Knives for gypsum board: blade cutting, scissors for profile and how to cut

With the help of a knife for gypsum board it is easy to cut material into pieces of any shape and size With a knife for drywall can easily cut the material into pieces of any shape and size Drywall - multifunctional building material, which is suitable for many Home Improvement tasks. Drywall sheets are used to make, for example, ceilings, interior partitions, doorways, niches, shelves and much more. This material is considered relatively inexpensive. It is not difficult to carry out finishing work with it, installation does not take a lot of time. But for high-quality work, special tools are needed to cut this building material. Handling drywall is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Most often for cutting gypsum board use a mounting knife, jigsaw or hacksaw.

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KnifeFor cutting plasterboard

For the installation of drywall you need to have a number of tools at your disposal, without this you can not do. One of the most important processes in working with this building material is a cutting, for which you need a knife for cutting gypsum board.

knives plasterboard work can be divided into two types:

  • Manual;
  • Electrical.

Often used for cutting gypsum cardboard wallpaper cutter. But do not forget that it is intended for paper. Its blade is thin and not very strong.

When choosing a knife for cutting plasterboard, be based on the simplicity and safety of working with it When choosing a knife for cutting drywall build on the simplicity and security of working with him

They can cut straight strips, but work pretty hard with him, often the edge of the cut out uneven, in the process of finishing their often need to be cut, To trim. To perform more complicated than cutting straight strips, the work of the paper cutter, unfortunately, is impossible.

There is also a special knife for gypsum board. Outwardly it is very difficult to distinguish it from a paper cutter, but there is still a difference. Firstly, it is a much stronger blade, which is suitable for working with plasterboard. It is important to note that the blade of such a knife, due to its strength, does not flex under strong pressure, which is very important in the work with plasterboard. This cutter, as well as the paper knife, has removable blades that can easily be replaced, if necessary.

There are many different types of drywall knives. They differ in density, thickness and structure. Each view is suitable for certain work - cutting straight longitudinal strips, cutting round holes, for curvilinear cutting. Although you can manage with one knife, you should still get a plane and a hacksaw for working with plasterboard.

How to cut drywall knife

mounting knife is best to cut the long straight longitudinal pieces of drywall. To begin with, it is necessary to lay a sheet of drywall on a flat, stable surface, for example, a floor screed or a stack of the same gypsum boards.

Algorithm of action:

  1. It is necessary to make the necessary measurements.
  2. After doing the markup with a simple pencil. Use a pen or marker for marking, they leave very clear marks, which then it will be almost impossible to putty.
  3. Typically, the marks are made at the bottom and top of the sheet, lay down the desired number of centimeters, and then connect with each other using a level or a long rule.
  4. The markup can be made on the other side of the sheet, this will facilitate further work.

The knife for cutting gypsum cardboard must be sharp, and its length is adjusted so that it does not exceed the thickness of the material knife for cutting drywall must be sharp and its length is adjusted so that it does not exceed the thickness of the material

to the scribe line is necessary to attach a metal ruler, holding her tightly. Then you need to put the tip of the knife( the length of it should not exceed the thickness of the sheet drywall) and gently cut the strip of drywall exactly along the line.

After that, the notched sheet is bent and cut at the cut location finally.

Bleydranner - knife for drywall

Blade Runner( in English the "Blade Runner") - a professional magnetic sided cutter for plasterboard.

Blade Runner is a revolutionary device for cutting plasterboard.

This device consists of two parts, the top and bottom, in each of them is a very strong magnet, by which they are held together. In the center of each is a cartridge with a removable blade made of stainless steel. Blade drill knife is driven by a forward movement in the chosen direction for cutting. Disk blades rotate when the knife is set in motion.

Blade driller allows you to cut through any lines in the sheet drywall simultaneously from both sides without restrictions Bleydranner allows any cut line plasterboard sheet simultaneously on both sides without limitation

Advantages of the knife for cutting plasterboard:

  • wide range of applications;
  • Save time;
  • Safety in use;
  • Long operating lines.

The main disadvantage of the blade is its price, this pleasure is not from the cheap. But it quickly pays off due to the economy of forces and time.

To detach the severed portion of the base sheet of drywall, the translational movement forward and then backward a part separate from the solid sheet manually.

shears Profile Drywall Drywall

profile is used as the main element of the framework of many structures. In particular - plasterboard partitions, suspended ceilings, also it is used for wall covering.

Scissors - one of the most popular, practical and often used devices for cutting gypsum board profiles. There are many types of scissors for metal, so it is worth determining which ones are needed.

It is important to note that you should not save and buy monolithic scissors of the old model. Work them every day - do not feel sorry for yourself. Progress does not stand still, because there are many different scissors for metal, which will be easier, and efforts to work with them will take much less.

Combined scissors are great for cutting a metal profile along the length Combined shears are great for cutting a metal profile along the length of the

There are several common types of scissors:

  • Combined;
  • Longitudinal cut;
  • Figured;
  • Right-hand cut;
  • Left cut.

Combined scissors are suitable for daily work. They are universal. With their help, you can do both a straight and a figured cut. The name of the scissors of the longitudinal cut speaks for itself. Their purpose is to cut metal in length, that is, along.

Figured metal shears are required for curvilinear cuts. From universal they are distinguished by a short cutting head, by means of which it is much easier to turn the cut to the side. It is also ideal for curved cutting of curved scissors, they are divided into "right" and "left", depending on the location of the upper blade with respect to the bottom.

Varieties drywall knives( video)

In principle, cut the drywall is not so difficult. Even a novice master can independently cope with the cutting of a sheet, doing it correctly and accurately, without resorting to the help of professionals, if he takes into account all the nuances of working with tools for cutting sheets of drywall. And do not forget that experience comes with practice. So do not be upset if the first time something goes wrong. In this case, you just have to try again and everything will turn out.