest size of the hallway, the main thing is that they do not cause irritation;
  • The tone of the wallpaper, furniture and flooring should be combined, and above all, for warmth / coldness, there are warm shades of green, and there are cold, for example, and they can not be mixed;
  • For a small hallway, choose a wallpaper with a small pattern that visually enlarges the room;
  • A large pattern always "steals" a couple of extra meters;
  • Wallpaper in a vertical strip "lift" the ceiling.

Using original wallpaper, you can visually extend the hallway and make it more attractive Using the original wallpaper, you can visually extend the hallway and make it more attractive

If you use decorative skirting boards, different edging for wallpaper, you can take pictures to them in an alignment with them in consonant frames. It looks great!

Wallpapers in the hallway Khrushchev: what to choose

In Khrushchev corridors are usually very small, and in a small room, as they say, you will not clear up.

Dark shades will make the hallway even smaller, but if you combine light and dark wallpaper, you can achieve the opposite effect. True, this is a skill for professionals to do, because in addition to combining you need to take into account the degree of illumination of the room, and it must be significant.

Light wallpaper for Khrushchev, too, by the way, is not always suitable. They are marble and not always dense, they are sufficiently durable, so put practicality above aesthetics in this case.

The hallway in Khrushchev should be decorated using a combination of wallpaper The hallway in the hruschovka should be decorated using the combined wallpaper

For the hallway in Khrushchev you can use wallpaper in the following colors:

  • Gray;
  • Yellow;
  • Blue;
  • Light green;
  • Peach;
  • Coffee.

Of course, do not forget about the combination of wallpaper with furniture, which should be maximum. Darkened walls are usually supplemented with light furniture, otherwise the interior will be oppressive, gloomy. Well, for light furniture, almost any wallpaper is good.

Wallpapers for a narrow hallway in the apartment: the design principles

The design of narrow rooms has its own design principles. And one of the most important - the ban on the use of dark wallpaper with large figures. Otherwise, at the entrance to the apartment, there will be a feeling of oppressive, pressing, extremely uncomfortable space. Striped wallpaper types also do not fit.

If the horizontal lines are frequent, the corridor will appear smaller than there is, and most importantly, already, than there is. A vertical strip visually necessarily narrow the room.

For a narrow corridor, you can use combined textured wallpaper, which differ only in color or pattern For a narrow corridor, you can use combined textured wallpaper that differ only in color or pattern

For a narrow hallway, you will be:

  • Light wallpaper;
  • Wallpapers without too accented drawings.

And designers often use this method - opposite walls are covered with wallpaper of different colors. But the texture, at the same time, should be all the same, and the tone should be combined or contrast.

In many respects, the problem will be soft and abundant lighting.

Liquid wallpaper in the hallway: whether to use

Liquid wallpaper refers to the type of coatings that a person can do himself and apply the same to the wall. However, in the hallway, any mistakes and deficiencies will be fatal, because if there is an opportunity to invite a specialist, do so.

When choosing liquid wallpaper for a corridor, first of all, one should pay attention to their quality When selecting liquid wallpaper for a corridor, first of all, you should pay attention to their quality.

There are four types of the most common types of liquid wallpaper:

  • Liquid cellulose wallpaper;
  • Liquid silk wallpaper;
  • Textured wallpaper with a stone crumb;
  • Liquid combined wallpaper.

Any kind of liquid wallpaper, even the most durable preferably in hallway varnish or aqueous alkyd. And although this will reduce the vapor permeability of the material, but protect the wall from damage and contamination. And to clean them in this form is much easier.

How beautiful pokleit wallpaper in the hallway: receptions

An excellent solution for the design of the corridor and hallway is a combined wall decoration or a combination of wallpaper of different colors excellent solution for the design of the hall and the hall is a combination wall decoration or a combination of wallpaper in different colors

can distinguish two stages interesting and beautiful pasting hallway wallpaper walls:

  1. The first method is a combined wall decoration. If the wallpaper is light at the top of the wall, this will add extra space to the room and make the hallway lighter. And a dark tone in the lower part will provide an opportunity to protect the wall from the contaminants that are inevitable in the hallway. Selection of shades is especially important, it will be beautiful bottom wall with vertical stripe, and the top will be monotonous or fine risunochki. At the joint, a border or baguette is pasted.
  2. The second method is a combination of different wallpapers. One side is glued, for example, a vertical light blue stripe, and the other - quite a large ornament on a light background. If the elongated hall, the walls close to the entrance pasted dark patterns, and the distal portion of the walls glued over light wallpaper. To create a single style, the joint is beautifully shaped as an arch.

Original wallpaper in the hall( video)

When choosing wallpaper for the hallway, remember that this is the place you want to protect - and beauty necessarily combine with practicality to any contamination does not become visible as soon not ingrained, not left on the coverforever.

Reasonable and beautiful choice!

stylish wallpapers for corridor and entrance hall( photo)