Topiary with own hands for beginners flying mug: cups flowing, soaring master class, from saucer coffee, photo

Homemade topiary is a perfect gift, which is easy and simple to make Homemade Topiary - a great gift, make that quite easily and simply Member will do for a few hours stylish topiary. An unusual composition is a beautiful decoration for a residential or office space and an unusual gift. To produce it, you need patience and some materials: coffee beans, string, glue and a number of tools that can be found in the building store. Start the creative process with the choice of the design of the composition.

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Topiary «A etyaschie cup » : searching for inspiration

coins, seashells, buttons, beads, pearlsAnd coffee beans - these are used to create a creative craft. When choosing a material, you need to build on your own preferences and available resources. As another guide, the coming occasion will come: Easter, birthday or February 14.

Regardless of the reason and selected materials, initially the topiary is created on paper. In contrast to these materials, on the sheet you can arbitrarily design the composition. If thoughts do not go to the head, then the master class will come to the rescue. Viewing video fragments does not take much time.

Топиарий "Летающая чашка" - это уникальная и стильная вещица, которая отлично украсит ваше рабочее место Topiary "Flying cup" - a unique and stylish little thing that is perfectly decorate your workplace

As an additional means to search for inspiration is recommended:

  • View thematically organized catalogs.
  • Visit the shops of handmade goods.
  • View gears about design.
  • Survey of friends and stuff.

After analyzing the various options, you can choose the one that best fits in the interior. It must be remembered that flying compositions are selected taking into account the color prevailing in the interior. Once the project is approved, you can start working. Before going to the store to buy a list of necessary materials, it is better to think in advance what will be needed. Regardless of the size of the composition, it is mandatory to buy a cup and saucer. It is desirable that they are harmoniously combined.

Easter Topiary «A etyaschaya cup » own hands

Holiday fun celebrating when it is decorated with stylish composition. One of the most common is the "cup of abundance".It is performed in light colors, using shards or pebbles. Designers are encouraged not to limit the flight of fantasy. The main thing is to stick to the sense of proportion, otherwise the song will not stand still.

An Easter hovering mug is created in a few hours.

Easter Topiary in the form of a flying cup, decorated eggs, is the perfect gift for

holidays To do this will need the following materials:

  • Scotch paint. Shards from the old pot.
  • Sisal green.
  • 20-25 pieces of plastic eggs. Roses artificial or set with flowers.
  • .
  • 3-5 sprigs.
  • Thermal adhesive.
  • 3-4 small figures of chickens.
  • A fork that needs to be bent with the help of pliers.

To prevent accidental damage to the cookware, the place of contact between the bent fork and the cup and saucer, it is necessary to cover with adhesive tape. Gently glue the plug with the teeth to the bottom of the saucer. The duration of the glue drying is 35 minutes. After making sure that it really withered, it is necessary to fix the handle of the fork on the bottom of the cup.

Creating a composition with your own hands, you must remember the precautionary measures. Immediately after securing the cup at the top, it should be propped up with a dense, high box. A simple trick will not allow the composition to collapse until the glue dries. Attention and accuracy will be required when decorating the bottom of the composition.

To choose it it is necessary with mind - stability of the basis provides durability of a composition. For these purposes, decorative stones are used, on top of which the sisal is laid out. Disguise the plug will help paint tape, which is glued on the sisal with a glue gun. Using a similar tool, the upper part of the inner surface of the mug is decorated with decorative branches.

The design of the saucer includes decorative Easter eggs, fixed with a glue gun closer to the rim of the base. Eggs are laid out in such a way that rosettes are placed in the formed gaps. If desired, the composition is complemented with lace or sequins.

Coffee topiary "L " as a mug »

Fans of a strong drink will please themselves or loved ones with a stylish interior detail. To produce it, you need materials, as in the previous case. An exception will be only a few moments related to the main decorative element - coffee beans. They should be chosen not in the market, but in the store. In this case, the special aroma will be preserved for a long time.

Coffee topiary is easy to make by own hands, decorating it with interesting and original things The coffee topiary is easy to make with your own hands, decorating it with interesting and original items.

Designers do not recommend taking long-standing goods on the counter. Such grains were strongly impregnated with atmospheric moisture and odors. In order to make the flying coffee composition really effective, 500-700 grams of grains will be needed for its production.

The following procedure is as follows:

  • Choose the geometry of the composition: ball, heart, etc.
  • Find a wand or pencil that will act as the base.
  • The design is installed in any capacity, the size of which corresponds to the idea.
  • Mix the fixing solution in the pot and quickly insert the base of the composition.
  • Make a hole in a pre-selected geometric shape, which is used for fastening on the barrel.
  • Paint with adhesive tape.
  • The first layer of coffee beans is applied with a strip down, and the second - up.

For beginners, it is not superfluous to find out that after each stage of pasting, it takes at least 30 minutes before the beginning of the next one. This time is enough to make the glue dry. The creative process is completed by fixing a wire that is strong in its structure on a cup and saucer. To do this, it is necessary to bend both ends of the wire by 4-5 cm, moistening them with thermal glue.

Children's topiary "P aspiration cup "

Unusual in form and content pouring compositions will please both children and adults. For her are chosen light and calm tones, for example, blue, orange or burgundy. As a basis, you select topics related to your favorite animated characters, literary heroes or a child's hobby. A few ideas will present a photo of the ready-made options.

For children, this will become a very interesting gift, since the children For children this will be a very interesting gift, as the children's topiary uses many colors and beautiful objects.

Designers have developed recommendations that will help you decide the choice:

  • If it's a girlAs a preparation, samples of princesses or a fairy's house are chosen.
  • Boys will easily be impressed by the floating flying saucer of aliens, super-hero or plane.
  • Does the kid want a pet?Then the figure of a psi, a cat or a bird is taken as a basis.

How to make a topiary( video)

A floating mug in the space is a spectacular addition to the interior and a chic gift. The novice without any problems will make it in a few hours. Before you start, you should decide on the design, size and color stylistics. After that, materials and reliable glue are selected. After the end of work and before the start of use must pass at least a day.

Topiary for beginners( photo)