Siding on the ceiling photo: video how to fix, how to trim and sew, how to make styling and fixing

There are two types of siding - plastic and metal. Plastic products are cheaper, and resistant to ultraviolet radiation. In addition, such panels do not burn out over time. Metal products are used more often, since they have high strength and wear resistance. Such siding can have a different texture. Metal panels, in contrast to plastic, can be covered with powder paints.

How to fasten the wooden crate under the siding to the ceiling

Instead of metal profiles, you can use a wooden beam. From it, too, you can build a strong crate. To make the frame you will need a screwdriver, screws with plastic dowel, staples, construction line.

When making a crate, it is not necessary to fasten many wooden beams, since the siding ceiling has a low weight Doing a crate, it is not necessary to fix many wooden beams, since the ceiling of the siding has a low weight.

The technology of installing the wooden frame is as follows:

  • Apply markings to the ceiling.
  • Then you need to fix the side rails.
  • Next, make holes for the dowels. To do this, use a perforating drill.
  • Then fix the beam with self-tapping screws.
  • After you have fixed the side elements, pull a fishing line between them. It will help you easier to navigate when installing subsequent elements of the crate.
  • Secure the intermediate bars. To fix them, use the special mounting brackets.
  • Attach the remaining batten elements in the same way.

After installing the wooden crate, it must be thoroughly treated with an antiseptic solution. It will protect the bars from the effects of mold and fungi.

How to trim the ceiling with plastic siding

After you have built the frame, you need to trim it with panels. Before starting work, it is recommended to check the strength of the frame. Also check the smoothness of the crate with a laser level.

Behind the ceiling of plastic siding is easy to care for, so it is often used in the bathroom It is easy to care for the plastic siding ceiling, therefore it is often used in the bathroom

The plastic panels are mounted in the following order:

  1. Secure the start panel. To fix it, use small screws or nails.
  2. Next, conduct electrical wiring and air conditioning components. If you plan to install spotlights, cut out the holes in the panels for them. Remember that the diameter of the hole should be 5 millimeters less than the outer diameter of the thermo-ring.
  3. Next proceed to the skin of the frame. To do this, insert the plastic panel into the profile, and then slide it in. After you need to fix the siding with self-tapping screws.
  4. Similarly, sew the entire frame.
  5. Install decorative skirting and lighting fixtures.

Remember that plastic panels can expand after installation, so it is desirable to leave a small gap between them.

Ceiling from the siding with your own hands( video)

Sewing the ceiling with a siding is not difficult. The main thing is to follow a certain sequence. Installation should begin with the installation of the crate. It can be built from metal profiles or wooden bars. It is desirable to give preference to the first option, since the metal profiles are more durable and durable. After the construction of the frame, it is necessary to trim it with panels. They can also be made of wood or metal. For interior finishing, it is recommended to use metal siding, as it is more durable and safe.

Design siding for interior finishing the ceiling( photo examples)