Jacuzzi with your hands: for installation, make equipment for video, connect to the electrical network of the device according to the scheme

Jacuzzi with their own hands is easy enough Jacuzzi with their own hands to do just enough Jacuzzi today slightly displace conventional bath. It is understandable. Ordinary baths are not able to give as much emotion and relax as much as the jacuzzi allows. When the budget does not allow you to buy a new jacuzzi, it's time to start designing this type of bath yourself.

    • Handyman: How to make hot tub with his hands
    • What is necessary to use the equipment for a jacuzzi
    • Parse connection Jacuzzi to
    • mains Where to put: installation Jacuzzi
    • Installation jacuzzi with their hands( video)

Handyman: how to make your own hands jacuzzi

jacuzzi - a bathroom with increased comfort. It is equipped with hydromassage and aeromassage systems, which operate on the principle of water circulation. If you are going to make a Jacuzzi yourself, then first you need to evaluate your chances and get things done.

The most popular question about how to create bubbles in the jacuzzi - at the expense of nebulizers. But first you need to highlight the main stages of creating a Jacuzzi.

Stages of jacuzzi as follows:

  • Take a container under the bathroom, you want to make a whirlpool;
  • Determine with the type of jacuzzi;
  • Take into account the weight of the bath
  • Calculate the distance of the jacuzzi to the socket;
  • Installation of hidden communications;
  • Installation of connecting and branching corners and tees;
  • Ventilation connection for bubbles;
  • Installation of a spray system to the compressor.

Creation of a jacuzzi with his own hands takes place in several stages Creating a jacuzzi with his hands held in several stages

Treat with special attention to the connection to the mains jacuzzi. Your life will depend on it.

By following these steps, you can install the hot tub at home without the hassle.

It is possible to make a Jacuzzi bathtub by yourself. If you have a technical mindset, then to build an air-conducting bubble system or a system under pressure, for you it will not be very difficult. Try to make a bath yourself and you will succeed.

What is necessary to use the equipment for a jacuzzi

When you make a hot tub on their own, then you have the question, what kind of equipment used to manufacture and that the device is included in the jacuzzi.

You should immediately pay attention to the quality of the equipment. All subsequent parts and structural elements should be purchased only from quality sellers. Especially all cables for connecting the Jacuzzi to electricity.

Before buying the necessary items, decide what type of whirlpool you want - aero or hydro.

When choosing the equipment for the whirlpool, you should pay attention to the quality of the device When selecting equipment for the hot tub, you should pay attention to the quality of the device

equipment jacuzzi, which you will need in the manufacture of baths with their own hands:

  • Aero-jets or whirlpool jets;
  • Compressor;
  • Hydraulic pump;
  • Button for adjusting the supply air;
  • Turbopool;
  • Adapter for air adjustment;
  • Power button;
  • Pipes;
  • Water intake;
  • Three-core cable;
  • European type socket with earth connection.

All these elements will help you make the most comfortable Jacuzzi.

Before purchasing the necessary equipment, first determine the type of jacuzzi. Then buy the necessary elements for it. Then you will not only save money, but also make a relaxing jacuzzi in your house.

Parse connection to the mains jacuzzi

For whirlpool it should be connected to the mains. How to do it - is also an important part of the work. If you properly connect the power supply to the bath, then you could end up very sad.

To connect the bath to the power supply, a three-core cable must be used. Please note that the power outlet must be properly grounded. It should be at such a distance that it could not be touched and reached when you are lying in the water. It is desirable that you also have a connection diagram.

When connecting the jacuzzi, pay attention to the fact that the outlet is away from the bath connecting jacuzzi, pay attention to the fact that the plug is kept away from the bath

2 main connection rules:

  • socket must be removed from the bath;
  • Connection only via three-core cable.

electricians and experts recommend to be connected to a power outlet, which is outside the bath. It is recommended that you use a European standard power outlet that has an earthed contact.

Connecting the jacuzzi to the mains is a very important step. Be sure to consider all the nuances of connection, so that in the process of taking a bath you are not killed or electrocuted. Consider all the recommendations of experts and then you can take a bath with comfort.

Where to put: installation Jacuzzi

Once you have bought all the necessary items, set them in the hot tub, making a perfect conduction system, it's time to think about how to install the bath.

This step is also best done in the beginning, so you already know what size of a bath you need to buy or make.

When installing a whirlpool, one should adhere to important rules installing a jacuzzi, should follow important rules

main rules Jacuzzi installation:

  • Check whether a floor stand bath filled to the brim with water;
  • Measure the size of the bath and assess whether it will fit in your bathroom with the compressor;
  • You can not immerse the tub tightly. You need to give her a small space to move.

Always check the frame of the bathtub. It should be stable, both with water, and without it.

Given these rules, you will protect yourself from the hassle that can occur if you incorrectly set the hot tub in its bathroom. Check the dimensions, remember the length to the outlet and the installation rules. Only then you will put the whirlpool correctly.

Installing a jacuzzi with your own hands( video)

You can make a jacuzzi with your own hands if you have sufficient knowledge in plumbing work. For correct installation, first check the dimensions of the jacuzzi, check the frame, buy the necessary equipment and make a correct connection to the power supply. And then you can fully experience the beauty of the massage jacuzzi.