Topiary magnet: hands on the refrigerator, master class, photo, template and workpiece, mc

Topiary magnet is a wonderful gift that can be given to a loved one A topiary magnet is a wonderful gift that can be presented to a loved one A topiary magnet created by the hands of a loving person can serve as a talisman for someone who takes such an unusual present. In the process of work in this unusual tree, the energy of thoughts that the master attends during work is accumulated. And if he wishes good to the person to whom the figure is intended, then this information will necessarily remain in the present.

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How to make a topiarian magnet yourself

The topiary magnet is easy to make by yourself. For its creation, materials traditionally used in the manufacture of artificially created plants are used.

It is not difficult to master such a topiary: it is enough to create a template and decorate it to your taste It is not difficult to make such a topiary: it's enough to create a template and arrange it for your taste

To do this:

  • Create a layout.
  • Make a template.
  • Attach a magnet to it.
  • Make a few details for its decoration.
  • Glue to the workpiece blank.
  • Mask the shortcomings.

The work progress is simple, and does not take much time. For the master you need to think about the future work, and pick up the necessary materials and tools to work.

Tools and materials required:

  • Adhesive gun.
  • Workpiece.
  • Sezal.
  • Foamiran.
  • Lace.
  • Narrow satin ribbons.
  • Twine.
  • Scissors.
  • Knife for cutting paper.
  • Silo.
  • Cardboard.
  • Decorative details.

To create a topiary magnet, various materials can be used, including natural fabrics, grains and other blanks Various materials can be used to create a topiary magnet, including natural fabrics, grains and other blanks

You can use natural fibers, seeds, as well as grains and synthetic fabrics. Foamiran and sisal are new materials widely used in applied art. Foamiran is the finest sheets of foamed rubber, having a soft and silky surface resembling suede. Sisal is a hard fiber extracted from the leaves of a plant from the family of agave. It can be painted in different colors and used to make parts used in decorative decoration.

For decoration, you can take beads and beautiful beads. For the topiary magnet, different decorative details are used, which are available in the store, selling items for needlework.

To decorate the product, you can take the jewelry that is at home. Some ornaments from the home casket can suggest original ideas in creating a tree of happiness on the refrigerator.

How to decorate the magnet of a topiary by one template

The template for making a topiary for a refrigerator can be one. If you want to make several different ornaments, use the same shape, but use different materials and techniques.

In order to make a topiary, you can buy acrylic and latex flowers, conifers and other elements of various decorations in online stores. Everything that is necessary for the master's work is on sale.

It is possible to make only one template of the topiary, but to arrange it later each time in a different way You can make only one template of the topiary, but arrange it further each time differently

The tree crown can be decorated:

  • Rosettes made from continuous tape.
  • Multicolored balls rolled from sisal.
  • Handle of woolen threads.
  • Figures of fruits and birds bought in the store.

For the decoration of a pot or basket use pieces of burlap, twine, checkered fabric. The pot can be decorated with a beautiful bow, a flower collected from several petals with beads in the middle or insects.

The barrel is wrapped with twine, woolen threads, cotton thread or a narrow satin ribbon. This can be done, as shown in the photo.

If you show a fantasy, then for the barrel you can choose another suitable material. The main thing in the work is that all the colors blend together, and the finished model looks aesthetically pleasing.

Workpiece for the topiary magnet

The blank for the topiary can be made on its own, or bought in an art shop that sells all kinds of materials for needlework.

They are made in workshops made of wood or acrylic. For the production of large quantities of magnets, you can purchase billets in bulk, and then based on them to create various decorations, using different types of material and different techniques.

The blank for the topiary on the magnet most often depicts the pot, trunk and crown of the tree.

The workpiece for the magnum-topiary can be used either as a purchased or hand-made

The upper part of the product can be:

  • Round.
  • Heart shaped.
  • Repeat car lines.
  • Have a hole like a bagel.
  • Similar to the crown of a bonsai tree.
  • Pear-shaped.
  • Triangular.

The master can create his workpiece of the original form. For single specimens created by own hands, you can use corrugated cardboard. With it, it is convenient to assemble different parts of the model into a single whole.

The blank for the topiary consists of three parts. It includes:

  • Pot.
  • The trunk of a tree.
  • His crown.

The pot and trunk must be more dense than the upper part so that they can withstand the load, which will be significantly increased after completion of the work.

Topiary-magnet on the refrigerator: master class

To make a magnet yourself, you need to prepare the necessary materials for work.

When creating an original magnetic topiary, you are limited only by your own imagination When creating an original magnetic topiary, you are limited only by your own imagination.

The was used for the master class:

  • Corrugated cardboard for billet. You can use the packing box.
  • A colored foiraman, which can be replaced with a linen cloth or burlap.
  • Narrow satin ribbon.
  • Sisal fiber, painted in green.
  • Decor elements in the form of fruits, butterflies, ladybirds.
  • Magnetic tape.

In addition, you will need some tools.

Tools should be prepared from:

  • simple pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors,
  • adhesive thermo gun.

The process of creating the topiary

Before creating your own topiary, you must prepare in advance all the materials and jewelry that you might need in your work Before creating your own topiary, you must prepare in advance all the materials and jewelry that may be needed in the work

  • First create a blank on the cardboard as in the photo. The dimensions of the future decoration for the refrigerator are chosen independently.
  • To strengthen the workpiece, cut out the details of the stem and the pot and glue them together. It is necessary that the made topiary does not break from the severity of the crown.
  • All parts are assembled in a single unit.
  • Finishing materials are bonded using hot melt adhesive using a gun. It allows you to work quickly, not smudgy hands and details.
  • Begin to decorate the details. First decorate the pot as in the photo. Patterns are not needed, all surplus fabrics are easily cut off, and the reverse side is sealed with a suitable cloth.
  • The trunk is then decorated with a satin ribbon.
  • Go to the tree crown.
  • Cut out a circle of fabric or fonimiran having a diameter larger than that of the crown and folding the edges on the underside of the part.
  • The reverse side is decorated with colored paper, cardboard or cloth.
  • Magnets are glued to the crown and the pot.
  • The received workpiece is decorated with green sisal balls. The balls roll in their hands like plasticine and are glued with a gun.
  • Fruit, insects and birds are inserted into empty spaces.
  • It turned out pretty trees as in the photo.

Creating a Topiary Magnet( video)

Using the recommendations received from the master class, you can make your own original figures. For their creation, any material that is available at home can be useful. If you show your imagination, then on the basis of a single template you can make a large number of different topiaries, which are attached to the refrigerator using magnets. If you create them for sale, it is best to take advantage of the offer of stores selling different parts for their manufacture. Then the created models will always have a marketable appearance.

Topiary Magnet with your own hands( photo)