Bedroom on the balcony: design and photo, a loggia in the apartment, a combined interior of a small room, a bed

The balcony can be easily arranged for a bedroom, without spending a lot of financial resources The balcony can be easily arranged as a bedroom without spending a lot of financial resources. The bedroom on the balcony is a cozy place where all the household members can feel comfortable. To realize such an idea-fix it is possible with the help of a professional master, capable of transforming any room beyond recognition. In the end, not only a stylish interior will turn out, but an additional sleeping place for personal or guest purposes. The bedroom combined with the balcony always looks very impressive!

          • Bedroom design with balcony( interior photo)

Simplest bedroom design with balcony

Bedroom on the balcony a few years ago was considered something unreal. Get permission to redevelop it was quite difficult, so many homeowners were throwing things halfway. Today the situation has changed, so your own home can be changed in the way the soul desires.

Naturally, having previously obtained permission in the appropriate authority. Without it, redevelopment will be considered illegal and, with the possible sale of an apartment, serious problems can arise.

Among the advantages of a bedroom on the balcony is the view from the window and fresh air Among the advantages of the bedroom on the balcony is the view from the window and fresh air.

Another, equally important and complex issue is the development of the idea of ​​decorating the room. If the homeowner takes up work alone, do not choose the hardest decisions. It is better to choose a simple design, but it should fit perfectly into the current interior of the premises. At a minimum, the color scheme and the overall concept should coincide.

The selection criteria for the optimum ratio can be:

  • Dimensions of the balcony;
  • Possibilities of home owners;
  • Preference for all residents of the apartment;
  • The goal for which the balcony is being rebuilt.

It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel and try to decorate the balcony in some unexpected way. The simplest designs have proved to be the best in the process of exploitation. And they, unlike their super fashionable counterparts, do not get bored with the passage of time.

How to organize a sleeper on the balcony

The sleeper on the balcony is usually a cozy corner where you can spend time at any time of the year. Of course, in the pictures of famous designers everything looks very nice: a cozy little room, often decorated in pastel colors.

If the balcony is small, it is recommended to decorate it in light colors: white, beige If the balcony is small, it is recommended to decorate it in light colors: white, beige

However, the process has a huge number of nuances that must be mastered initially:

  1. Warming .The temperature on the balcony may differ from the indicators in the apartment by 7-10 degrees, which is absolutely not suitable for a bedroom. It is important to maximally warm the space, taking care that the temperature in the apartment and on the balcony equalized. If desired, you can make heating, which will make the room suitable for spending the night in any weather outside the window.
  2. Abbreviation quantities of windows .A bedroom is a room that has only one window. The rest of them must be tightly laid. It will be both cozy and warm.
  3. Selection of color scales .The best for the bedrooms come with gentle shades, which are worth paying attention to. Bright accents take place, but in a small amount.

After the basic stages are completed, you can do repairs and buy a bed. A special highlight may be a special podium on which the sleeping bed will look especially impressive.

Do you need a bedroom on the loggia

About whether you need a bed at the loggia, there is a huge amount of discussions of specialists.

Some consider such changes irrational, others, on the contrary, stand for them, proving that the recreation area is much more practical than the balcony.

The interior does not spoil this innovation, but is it worth investing in something that might not be useful at all?There is no unequivocal answer, so you need to look at each case. Coping with doubts and determine an unambiguous answer can be done by yourself or by consulting a specialist.

If the apartment is single-room, then it makes sense to make a bedroom on the balcony to save space If the apartment is one-room, then it makes sense to make a bedroom on the balcony to save space

Extra bed should be done if:

  • There is a shortage of free space;
  • One of the households lacks a berth;
  • Balcony or loggia are not used for their intended purpose;
  • I want to create an additional recreation area where everyone could retire.

It is important to understand that the balcony is also an important part of the living quarters, which now will inevitably have to be sacrificed. If the risks are estimated and with such a small loss can be reconciled, you can proceed with rescheduling the room. And especially easily this choice is made by those who have two positions at once: a balcony and a loggia.

Extension of space: bedroom combined with balcony

Combined with the bedroom, the bedroom can significantly enlarge the area of ​​the room, create thematic zones, etc.

The bedroom, combined with a balcony, has a wide range of functionality and practicality The bedroom combined with the balcony has a wide range of functionality and practicality

However, in order to make this combination as brief as possible, it is important to work out the following aspects of the question:

  • There should be no transition between the balcony and the room;
  • The room should be designed in a single concept;
  • An indispensable condition for any alteration is fire safety, so that interior elements are not burned by voltage drops, etc.;
  • An outsider should not create a room, that before the room looked completely different;
  • With a narrow exit to the balcony you'll have to say goodbye, simply destroying it or replacing it with an arch.

Bedroom arrangement on the balcony( video)

The combined composition of two completely different rooms, with the right approach, looks very laconic and complete. However, it is worthwhile to go on about the new fashion trends, every homeowner chooses independently. Before re-planning it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons. So the right decision will not keep you waiting.

Design bedroom with balcony( a photo of the interior)