Greenhouse with their own hands: how to make a greenhouse, video and the most convenient photos, homemade ones that are done better

After studying the theory and watching the training video, even a person who does not have the relevant experience can make a greenhouse After studying the theory and watching the training video, even a person who does not have the corresponding experience can make a greenhouse. Greenhouses, today, can be seen on garden plots of both southern and northern regions. And this is not surprising, because the greenhouse allows you to organize favorable conditions for plant growth, protect seedlings from diseases and pests, and get the maximum yield of better fruits than on open beds, fruits. How to make a greenhouse or a hotbed without professional help, with your own hands - read below.

  • How greenhouses are made: types of constructions
  • Homemade greenhouses and equipment for them
  • Roofing materials: how best to make a greenhouse
  • Collecting a simple frame: how to make a greenhouse with your own hands
  • Recommendations: as correctMake a greenhouse
  • A small simple greenhouse with your own hands
  • A small greenhouse of barrels with your own hands
  • From what you can make a greenhouse yourself
  • How to make a greenhouse of polycarbonate
  • The most convenient hotbeds with their own hands( video)
  • Ideas for a greenhouse with your own hands( photo examples)

What greenhouses are doing: types of constructions

The self-construction of a greenhouse is a laborious process that includes a choice of materials forSkeleton and coating, calculations and drawing up a drawing. In order to make a greenhouse, you must first determine the shape and size of the future building.

Greenhouses can differ in size, shape and functionality

The most popular versions of self-made greenhouses for today:

  1. Arched .May be both capital and temporary. The capital structure can be assembled from wood, galvanized profile, for a temporary greenhouse, the RBM slats will fit. Such a greenhouse is notable for its compactness.
  2. Wall-mounted .Such a greenhouse is easily erected, and in winter, due to the nearby wall of a residential building, it needs less heat. But, you can put such a greenhouse only if the house does not cast a shadow on it, or there are additional artificial light devices for plants in the greenhouse.
  3. Slotted .Such greenhouses resemble a "bread" house for birds. They are very convenient to work with and can accommodate both tall and low plants. But a large area will have to be heated in the winter.

Which greenhouse is best placed on the site depends on how many hundred parts you have available: the greenhouse should be placed so that it does not fall shadow. In addition, you need to leave a place in the garden and the opening of the garden.

Homemade greenhouses and equipment for them

Homemade greenhouses are the most suitable option for those who do not want to spend money on a purchased design and its installation in the garden. What greenhouses can you do with your own hands?You can collect both a simple greenhouse and a large vegetarian yourself. At the same time, a budget, properly made greenhouse, will be no less effective: it can organize an autonomous heating system, drip irrigation, aeration system.

The easiest way is to make tunnel greenhouses of agglomerated fiber, film structures on a frame made of wood( timber, poles) and plastic.

You can collect both a summer and year-round greenhouse. In order for the greenhouse to be warm, you can use electric heating equipment with automatic temperature control, or gas equipment with automation. Well proved self-sufficient "smart" super-greenhouse Arduino.

The first step is to prepare the foundation for a future greenhouse The first step is to prepare the foundation for the future greenhouse

The cheapest way is to use solar heating for a greenhouse that will collect sunlight and heat the coolant.

You can assemble the solar collector with your own hands. Suitable for heating the greenhouse and inexpensive "Bubafonya" - the oven, which operates on wood. In comparison with the usual "burzhuykoy" such an oven is efficient and economical.

A geothermal convection system and drip irrigation will help to create a favorable climate in the greenhouse.

The advantages of the geothermal system are fully autonomous control, durability( can serve up to 50 years).In addition, such a system will additionally produce carbon dioxide, which is necessary for plants for photosynthesis. Gathering the geothermal system with their own hands will be quite difficult.

Roofing materials: how best to make a greenhouse

Roofing material for a greenhouse-homemade must be affordable, differ in light weight and ease of installation, durability and efficiency. Earlier one could often see greenhouses made of glass, but such material is very demanding for the frame, expensive, and it can easily be damaged during installation.

Today, there are such affordable and effective materials for covering greenhouses:

  1. Polycarbonate .Such material is excellent for sheltering popular greenhouses "Sotok", it is distinguished by its durability, light weight and strength, high light transmission capacity. From the remains of polycarbonate, you can make a fence for the beds inside the greenhouse.
  2. film passes light well and creates a greenhouse effect. In addition, greenhouses made of polyethylene do not require a rigid, and therefore more expensive, frame. The drawback of the film is its fragility.
  3. is a lightweight covering material that is able to protect the crop from UV radiation, frost, pests. Agrofiber can be covered with a greenhouse of tunnel type "booth".Such a greenhouse will be both cheap and efficient.
  4. Vacuum panels have high thermal insulation performance. Growing crops in greenhouses from vacuum panels is possible even in conditions of the extreme north. In this case, you can harvest up to four times.

An excellent solution is the use of polycarbonate for the finishing of the greenhouse An excellent solution is to use polycarbonate for finishing the greenhouse

Which material to choose depends on the type of greenhouse and the region in which it is located. Each material has installation features, which should be made known before starting construction work.

We collect a simple frame: how to make a greenhouse with your own hands

The greenhouses are divided into wooden, brick, with a metal or frame made of PVC.In addition, it is often possible to come across integrated structures. The most convenient design of the greenhouse is with a frame that looks like a gazebo without windows: it is tall, it is convenient to work in and it is possible to place many plants, put shelves or shelves, and place trellis. But, the easiest way to make an arch type greenhouse.

We will analyze the technology of the greenhouse-arch assembly step by step:

  1. Align the ground and install a wooden frame around the perimeter of the future building. For the frame to be more stable, we cut the pieces of reinforcement in the corners.
  2. From the outer sides of the base, we cut up pieces of reinforcement 800 mm long with a step of 400 mm so that a smooth half of the segment enters the ground.
  3. We put on the armature on one side of the frame the PVC pipe, bend it and put it on the piece of reinforcement from the opposite side.
  4. Fix plastic arcs to the frame using a metal clamp and self-tapping screws.
  5. From wooden blocks we make the end faces with doorways.
  6. Separately we knock down the door frame, and fix it on the hinges to the end faces.
  7. Starting from the end faces, stretch the stiffener and fix it to each arc using plastic hoods.

The frame of the greenhouse can be made of wood, plastic or metal The frame of the greenhouse can be made of wood, plastic or metal

The simplest homemade skeleton is ready!Such a greenhouse can be covered with a film. Illustratively illustrate the independent assembly of the greenhouse-arch will be able to instruction with the video series.

Recommendations: how to make a greenhouse

If you have repeatedly thought: "I want to make a greenhouse, but I do not know where to start," then it's worth turning to the practice of experienced gardeners. Before starting the construction of a greenhouse, it is necessary to draw a mock-up of a future building and to calculate the building materials on its basis. In this case, in the estimate for the construction should be inscribed and fasteners, and accessories( pens, stoppers, openers, etc.).However, in order to build a good greenhouse, you need to prepare the soil. So, on the ridged soils it will be necessary to build drainage, and clay soils - to replace with sandy soils.

From the practice of gardeners, there are such useful tips that will help to find a place for a greenhouse:

  1. To minimize heat loss, all-season greenhouses should be placed on a foundation buried in the ground.
  2. Homestead greenhouses can be built on the roof of other buildings on the site( garage, outbuildings, etc.).
  3. Summer greenhouses can be placed on a foundation of boards.
  4. Stable and warm will be a capital greenhouse on hollow blocks. A brickwork is also suitable for a capital base.
  5. In the greenhouse in the basement you can grow mushrooms, vegetables, strawberries( a hydroponic plant is good for growing strawberries and cannabis).

Choose the size for the greenhouse you need depending on the type of plants that you are going to grow and their quantities You need to choose the dimensions for the greenhouse depending on the type of plants that you are going to grow and their quantities.

You only need to plant a greenhouse on level ground and not a shaded area. In this case, the greenhouse should not be located in drafts.

A small simple greenhouse with your own hands

Timiryazevskaya greenhouse is a simple, lightweight construction that is a wooden base frame. In such a greenhouse, you can grow low vegetables, flowers( for example, balcony tomatoes, violets).You can gather such a greenhouse even with women's hands.

In order to make a Timiryazevskaya greenhouse it is necessary: ​​

  1. Define the greenhouse dimensions and draw a diagram-drawing.
  2. Knock down the planks for the base( if the greenhouse is portable).
  3. On the perimeter of the base, fill curbs 200 mm high.
  4. Mark the middle of the curb on the long side and nail to it a vertical stand 600 mm high.
  5. Do the same on the opposite side. Racks should be strictly one opposite to the other.
  6. Connect the racks with a horizontal bar.
  7. Cover the greenhouse with film or spandex.

As a coolant inside this greenhouse, you can put bottles of water, which will slowly heat up, and give heat to the greenhouse. To enhance the effect, you can wrap the bottle with black cellophane or paint it black.

A small greenhouse of barrels with their own hands

Increasingly, in the garden areas you can find unusual, original greenhouses( for example, a greenhouse made of plastic bottles) that are easily made and have a minimal cost price. To such constructions the greenhouse from old plastic or metal barrels concerns also. The design is made easy, while it is well heated and keeps the heat.

To make a greenhouse it is possible from a plastic barrel, having cut through a necessary quantity of apertures To make a greenhouse it is possible from a plastic barrel, having cut through a necessary quantity of apertures You can make a greenhouse from a plastic barrel by cutting the required number of holes

In order to make the construction you need:

  1. Dig under a barrel, horizontally located, shallow pit.
  2. Lay the barrel and sprinkle it well on the ground: the barrel should stand still.
  3. Mark with a marker two or three( depending on the size of the barrel) rectangular window. The windows should not reach the ground by 20 cm and open the "roof" of the barrel.
  4. Cut the "windows".
  5. To the top of the windows, nail the wooden block and fix the film on it.

A small greenhouse is ready!Now you can fall asleep inside the ground and grow flowers, greens or seeds in seedlings.

From what you can make a hotbed with your own hands

The simplest way is to make a greenhouse from the slabs of RBO or PVC pipes( with the growth of plants they can be raised higher) and the shading grid. Such a design will allow to organize favorable conditions for plants in the warm period, if necessary, it can be easily disassembled.

Any, even a small greenhouse should have folding doors, which will allow airing.

To make a hotbed with their own hands, it is enough to take boards, film, nails and a hammer To make a greenhouse yourself, it's enough to take boards, film, nails and a hammer.

A simple frame for a greenhouse can be knocked down from a tree. Depending on the purpose, the wooden frame can be arcs "house", connected by means of a stiffener or a wooden box with vertical struts and horizontal ribs. The best coverage for wooden greenhouses is the film.

Before assembly, the tree should be treated with antiseptic: this will protect it from pests.

You can make a greenhouse "for ages" by welding pieces of reinforcement. Such a frame can be covered with a special cover with flaps for airing. It is very simple to make a greenhouse of used window frames. You can cover this structure with glass.

How to make a greenhouse of polycarbonate

If you want to grow vegetables in a greenhouse, it's best to cover it with polycarbonate. The easiest way is to make a polycarbonate greenhouse on the frame-box. To do this, you will need a galvanized profile of metal corners, screws and fasteners with a rubber band for polycarbonate.

Among the advantages of a polycarbonate greenhouse is worth noting the long life and practicality Among the advantages of a polycarbonate greenhouse is the long life and practicality of

Make the greenhouse step by step:

  1. Drawing a diagram of the future greenhouse. In this case, one long side should be higher than the opposite: on it we will attach the top cover.
  2. Cut the profile( do not forget the frame on the top cover).
  3. Prepare the base of a wooden beam covered with antiseptic.
  4. Fasten the profile for the lower binding of the base of the greenhouse to the beam with corners.
  5. We mount vertical racks and connect them to horizontal ones using corners.
  6. We hang the upper frame on the higher side of the greenhouse.
  7. We drill in the profile technological holes for sheets of polycarbonate.
  8. We fix polycarbonate screws with a rubber band. Do not over tighten the screws.

The hotbed is ready!Such a design will look attractive and will last for ten years.

The most comfortable hotbeds with their own hands( video)

The greenhouse is a structure that allows creating the most favorable conditions for growing fruit crops and flowers. To determine what kind of greenhouse to put on the site, you need to look every single case. The easiest way is to collect an arched greenhouse and a small greenhouse. Use the above recommendations, suggested examples and ideas for the construction of greenhouses, and build a beautiful and efficient design in the home!

Ideas for greenhouses with their own hands( photo example)