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Gypsum panel can revive the interior and emphasize its style Gypsum panel is able to revive the interior and emphasize its style Everyone wants to make their interior original and not similar to its other varieties. Purchased items often do not meet the taste preferences of an individual, and there is always something missing in them. However, this problem can easily be corrected with the help of an original panel made by own hands.

      • Gypsum panel with own hands
      • Decorative panel made of gypsum: Stage 2
      • Materials that will be required during the work
      • Panel made of plaster by hands: master class
      • Selection of elements
      • Panel fromGypsum on the wall( video)
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The gypsum product looks very unusual in every corner of the house. There is an opportunity to think through everything in detail and choose your own unique style. Each element can be made based on your own vision, not relying on standards. Let's consider the basic rules and nuances of manufacturing of a panel on a wall the hands.

Gypsum panel with own hands

Before proceeding directly to the manufacture of the product itself, it is necessary to make up so-called gypsum rods that will frame the selected elements.

To create a panel of plaster enough quality materials and great desire To create a gypsum panel, enough quality materials and a great desire

To do it yourself, you will need :

  • Table or board made of particle board.
  • Gypsum.
  • Grid for drywall.
  • Wooden template on a metal base.

Lubricate the surface of the table or board from the particleboard with petroleum jelly. It is necessary to determine the size of the thrust. Then it is necessary to knead a part of the gypsum, it should resemble sour cream in consistency. After this, a thin trickle must be poured over the entire length of the pull, which is marked in advance with a pencil on the board or table. Then take a special mesh for gypsum board and press into the composition. Over it, again plaster is poured. Using a wooden template, align the composition. Then you need to wait a little while the gypsum grabs and pour again. The next step is to remove the surplus of the composition with a template and wait a little and add a thin layer again. After each pouring, you must necessarily pass from above a template. And finally, the last layer of gypsum should be very liquid, in consistence resemble kefir. And, of course, we clean it with a template. The basis for the panel is ready.

Decorative panel from gypsum: Stage 2

The second stage follows.

The following step will require:

  • Sand.
  • Figures.
  • Square shape.
  • Paper.
  • Nitrokraska.
  • Screwdriver.

A panel made of plaster is created in several stages The gypsum panel is created in several stages

After the shapes are selected, and it can be anything you like, depending on the type of interior. Take the object and place it in a container of sand. It should be placed in a horizontal position and buried only half, even slightly less.

A very important rule in the manufacture of panels is the complete absence of sand on the surface of the product, so it must be cleaned with a brush.

Then, using a petroleum jelly, the figure( the protruding part of it) is smeared, and parchment is laid on each side and framed by a square shape. It can be purchased or manufactured independently of wood.

Materials that will be required during operation

  • Smooth wooden beams.
  • Scotch.

The bars can easily be wrapped with adhesive tape around the perimeter of the future product. Then the figure is plastered. A grid is embedded in the top. After this, it is necessary to pour in another layer of gypsum and level it.

Work with gypsum must be done carefully, it will take time to fully solidify it It is necessary to work with gypsum carefully, it will take time

It is important to allow the composition to freeze for 2-4 hours before removing the wooden mold.

The layer of gypsum is then peeled off the top of the figure. On this print, you can make additional patterns, but this is optional. They can be created with the help of a conventional screwdriver, having previously sketched out the pencil. After the creation of the relief of the casts, it is necessary to paint with nitro-lacquer. To do this, you can use a conventional automotive dye, which dries very quickly.

Then the surface is smeared with vaseline and filled with gypsum. In this case, the composition should be slightly shaken with your hands to enrich with oxygen and level with a spatula. After drying, and for this you need at least 5 hours, plaster should be very carefully separated from the figure.

Panel of plaster with their own hands: master class

The last stage in making panels is one of the most creative, but also responsible.

We prepare the necessary tools:

  • Traction.
  • Molded figures.
  • Pencil.
  • Stationery knife.
  • Skin for 150.
  • Dowels.

The process of creating a panel requires time and perfect execution The process of panel creation requires time and perfect execution of

For this purpose, along the perimeter of the future product, thrusts are mounted in the wall, which are fixed with dowels. Mark the position of the figures with a pencil and make a notch with a knife. After this, using the adhesive compound we attach the molds and fasten again with dowels for greater strength.

Before installation, make sure that all the figures have dried out, otherwise they will begin to crumble in the likeness of the plaster.

The holes that formed as a result of the fastening can be puttyed. Then all the figures need to be gently pinched in the places of marriage. The dimples and irregularities are quickly eliminated with the help of a skins of 150.

Selecting elements

Decorative panels can be formed using a wide variety of shapes. It can be and vintage elements, and any others, which only will be to taste.

You can choose absolutely anything you like depending on your preferences, as well as view the options in the photo.

Creating a panel of gypsum, consider personal preferences, as well as interior design Creating panels from gypsum, consider personal preferences, as well as interior design

The panel is installed in the living room, and in the kitchen and bedrooms. This determines the choice of the figures that will decorate the product.

It can be:

  • Kitchen interior items: kettle, saucepan, cups, vases.
  • Illusion of the silhouette of man, animal, flowers.
  • Bedroom items: small chairs, sofa, bed, etc.

Panel from gypsum to the wall( video)

The master class will help to easily make an original panel and complement the wall elements, making the room more refined. Why be like everything, if you can experiment without much expense. Want to bring in your interior zest with a plaster panel - go for it.

Examples of work panels made of gypsum( photo)