Warming of the loggia with penokleksom: a balcony with its own hands to insulate, thickness and video, which technology to choose

Warming of the loggia with penokleksom will make the building into a warm and cozy continuation of the living space The warming of the loggia with penokleksom will turn the room into a warm and cozy extension of the residential space Creating the right insulation will help to organize a place for recreation or work area. But in order for everything to work out, first we need to make heating and do everything so that the balcony does not lose its heat. All this depends on the walls and windows of the balcony. In order for the organization to be successful, experts recommend using penokleks. It is a modern material that can create good thermal insulation. Due to its excellent qualities, penoplex occupies one of the leading positions in the building materials market.

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    • Select the material properly: how to insulate a balcony Penoplex
    • Penoplex thickness of the loggia
    • Preliminary work: technology insulation balcony Penoplex
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Thermal insulation of the balcony by the penoplex itself: the advantages of the material

Penoplex is just the name of the company that produces expanded polystyrene. However, since it is one of the first species, it soon became a household name. It is used in almost any situation, as it tolerates any temperatures and weather conditions. These qualities are very much appreciated in the material.

Advantages of the penoplex:

  • Waterproof, resistant to moisture and maintains its properties even with strong air humidity;
  • Its weight is rather small, and the strength is high, which makes it easier to work with it;
  • Long service life;
  • The compression ratio makes it possible to install it even on round balconies and loggias;
  • Is environmentally friendly material;
  • The manufacturer claims 50 years of operation, in fact it is much larger;
  • And the most important advantage can be considered - low thermal conductivity.

Warming penokpleksom has a number of advantages Thermal insulation with foam foam has a number of advantages

It can also be added that the material has good water resistance, and when it is insulated, this is a very important quality, especially if the installation goes outside. Do a little experiment. Dip part of the penoplex into a container of water and press it, leave for a week in this state. During this entire period, the material absorbs no more than 0.5% moisture, and this is not enough.

We choose the material correctly: how to insulate the balcony with foam

The foam foam is supplied to the building materials market by slabs that are cut at the edges. This is done in order for the installation to produce a solid cloth. Their thickness can vary from 3 to 12 cm. As for the width, it is standard, and is 60 cm, and the length can be from 12 to 140 cm.

When insulating loggias or balconies inside, slabs up to 5 centimeters thick can be used. They will help to preserve the living space. To finish the outdoor space, the plates should be thicker. The processing and cutting of slabs is carried out with a clerical knife. If you do not need a smooth cut material can be slightly incised and cracked.

In order to make the choice of plates is not difficult, manufacturers have released a number of products with popular names.

When insulating loggias or balconies inside can come plates with a thickness of up to 5 centimeters When insulating a loggia or a balcony inside, boards up to 5 centimeters thick can come up

Among them you can find:

  • Wall .Used works with walls both outside and inside. Its density can guarantee energy savings during heating.
  • Roof .Has a greater density than the previous species. Perfectly suitable for warming the roof. As for the loggia, this penoplex is well suited for ceiling thermal insulation.
  • Comfort .Apply for insulation of apartments, loggias and balconies.
  • Foundation .Thick and durable appearance. Used to warm the foundation and the plinth.
  • 45 penoplex .It is the most enduring kind of all existing, but so is the most expensive. It is so strong that it is used in the construction of runways.

Sell the material in packages, and the prices for them are set according to the number of sheets, thickness and cubic sizes. When you purchase this material, pay attention to its integrity. It is very important that it is not chipped or otherwise damaged. Experts recommend buying foam with a margin, so that in case of marriage, the sheet can be replaced.

Thickness of a penoplex for a loggia

Before determining the thickness of a penoplex, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which the loggia will be insulated. Sometimes in this room it is enough only to organize a warm, stable temperature, so that you can store things or products, and also dry clothes during the winter. In addition, the use of even a thin insulation can make a warm room from the loggia. If there are single-chambered windows on the loggia, penoplex with a thickness of 20 to 30 mm is suitable. However, since recently from the loggia used to create additional living space for year-round use, it is best to install a pen-plex with a thickness of 40 mm.

Before you choose the thickness of a penopolix, you need to think about the purpose for which the loggia will be insulated Before choosing the thickness of a penoplex, you need to consider the purpose of the

logging. Sometimes, in order to save money, the remains of a different kind of insulation are used. But it should be remembered that 3 centimeters of penopolix corresponds to about 10 centimeters of foam.

As for the ceiling and the floor, everything here depends on how they are located relative to the upper balconies. If the neighboring balconies do not have heaters, then the foam should be no less than the wall sheets.

Preliminary work: balcony insulation technology by

foam pad

Any work, regardless of what it is connected with, needs preparatory steps. You can preview the video, which will tell you which technology to choose. The decoration of the room and preliminary work with it are very important steps.

Carrying out repairs on the balcony, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary items from it When carrying out repairs on the balcony, it is necessary to remove all unnecessary items from it

As for the loggias and the balcony, the following actions will be required:

  • For the time of finishing works, all the excess items are removed from the premises;
  • From walls it is necessary to remove all superfluous things, hinged pots, hangers, loops and ropes;
  • After removing all unnecessary parts, you can start cleaning the old coating and plaster;
  • At this point the windows must be already installed, check the tightness of their installation;
  • Take care of future communications and postings;
  • All the room inside is treated with a special primer, moreover the correct solution will be used and antifungal agents.

As for the last action, the agent dries up after 6 hours after application. You can proceed with the installation of a penopolix.

The process of warming is not difficult and any man who knows how to use tools can handle it.

Thermal insulation of the loggia with foams( video)

As you can see from the article, penoplex is the material that can help in the rapid warming of the loggia or balcony. This is not only an easy way to organize a cozy room, which will be pleasant to spend your free time, relax and just enjoy the air, but also the most profitable. Pay attention to the correct material selection and get to work.