Retractable staircase to the attic: attic sliding doors, drawings by yourself, height

Extendable staircase to the attic is very popular Extendable staircase to the attic is very popular Earlier, the entrance to the attic space was located in the outer part of the roof of the house. To climb the attic, it was necessary to put a heavy and uncomfortable ladder. However, modern private homes often have access hatches directly in the ceiling. It is on these hatches and mounted folding ladder, which appears only when it is really necessary.

    • Advantages and disadvantages of lofts with retractable ladder
    • Types of sliding stairs to the attic
    • Dimensions of the attic loft
    • Assembly of sliding stairs to the attic with your own hands
    • Design of the sliding ladder to the attic( video)

Advantages and disadvantages of lofts with sliding ladder

The sliding ladder to the attic in the folded position is completely invisible. It is located on the hatch cover, which is a frame of this design. If necessary, you only need to open the entrance to the attic, and pull at the legs of the stairs.

Advantages of a sliding ladder in the attic:

  1. The sliding ladder occupies a minimum of free space. In the combined form, it does not affect the size of the room either.
  2. The price of sliding stairs is much lower than the cost of full-fledged stationary structures.
  3. These stairs are very easy to use. In order to bring the structure into working condition, you only need to tilt the hatch cover and pull at the legs of the ladder.
  4. Retractable ladders weigh very little. Thanks to this feature, you do not have to worry about the floor covering and the strength of the base.
  5. If you wish, you can supplement such a ladder with elements that increase the convenience of its operation. For example, order a design with handrails and anti-slip steps.
  6. The installation of such a ladder is so simple that you will be able to do it yourself.

Loft hatches with a sliding ladder have a lot of advantages and some disadvantages Loft hatch with a sliding ladder have many advantages and some disadvantages

In addition to a large number of pluses, retractable attic stairs also have some disadvantages. They do not have special significance, but everyone should know about them.

Drawbacks of retractable attic stairs:

  1. It is not possible to move around a retractable attic staircase by holding heavy items. At a pressure of over 150 kilograms, the steps of even the strongest structure are deformed.
  2. This design makes it difficult to evacuate the attic.
  3. Frequent use of stairs can lead to squeaking and seizing of the mechanism. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to periodically lubricate the joints of the structural elements.

Despite these drawbacks, sliding ladders are considered the most popular devices for lifting to the second floor. Agree that with the installation of stationary options for the attic, there may be some problems.

Types of sliding stairs to the attic

Retractable ladders for lifting to the attic are uniquely used more often than stationary ones. However, before you go to the store to buy such a device, you need to determine the most suitable for you type of construction.

Modifications of folding ladders:

  1. The pull-out ladder is used for lifting to the attic most often for rooms with low ceilings. This design consists of several sections, which, one after another, are fixed by the shutters. After use, the device is folded in the same order, while making the fixation with closures.
  2. Folding ladders are the most complicated in manufacturing. However, such designs are highly reliable and durable. Since such a design is located in the hatch cover, and is rather large, it will require a hatch of appropriate width. For the manufacture of such stairs, pine or aluminum is most often used.
  3. Folding ladders have a small number of sections. In the unfolded form, it resembles the usual attachment structure, and in the folded it is fixed by special metal devices. To make such a design with your own hands, you need to draw up the drawings correctly, otherwise, it simply will not enter the hatch in the ceiling.

Sliding stairs to the attic are of several types Sliding stairs to the attic are of several types

These types of stairs have their advantages and disadvantages. Their choice should depend on your taste and the size of the ceiling in the apartment.

In addition to the options we have, there are other types of sliding ladders. The most famous design is a telescopic device. Such aluminum ladders are tubes in which the same tubes with a smaller diameter are located. However, such structures are not particularly strong, and therefore rarely used for attics.

Dimensions of the attic ladder

Sliding attic stairs, of course, can be made by hand. However, such designs have a relatively low cost, and therefore are available to the masses.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of a sliding ladder, it is necessary to draw up a plan with its location in the hatch of the ceiling, and also to remove all necessary measurements. The last point is the most important, since only if there are the correct measurements, sales consultants of building stores will be able to help you choose the appropriate design.

First of all, for the selection of stairs, you will need to take measurements of the doorway of the attic. It can have different widths and heights, but the minimum parameters are 50x60 cm.

Sliding stairs to the attic can be done with your own hands or you can get ready You can make a sliding ladder to the attic with your own hands or purchase a finished

If you want to make a retractable ladder yourself, then you will have to find out the width of the steps, Their number and the distance between them.

The height of the ladder is also of no less importance. It will depend on the height of the ceilings. The standard length of the ladder is 290 cm. Ideally, however, the fully expanded structure should touch the floor, so in some cases the dimensions are selected individually.

Another value that you need to pay attention to is the level of the ladder's inclination relative to the floor. Ideal is a slope of 75 degrees. This is the most convenient indicator for lifting.

Assembly of sliding stairs to the attic with your own hands

In order to install the sliding ladder you need to purchase the following tools and materials: Manhole cover, hatch cover insulation, mounting foam, sliding set, screwdrivers. Also do not forget to check the complete set of the sliding ladder, it should include: a ladder, a hatch, bolts, hardware, brackets.

Steps for installing a ladder to the attic:

  • Secure the ladder box in the attic with bolts and brackets;
  • Secure the stair handles to the box using screws;
  • Check the operation of the structure;
  • Blow the gaps between the duct and the attic with the mounting foam.

Installation of a sliding ladder to the attic is carried out in several stages Installation of a sliding ladder to the attic is carried out in several stages

This installation instruction is provided in addition to the basic instructions that are included with each purchased set of sliding ladders. Follow the sequence of steps in sequence, and you will assemble the structures in a few hours.

Sliding ladders are very easy to install. However, if you are unsure of your abilities, it is better to contact a professional master.

Installation of the finished sliding ladder does not take much time. However, for such a product to serve you for many years, and lifting it was as safe as possible, it is necessary to correctly execute the sequence of all stages of installation.

Construction of a retractable ladder to the attic( video)

Sliding ladders are an excellent option for modern attics. With their help you can get to the attic without leaving home. Look for new opportunities, and add comfort to your house!