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Shells are a very good material for the panel, because their unusual shape and appearance will make the composition unique Seashells are very good material for the panel, as their unusual shape and appearance will make the composition unique A beautiful panel made of shells will complement the interior of the living room, bedroom or hallway. To make it, you will need glue, several shells and some decorative materials. The main thing is to choose the right color, otherwise the composition will be literally struck. Designers are advised not to limit the flight of imagination. Composition is supplemented by images of marine inhabitants or ships.

      • Where to look for materials for panels from seashells: advice for beginners
      • How to make a panel of seashells with your own hands: secrets and recommendations
      • Make a panel of a ship from shells with your own hands
      • Paintings from a shell

Where to look for materials for shells from shells: advice for beginners

Annually citizens leave for Primorskie the regions to take a break from the constant bustle of the everyday. It is necessary not to be too lazy to collect the necessary seashells. The form of the latter is chosen taking into account aesthetic preferences. Uniqueness of the composition will give an unusual form of shells. In this case, it is worth remembering one aspect: if it is a question of rest in another country, it is necessary to clarify the legal nuance, is it possible to export a large number of shells from the country?To ask such a question is necessary at the entrance to the state.

Assortment of cockleshells is varied, due to their unusual shape and different appearance The assortment of shells is diverse due to their unusual shape and different appearance.

In addition, it is not superfluous to do the following:

  • Take a tight container for transporting seashells;
  • Find the large and small pebbles deformed under the influence of waves;Collect
  • several branches of exotic trees.

Find materials to perform the composition easily in the store of goods for needlework or in the market. The main thing is to pre-sketch on paper what is planned to be implemented.

How to make a picture of shells with your own hands: secrets and recommendations

First, an approximate sketch of what should happen at the end. Designers recommend not to be limited solely to shells. Supplement the panel seeds of cereals and legumes.

In order to make the composition you need a large piece of cardboard that is cut into two equal parts. A pencil on one of the parts draws a contour of the future creation. At the next stage you will need glue "Moment" or hot melt, a brush and decorative materials depending on your preferences.

A small sketch made before the beginning of work, will allow to have a visual representation of the results of their work A small sketch made before the start of the work will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​the results of your work

The procedure for working with them is as follows:

  • Small pieces of paper are laid out on a cardboard sheet, according to previously drawn contours;
  • The resulting layer of pebbles is poured with a thin layer of glue;
  • After drying, the glue will become transparent, giving a special charm to the composition;
  • The maximum level of adhesion is gained within 24 hours, only later can the shells be attached;
  • When choosing the method of applying seashells, it is not necessary to follow the rules of symmetry;
  • Moderate creative chaos will make the composition light and attractive.

After the traces of touching the liner of the glue gun have dried, the formed voids must be filled with stones with a very fine fraction. Designers do not recommend abusing the specified element. Shells should not completely disappear under the filler layer. The process of manufacturing surface treatment with varnish is coming to the end. He will give durability and special charm.

We make a panel of the ship from seashells with our own hands

Unusual in its form the composition will appeal to those whose hearts have long filled the love of the boundless sea. The production of the panel will take no more than 2 days, taking into account the time necessary for the glue to dry out. It will be necessary to find one large shell, which will become the basis. Decorative elements are chosen taking into account the color scale of the room, where the composition will be installed.

Panel "Ship made of seashells" will be an excellent gift to a man who loves the sea Panel "Ship made of seashells" will be an excellent gift to a person who loves the sea

For beginners, there is one practical advice - to determine in advance the shape of the vessel. The selection of the necessary materials depends on this. If the ship is planned to be multilevel, several smaller shells will be needed.

Step-by-step instruction

  • To glue a 2-3 part of the structure, the gluing process takes place on the front, followed by a flip;
  • Cut 2-3 sticks of the same length;
  • Strictly vertically stick the sticks on the sink, observing an equal distance between them;
  • The adhesive will dry for 4-5 hours;
  • Secure a shell on the piece of dense material, the inside of which looks up;
  • It is allowed to use twine to decorate and strengthen the structure;
  • Secure on the installed vertical sticks of the shell-sail;
  • It is recommended to place a large-sized sail-shell in the middle, and for the other 2 sails use smaller shells;
  • The mast of the resulting ship is decorated with a flag.

Painting panels from shells with their own hands: advice of designers

Those who want to make their own pictures with their own hands, must remember the need to balance. The eye-catching picture does not contain a large number of elements. That's why it's important to think things through beforehand. For example, in the living room the composition of pastel tones looks great, and for the children's room it's warm. If there are no ideas in the head, you can see a variety of photos of the finished works.

It is very easy to make a picture of shells from shells even with the hands of a beginner, the main thing is to prepare the necessary material and be patient It's very easy to make a picture of shells with your hands even for a beginner, the main thing is to prepare the necessary material and have enough patience.

When making a composition, it is necessary to take into account the degree of illumination of the room and the colors prevailing in the interior.

Other recommendations highlight the following:

  • Do not abuse the glue, otherwise the composition will turn out to be unaesthetic;
  • The elements used must harmoniously combine;
  • To create an externally attractive picture you will need a frame that differs by 2-3 tones from the main color of the work;
  • As a reliable basis, thick cardboard or wood-fiber board is used;
  • You can not put the finished composition in direct sunlight;
  • There is always the opportunity to visit the master classes, where the masters with experience will answer all questions.

Panel made of shells with your own hands( video)

Creating a panel of shells is an exciting activity for those who want to please loved ones with unusual gifts. If desired, I use the finished composition as an interior decoration. The size and shape of the fake is limited solely to flight of imagination, but too much is not recommended. Its main drawback is weak stability. Do not forget about the necessary decoration of the finished structure.

boxes of shells( photo)