Loggia repair: a balcony with their own hands, a photo gallery in stages, video and photos in panel houses,

Repair of the loggia is a painstaking process and requires thorough preparation Repair of the loggia - it is painstaking and requires thorough preparation Those who belong to the happy owners of balconies and loggias, boasts additional living space. But you can talk about this only if they are repaired and decorated in a suitable way. This question should be approached seriously and thoroughly familiar with how to organize repairs by yourself, and in what order should the finishing work be carried out.

    • Repairing balconies with their hands: 5 preparatory steps
    • Glazing Repair balconies with their hands
    • How to make the balcony with his hands: the organization of lighting
    • Thermal insulation and repair of balconies: photos in panel houses
    • Repairbalconies with their hands in stages( video)

Repairing balconies with their hands: 5 preparatory steps

absolutely every repair job begins with the preparation. Correct actions can prompt the repair school. And in the case of a balcony, some work is required. The further arrangement of the balcony depends on them.

There are 5 basic steps:

  1. You first need to evaluate the work ahead and make the expenditure estimates. At the same time, you can start buying building and finishing materials.
  2. They start dismantling old windows and a balcony block. After that, remove the old finishing material.
  3. If necessary, dismantle the floor to assess the condition of the balcony plate. If there are visible disturbances, the surface is cleaned, primed and treated with cement.
  4. If it is required to strengthen the parapet, foam blocks are used. In order to fix them use a special glue.
  5. To ensure that the walls are easier to finish, they need to be leveled.

Repair of the balcony must begin with preparatory work Repair of balconies should begin with the preparatory work

With regard to strengthening the parapet of the loggia, it will not only achieve the insulation, but also gives the opportunity to install the heavier window units.

Do not install aerated concrete blocks, as they absorb moisture very much. It is better to give preference to foam blocks.

The next thing that needs to be done is to figure out what the further repair actions are.

Glazing and repair of the loggia with your own hands

The loggia must necessarily be glazed. For this purpose, you can select a specific window system. You can install double-glazed windows that can save energy. It can be a double or single construction. The choice of windows depends on personal preferences.

The most popular types of windows include:

  • Metal-plastic;
  • Aluminum;
  • Wooden.

The most practical are the metal plastic windows. They are distinguished by a small price policy, durability and excellent insulation properties.

In any case it is necessary to glaze the loggia Lodge in any case necessary glaze

Windows aluminum type less warm. They are not so well protected from noise. Their installation is only carried out if there is no further need to insulate the balcony.

Wooden windows are considered to be the most expensive. But in case of installing this type, consider that even the highest quality wooden windows are strongly exposed to moisture, which is in the air.

As for the installation, it must pass in stages, namely:

  • On the parapet, according to the level, a window frame is installed, which must be fastened to self-tapping screws, anchors or dowels from all sides;
  • Windows are installed on the windowsill, and the outside is fastened with tide;
  • Double-glazed windows are installed in their place;
  • All gaps that formed between the frames and structural elements are embedded in the construction foam;
  • After the foam has solidified, it is cut and covered with a decorative patch.

Making the installation step by step is very important. In order to avoid further problems in operation, it is better to follow the points described above. If you are still in doubt about the correctness of the actions, review the video instructions. In them you will find ideas on how to get started or how to repair certain things.

How to make a balcony with your own hands: organizing lighting

At the moment when repairing the balcony will be in the process, do not forget to take care of the wires that will provide power and lighting. To do this, it is required to conduct a supply cable, which must first be de-energized. From the central cable wires are bred in the grooves, made in the walls or in the corners. Then they are led to sockets or switches.

Doing repairs on the balcony, do not forget about the lighting Doing repairs on the balcony, do not forget about the lighting

If the walls on the loggia are flat, then apply the following options:

  • Channels shtrobyatsya in the walls of the house;
  • The wires are pulled through the crate.

For the organization of a light source, any accessories can be approached, from conventional luminaires to various point or suspension accessories. With a choice can help the lighting gallery.

Thermal insulation and repair of balconies: photo in panel houses

How to organize a repair on the balcony in such a way that going out on it, there was comfort?The answer is obvious - it is necessary to insulate it. All the cracks that prevent the saving of heat should be eliminated, and the insulation elements are reliably kept from moisture ingress. In the process of warming it is very important to pay attention to the warm floor.

To the balcony was comfortable, it must be insulated For the balcony to be comfortable, it must be insulated

The following options are used for its organization:

  1. Installation of a wooden floor. A waterproofing film or foam foil is spread on the substrate. Then lay the wooden logs. They need to be leveled and fixed to the plate using dowels. Foam sheets or mineral wool are placed in the space between the lags. The top layer is penofol. And the final stage is the fastening of tongue-tied planks or slabs.
  2. Use of cement screed. To do this, you will initially need to align the plate and put the plates of expanded polystyrene. Before installation, they must be carefully adjusted to the desired size. From above put cement screed, the thickness of which should be at least 5cm.
  3. Installation of an electrical cable. It is placed in a concrete screed. In order for the balcony to be provided with heat, a layer of insulation is laid from below. As for the floor covering, for this type of insulation experts recommend the use of tiles.
  4. Coating with infrared film. For this, heat-reflecting material is used, on which the coating itself is laid. As a finishing coat, use linoleum, tile or carpet.

Insulated floor, this is the guarantee of a comfortable stay on your favorite balcony even in the coldest weather.

Balcony repair with own hands in stages( video)

Loggia is an important part of your living space. With the right approach, you can organize not just a beautiful room, but part of the apartment, where you want to spend more and more time. With a little effort, you can turn your balcony from the trash room into a dream room. It remains only to plan your actions correctly.