Macrame photos and schemes of weaving panels: on the wall for beginners, with pockets of an owl, technique step by step, master class

Wickerwork in the technique of macrame creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the bedroom or a children Wickerwork in the technique of macrame creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness in the bedroom or in the children's room. Macrame, photos and diagrams of weaving panels, which can be easily found in magazines by needlework, means the creation of beautiful knotty installations of tight knitting. It is believed that the pioneers of such artistic technique are the ancient Egyptians, who decorated the mansion of the pharaohs with this method. But historians have found similar decorations among the Greeks, Assyria, Peru, China. That is, it is impossible to say exactly who was the first who used macrame to create an artistic plexus and decorate the interior, the facade. But now even a panel is created from it.

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      • Functionality in the interior: a wall macrame panel with pockets
      • Decor and macrame: panels for wall clocks and paintings
      • Panel "owl"", Macrame: master-class step by step
      • Sketch for macrame panel: m by creating
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Panorama of macrame

Weave panel in stylisike macrame is a subspecies of the textile arts. It is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced hand-made representatives. It is believed that such crafts first began to do in the early 60-ies in England, but this is not entirely correct statement.

What is made of

compositions The main materials for creating panel-macrame are:

  • Hemp rope;
  • Flax rope;
  • Paper rope;
  • Cotton;
  • Flat tape
  • Sisal.

Most often for weaving in the technique of macrame, use thin ropes of natural fibers Most often for weaving in the technique of macrame, use thin ropes of natural fibers The most common for weaving in macrame technique is using thin ropes of natural fibers

Naturally, other fabrics and strands are allowed, but it is necessary to take into account that the main thing in technology is the creation of loops. That is, the material is selected the one with which it will be convenient to work the master, given his knitting skills.

Macrame for beginners: weaving schemes for panels

It's worth mentioning that as such schemes and algorithm for creating macrame under the panel - does not exist. The main thing in the work is the primary sketch. For its creation, a simple scheme of cuts and a contour picture are suitable. You can even use the images of already created panels laid out in the World Wide Web and navigate through them.

If you plan to create a voluminous macrame, then it is recommended to use a foam base. If you need a lampshade, you can add simple metal rings to the final product, which will hold the basic shape of the macrame. And the nodes are made in any convenient way.

That is, you can use any knitting technology, including:

  • Through the hook;
  • Patchwork( where looping is performed diagonally);
  • Bass node.

In macrame, there are many techniques of weaving, which gives unlimited space for the manifestation of creativity In macrame, there are many techniques of weaving that gives unlimited scope for the development of the creative potential of

These are the main methods that are most commonly used, but it is allowed in macram to include any others.

Functionality in the interior: a wall macrame panel with pockets

The wall panels of macrame with pockets are a kind of old military banners. It means, the analogous form is given by a broken 5-gon. This is the simplest option, but exceptions are allowed. Such a panel can be hung on the wall, and the pocket itself can be used, for example, to store spices and jars with condiments in the kitchen or any other small things that should always be at hand.

To create such a macram, you will need:

  • Clamps( to create the original form);
  • Rope;
  • The simplest scheme;
  • Spokes( professionals do without, but for beginners this is not an option).

At the top of this panel is a mount for a normal nail. Such a "handle" of 1-3 twists of the rope.

Decor and macrame: panels for wall clocks and paintings

Macrome panel can be made especially for watches. That is, a knitted article is created, which is fastened under the clock. Pockets do not need to be created, just like a frame.

Nodal weaving techniques are used to create a variety of interior decoration items: tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades The nodding technique is used to create a variety of interior decoration items: tablecloths, coverlets, lampshades

In this case, macrame is desirable to do round( although you can also start from the shape of the clock).By the way, it is believed that the best for such a case is the use of "Josephine" knots with thick strands.

Since the panel will be placed behind the clock, it will have a stylistics of lambreken, that is, a beautiful drop-down lampshade.

You can supplement such a panel with:

  • Garter;
  • Longitudinal weaving;
  • Woven folds( through which, like a cobweb, ropes are laid).

Owl panel, macrame: master-class step by step

The owl represents wisdom and tranquility. Accordingly, when creating such a macrame, you should choose simple, calm tones. The ideal choice is beige and brown. The owl itself should be weave from the middle. The head, wings, legs - all this is done separately and afterwards is joined by diagonal knots( if weaving was done from the center).

Step by step it looks like this:

  • Knitting the basis( torso of the future owl);
  • Creating the remaining elements;
  • Adding eyes, ears( just loose rope);
  • Connection.

The "Owl" panel in the technique of macrame is not just an ornament, but an integral part of the interior The Owl panel in macrame technique is not just an ornament but an integral part of the interior

Of course, many can show the master class and create such a panel with one element, but this is no longer for beginners -It will be too hard and the product can be damaged by incorrect tightening of even one knot, because of which the arrow will turn out.

Sketch for macrame panel: m by creating

Yes, the most difficult thing in creating macrame is a sketch. But for a basis it is possible to take not only any picture or an image, but also an abstraction, an ornament, a mosaic and simply patchwork - a patchwork connection. You can focus on a specific topic. For example, New Year's macrame - this is the same snowman or snowflakes, summer - some flowers or forget-me-nots. And in autumn, as a sketch, you can even use a herbarium of leaves.

When planning a product you need to consider:

  • You can use jewelry, beads and even coins( you will get something like a mandala);
  • The mating can be done not from ropes, but from lace belts. Such, by the way, are sold in the stores of textile materials;
  • A finished product made of fine textiles is better to starch.

Macrame training course( video)

As for the sketches, there will be no problems with them if you learn to use applications like Photoshop, Corel Draw, GIMP.Macrame is an exciting creativity that gives birth to masterpieces, but requires attention and perseverance. With the help of imagination and visual materials, you can make a unique design with your own hands.

Successful ideas and incarnations!

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