Filter for the well: make a slit and mesh with your own hands, a settler for sand and water, from the casing

The filter for the well will help clean the water The filter for the well will help clear the water Residents see that even from the well and the wells, water can come with pieces of dirt or sand. This is a problem that can easily be solved with the help of filters. They purify the water, and the consumer receives clean water without sand and dirt.

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When a sand filter is used for the

There are filters that were created specifically to stop the sand that gets inside the pump. Such filters more thoroughly purify water than their analogues.

Filters for sand should be used in cases where there is a set of water from the sand layer. When the sand begins to float on the water and get inside the pump. Such filters do not let pass the sand and get into the glass of water of the consumer.

Popular filters that protect water from sand:

  • Perforated;
  • Slit;
  • Wire;
  • Gravel.

Such filters are good at water purification.

Sand filters should be used in cases where there is a set of water from the sand layer Sand filters should be used in cases where sand water is collected from the

However, each type has its own capacity and is used in specific conditions.

A well filter for sand is best used when the first sand is detected in water. Sand is a sign that in your well, the bottom layer rises, or sand particles enter the water through the walls of the well. If it happened - it's time to put a filter.

What is the use of the slot filters

Among the filters for the wells there is a separate type of filters - gap filters. They clean the water well and do not allow excess dirt. Typically, this type of well filter is made of casing.

The slot filter is necessary in order not to pass through yourself the excess dirt and particles that can get to a person in a glass of water and even cause poisoning. The design of the slot filters is a plane that has incisions - slits. Hence the name of this type.

The slot filter is a filter that passes water through the slots.

The slot filter is very durable and does not bend The slot filter is very robust and does not bend

The manufacture of the slot filter consists of the following steps:

  • Take the casing;
  • Cut the surface with a bulgarian;
  • A small part below leave the whole - it will be a sump;
  • With a felt-tip pen we mark the place for the slits;
  • Fix construction;
  • Make a channel hole;
  • We put the filter grid.

Typically, this type of filter is used in mines, where the rock gradually breaks down and dirt enters the water. The design of the filter is very strong and does not bend. The device also has an additional layer of rigidity. That's why it is used in mines.

Slit filters are filter elements that well stop dirt and ground in their filter belt. Such devices are used in places where permanent collapse of the earth is possible. Therefore, if you want to use this type of filter, consider these nuances.

Improving the quality of water: the filter grid

Use one filter is not enough. Yes, it helps to clean most of the dirt and unwanted elements that get into the water. But for improved cleaning, it is worth using the grid in addition.

The filter grid is an additional element on the way to crystal clear water. It can be made of completely different materials. Can be used both metal and synthetics.

The following types of nets are selected according to the weaving method:

  1. Kipernaya;
  2. Standard;
  3. .

The cypernetic grid consists of many layers that are intertwined. The standard filter grid looks in the form of cells that have a square shape. Gallunnaya grid is a cell, which is very small and intertwined.

The nets for the filter are different in the way weave Filter nets differ in the weaving method

If possible, always try to use a galvanic mesh. It is the best water purifier from wells and wells.

The mesh is an excellent element for additional water treatment. It stops the particles of the earth and prevents them from passing on to the consumer. Summer residents recommend to install only a galvanic grid, since it has better stopping power.

How to make a filter for a well yourself

Residents often try to do everything themselves. Including, and the filter for the well. The manufacturing process for each type of filter is different. But if you want to make your own you can make any.

Two types of filters are usually made on their own: holey and slotted. They are the simplest in design, and therefore enjoy such popularity among the owners of country cottages.

We make a self-made hole filter:

  1. Take the pipe from steel. The plastic pipe in this case is not suitable material;
  2. Drill through holes in a staggered order. We drill at an angle of 45 degrees;
  3. Take the mesh from the metal and wind it clockwise on the steel pipe;
  4. After every 15-25 centimeters, fasten the layers with a stapler for reliability;
  5. We leave the grid stock;
  6. The grid closes the bottom of the pipe;
  7. We lower the finished filter into the well.

The filter for the well can be made by hand The well filter can be made by hand

We make the slot filter:

  1. Take the steel pipe;Cut out longitudinal slots less than 15 cm;
  2. Pulls the net from metal;
  3. We mount its welding device;
  4. Every 20 cm pull the steel wire around the pipe;
  5. We weld the ends of the wire;
  6. We weld the tube to the pipe on four sides to increase the strength.

The slot filter is of a better quality for cleaning water than a hole filter.

It's not that hard to make a filter by yourself. Especially if you have a welding machine and skills at hand. The slot filter should be used for small wells. For large it is better to use a holey one. Make filters by yourself and then you will save good money.

Installation of the filter for the well( video)

If you are thinking about whether to install a filter for the well, then the unambiguous answer is to put it. It will help you to cleanse your water of impurities, earth, soil and other particles that, if ingested into your body, can cause frustration. Clean water is a guarantee of health. Install a well filter and drink crystal clear water.