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A fragrant topiary of coffee beans will not leave anyone indifferent to its appearance in the interior of the room A fragrant topiary made from coffee beans will not leave anyone indifferent to its appearance in the interior of the room. A stylish topiary made of coffee beans will decorate the living room, office space or common area. To make it, you should visit the grocery store and the building materials store. The main thing is to create an approximate sketch first, because the topiary is round, in the form of a tree or a heart. Once everything is ready, you can start working. At the beginner all process will take no more than 2-3 hours.

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Making toaster with your own hands from coffee beans

Inexperienced fans of style hand-made recomIt is necessary to start with a spherical shape. There are several variants of the composition, but the fastest way to master it will be the following. For making the basis of the composition - crowns, old newspapers, mounting foam or foam plastic are taken. Each of the above listed materials keeps the form, so when choosing it is necessary to build on your own preferences.

For the trunk, pencils, sticks or strong wire are suitable. The basis of the composition will be a suitably sized vessel: a cup, a pot, a vase.

Topiary made from coffee beans, made by own hands, will be a wonderful gift for the celebration The topiary made of coffee beans made by hand will be a perfect gift for the celebration

Further action will require the availability of the following materials:

  • Sharp scissors. Tape kapron and satin.
  • .
  • L25 cm plastic tube, whose diameter is 1.2 cm
  • A ball with a diameter of 8 cm - it is easy to find it in the store of goods for needlework.
  • Capacity for the composition.
  • Alabaster and a container for mixing it.
  • 2-sided adhesive tape.
  • Adhesive gun.
  • Coffee beans - it is recommended to choose expensive sorts of coffee, so that the composition lasts longer the flavor.

To begin with, it is necessary to carefully create a hole in the ball so that it coincides with the diameter of the barrel. Then begins the process of applying coffee beans to the surface of the ball. It is important that they are located necessarily strip down with a tight junction. The label of the second layer of grains starts in 15-20 minutes. This time is enough for the glue to dry. It is important to remember - the second layer is applied with an obligatory strip up.

Do more than 2 layers should not be, otherwise the composition will become unnaturally large. The second stage of the work is connected with the formation of the trunk. With the help of 2-sided scotch, the future trunk must be carefully wrapped. Then water is poured into the flower pot so that its level reaches exactly to the middle of the container. After measuring the required amount of liquid, it should be poured into a tank for mixing alabaster.

When making topiary from coffee beans by your own hands, it is necessary to work out every detail, so that the final result will please you When making a topiary made from coffee beans, you need to work on each part with your own hands to make the final result satisfactory.

It is recommended to stir constantly and vigorously when mixing water and alabaster, otherwise the solution will become unsuitable for work. Readiness is checked by the degree of consistency consistency. Orientated should be very thick sour cream. Once the mixture has reached the required condition, it is quickly poured into a pot and immediately inserted into the trunk of the future composition.

Master class of topiary from coffee beans "Flying cup"

The above described actions with grains and materials are mandatory. Immediate creativity begins at the stage of shaping the appearance of the composition.

To produce it, you need the following materials:

  • Coffee beans.
  • Cup.
  • Saucer, which must be degreased.
  • Foam mounting.
  • Copper wire.
  • "Supermoment".
  • Transparent glue "Crystal", used for the gluing of grains.
  • 1-2 cinnamon sticks.
  • 3-4 flowers of anise.

To begin with, gently cut off 20-25 cm of wire by measuring from one of its ends 7-8 cm, which then folds into a circle. The opposite part of the wire bends to 4-5 cm. With the help of the "Supermoment" glue, the bent part of the wire is fastened to the surface of the saucer. The minimum time for glue drying is 4 hours. The recommendation, which will keep the composition from destruction, is to put a strong box under it. She will take over weight.

Composition in the form of a flying cup of coffee beans will surprise and amaze with its unusual Composition in the form of a flying cup of coffee beans will surprise and amaze with its unusual

It must be used from the moment of starting work and within 8 hours after its end. Then a cup is attached to the opposite end of the wire with a binding on the box. Those wishing to create a coffee composition with their own hands should carefully apply a mounting foam to the wire in the direction from the cup to saucer in an insignificant amount. You can go to the next stage after 24 hours.

After verifying that the future flying cup has dried, use a transparent glue to apply medium-sized grains. If desired, the mounting foam is colored, and the coffee jet is decorated with spices.

Make the topiary "Heart" from coffee beans

An unusual gift will be the coffee heart for the second half. For its manufacture, materials will be needed, as in the case of a floating cup. The only difference will be the use of stars of anise, twine, foam heart, brown paint.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Cover the workpiece in the form of heart with thick paper.
  • Wind it with threads.
  • Form a loop at the top of the composition.
  • Color the prepared workpiece in brown.
  • Leave in a warm place for 2 hours to dry.
  • Paste the coffee beans by placing them flat side down.
  • The second layer of grains is glued to the flat side at the top.
  • Secure the anise star.

Topiary "Heart" from coffee beans will bring with it a train of love and joy, especially if it is made by own hands Topiary "Heart" made from coffee beans will bring a train of love and joy, especially if it is done by one's own hands.

The composition ends with the formation of the barrel. If there are no ideas as to how to decorate it, the photo will help you decide. From an aesthetic point of view, it is better to make a light trunk and a dark coffee heart.

How to make a topiary from coffee beans by your own hands: the secrets of

The beginner is advised to get acquainted with thematic videos telling about the forms and sizes of coffee crafts. Once the appropriate option is selected, you should create a sketch of the idea. You do not need to draw all the elements in detail. The main thing is to transfer the geometry of the project. If there are any difficulties, you can visit or see the master class.

There are also a number of practical recommendations to avoid many errors:

  • Compositions with a floating cup require additional support in the form of a dense box.
  • A topiary tree with splashes of coffee is formed on the basis of a solid pencil, which is not subject to breaks.
  • Only fragrant coffee beans with a well-visible strip are used.
  • Make the composition more graceful by additional means of expressiveness: spices, sparkles, tinsel and so on.

Coffee topiari with your own hands( video)

It is not very difficult to create a topiary if you follow a set of simple recommendations. Everything begins with a sketch, on the basis of which materials and ornaments are selected. The adhesive used dries for at least 24 hours, otherwise the individual elements will quickly fall off. After completion of work, leave the workpiece for 36 hours for final drying.

Topiary made from coffee beans( photo)