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Homemade air topiary is a perfect gift, which will appeal to both children and adults Homemade aerial topiary is a perfect gift that will appeal to both children and adults. Topiary from sisal is an excellent gift that will be gladly received by any person: both adults and children. What is remarkable, you can get a masterpiece the first time!Even if until recently any mention of creativity was perplexing. A little patience, desire, diligence and skill, watching themed videos. .. A wonderful fruit of the works will not take you too long to wait!

    • Topiary with own hands from sisal: preparation of materials
    • Topiary from sisal with your own hands: master class for lovers
    • How to make sisal balls for topiary: simple tips
    • Topiary of sisal and flowers
    • How to make a topiary from sisal( video)
    • Aerial topiary with your own hands( photo)

Topiary with your own hands from sisal: preparation of materials

The first thing you need in the process -something special floral fiber called sisal. Unfortunately, at times it can be very difficult to find, so it is possible to make this material from improvised materials.

It starts with a trip to the hardware store, where brushes are usually sold for whitewashing houses. Choosing is only an option with natural nap, both thin and durable. However, the economic "sisal" does not have a color that the future topiary categorically does not accept.

To make a topiary can be both from the purchased sisal, and with the help of homemade You can make the topiary from both the purchased sisal and the homemade

You can paint it in the following way:

  • Buy the dye in the form of tablets or powder.
  • Collect warm water in a vessel, add a few drops of vinegar, and then the dye itself in the specified amount.
  • Bristle fibers should be separated and damped in solution for several hours.
  • After a period of time, the sisal fibers must be allowed to dry on a clean surface.

Of course, doing the work for the first time, you can use only one color, taking care that all the fibers are thoroughly stained. In the future, it will be more expedient to mix several shades at once to get a more interesting composition. On this account, there is no master class, designed to become a real assistant in this matter.

Starting work, it is very important to pay attention to exactly where the sisal will be dried. For these purposes, a newspaper or a printed print paper is categorically not suitable, the prints of which may well remain on the workpiece. A perfectly clean and white surface - that's what is the perfect solution!

Topiary of sisal with their own hands: master class for fans of

It's not harder to make a topiary from sisal than from any other material.

First you need to prepare the following components:

  • Building gypsum.
  • Flower pot.
  • Wooden stick.
  • Sisal.
  • Decor elements.
  • Adhesive.

As a rule, the air topiary is made of sisal and decorated with beautiful ornaments As a rule, the air topiary is made of sisal and decorated with beautiful ornaments

First of all, it is necessary to "strengthen" the topiary by placing it in a mortar of building gypsum. At the initial stage it is enough to fix only the trunk. The crown can be installed after it dries.

While the gypsum is drying up, you can start making sisal balls that look impressive enough on the topiary. To glue on a basis them while early.

As a tree crown, a small rubber ball, tightly holding a form or crumpled paper tied with a twine, may protrude. Everything depends on the capabilities and desires of the master. In order for this element to hold more tightly on the base, it must be fixed with the help of an instant grip and hold in the set position for several hours. Now you can safely proceed with the design.

Sisal balls are also securely attached around the perimeter with glue, and then decorated with any favorite elements: ribbons, flowers, beads or a decorative mesh. Similarly, the pot is decorated, in which the tree will grow from now on. Everything is very simple, stylish and elegant.

How to make sisal balls for topiary: simple tips

When deciding on making a topiary from sisal, in most cases you have to deal with small balls, which will not be difficult to roll.

For these purposes, the fibers must be separated from one another and spread on a flat surface. Now, choosing each of them, you need to roll the pieces in the palm of your hand. This should be done slowly, with little or no effort. After about 10 minutes, a small but rather dense glomerulus appears in the arm, the edge of which can be fixed with glue. Based on the size of the product, you can calculate how many glomeruli are required for the topiary. Of course, the manufacture of the first of them can take quite a long time, however, when the hand strikes, they can be done in a matter of minutes.

For the creation of sisal balls it is necessary to separate the fibers and roll them into small glomeruli

From such, quite extraordinary designs, a New Year's gift can be realized - a Christmas tree that can stand for a year!In addition, it is such a Christmas tree is popular among all modern designers.

Its main advantages are:

  • Ease of implementation.
  • The conciseness of forms.
  • Uncommon composition.

What is remarkable, you can make balls in different colors and sizes!And most interesting is a ball rolled in two colors at once!This will not only make the work more interesting, but also give the topiary a note of piquancy!

Topiary made of sisal and flowers

When you are working on making a topiary with your own hands, you need to look around and understand what else can come in handy in the manufacturing process. You can decorate it not only with decorative elements suitable for these purposes, but also with fruits or flowers. The last option is more preferable, however, over time, fresh flowers have the property of fading and losing their appearance. The only way out of this situation is the use of their dried or artificial equivalents.

Decorate the air topiary can be almost any object, including flowers, fruits and other ornaments You can decorate the airy topiary with almost any object, including flowers, fruits and other decorations.

The flowers should be correctly selected based on the following rules:

  • The chosen option should ideally match the color and style.
  • It is better to choose flowers of small sizes, so that the topiary does not look too nasty.
  • It is best to remove the flower legs before installing.

How to make a topiary from sisal( video)

A little effort, sense of proportion and taste. .. It's not difficult to make a topiary. Especially if you approach the question with your soul.

Air Topiary own hands( photo)