Tomato seeds for greenhouses: best and good tomatoes, what to plant when planting seeds, new varieties how to choose

Seeds of tomatoes for greenhouses should be selected carefully, because this depends on the yield Tomato seeds for greenhouses should be chosen carefully, as it affects the productivity of What today has the best tomato varieties for greenhouse structures?What is their difference from each other?How to choose the most suitable variety?All these questions are always of interest to gardeners who, with a desire to build a comfortable greenhouse structure, are stocked with fertilizer and dream of getting a rich harvest of delicious tomatoes. For those summer residents who are completely unaware, what are the most elite varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses, the choice of seeds for the greenhouse will be discussed below.

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understand, what seeds to plant tomatoes in the greenhouse better

So, if we analyze the preferences of today's farmers, then we obtain the followingPopular ratings of the best varieties for the set goal and obtaining specific qualities.

Rating of varieties to get an early harvest.

  1. If you create a favorable climate in the greenhouse structure, improve feeding, lighting and heat, the period from germination to fruiting is possible to reduce even up to 3 weeks. And the most "early" for today are Yarilo seeds Funtik, evangelism, Pal, Scorpio, Gina, Semko Sinbad, Cavalier, red and pink cheeks, and others.
  2. If the soil is chronically infected, experts recommend planting varieties like F1 Roma, Budenovka, Intuition F1, Cio-Cio-san. Also suitable brands are Blagovest F1, Kostroma F1.
  3. If the terrain is boggy enough, the best types of tomatoes for a greenhouse design will be those that can be planted in a moist soil. They can be classified as Yablonka, a stable F1 Talitsa, a strong F1 Chelbas.
  4. Good varieties for small greenhouses, for the cultivation of ecologically clean tomatoes and their further canning, are presented in the market in abundance. Ideal suited juicy, delicate varieties of the Pink Giant, Market Miracle, Sultan, Druzhok, Torbay, Khlynovsky, all with a prefix F1 and others.
  5. For cultivation in northern territories( for planting in a greenhouse) it is better to take varieties F1 Verlioq, De Barao. If there is no experience, it is better to consult a specialist.
  6. If a summer resident grows tomatoes for sale and wants them to be stored or transported as long as possible, ideally sow the seeds of the Volgogradets, F1 Krasnobay, F1 Akatuy, F1 Ivanovets.

The tomato variety should be chosen carefully and thought out varieties of tomatoes should be chosen carefully and deliberately

Ventrua varieties suitable for preservation, Yellow drop legend Slivovka, Cherry, Picket. These varieties have received good reviews of gardeners and housewives.

Proper planting seeds in the greenhouse tomatoes

correct seeding is performed in advance prepared boxes, whose height is about 7 cm. The primer for the greenhouse should consist of a composition of peat humus + + turf in an amount of 1 part of all components.

Soil should be moistened and poured into it:

  1. River sand - 1 liter.
  2. Wood ash - 1 spoon.
  3. Superphosphate - 1 spoon.

You can apply ready-mixed soils, such land does not need to be fertilized. The boxes need to pour the ground, slightly tamp it, to make grooves depth of about 1.5 cm, shed not cold sodium humate, and then sow the seeds. On top of seeds it is necessary to pour the earth, and all put in not a dark place, where the temperature regime is +22 ᵒС.

In order for the tomato seedlings to grow faster, after 5 days the boxes should be covered with PE caps.

When the plants grow 2 real leaves, you must perform a dive. This procedure transplanting plants from boxes in a container larger size, because got stronger roots need plenty of space. From a common box with a match it is necessary to get each plant together with a clod of soil and plant in pots of a larger size. The boxes seedlings remains not more than 1.5 months, its height at this point is about 30 cm.

The scheme of planting tomatoes scheme of planting tomatoes

to seedlings not stretched, you must keep track of the correct temperature, lighting - should be rotated daily capacity of the new party to the window. And 1,5 weeks before the landing in the greenhouse, it is necessary to temper the seedlings: put on the loggia, open the windows at night. To tomatoes in the greenhouse is not sick and gave a rich harvest, it is important to prepare well the greenhouse design for the season. Since the planting of tomatoes is performed at the end of spring, when the nights are rather frosty, it is necessary to cover it with a double layer of PE film. It is necessary to leave a cushion of air through the layers of the film, which will not only increase the temperature inside the hothouse structure, but will also increase the service life inside. It is important that was thought good ventilation, it is necessary to remove the last 12 cm of soil, and the remains sanitized copper sulfate( a bucket of water 1 tablespoon).

It is important to remember that tomatoes can not be planted in one hothouse design for 2 consecutive years, because usually infections remain in the ground and affect new plants. If the gardener wants to grow tomatoes in the greenhouse in the winter, then it is necessary to take care of the device of additional light. Without it, tomatoes will not bloom, and there will be no fruit. The beds are prepared a week and a half before the planting of tomato seedlings in a greenhouse. The ground must be loosened, weed removed, fertilized. If the land in the greenhouse is poor, it will take 250 g of charcoal and 8 kg of humus per 1 m2, and if the soil is fertile, then maybe 3 kg of the composition is enough. Remember that for tomatoes in a greenhouse it is best to buy loamy or sandy loamy, air-permeable land.

How to choose the best seeds for tomato greenhouses

Even before going to the pro shop, you can determine the answer to the question, what seeds to choose from. First, you need to think how much space will be allocated for growing a tomato.

Attention!On an area of ​​4 m2, only 40 bushes can be planted on a special scheme - 2 ridges 1 m wide, 4 m long and a meter walk between them.

On each bed the bushes are staggered in 10 pieces. The greenhouse should be located in a sunny place. The second point is to choose varieties or hybrids?Grades are traditionally considered tastier, but they are weaker than hybrids.

Before planting tomatoes, it is necessary to determine how much space will be allocated for the cultivation of tomatoes before planting tomatoes, you must determine how much space will be allocated for growing tomatoes


  • resistant to the vagaries of the weather;
  • Grow well, resistant to disease;Give
  • delicious, juicy tomatoes.

They can not be planted with seeds, as the seedlings grown from them will not repeat the signs of the parents. If the summer resident plans to grow tomatoes in a sheltered ground, then prefer a better variety. If there is no greenhouse, it is better to plant hybrids in the open ground.

Features planting seedlings of tomato seeds for

greenhouse Planting tomato seedlings in the greenhouse, it is necessary to remember a few simple, but having the right value. The land for planting plants should be warm. It can not be planted in cold soil, because in this case the seedlings will rot. Suitable ground temperature is 15 ° C.To achieve this, you must first cover the soil with black PE film. You can not plant tomatoes very low, because then the stalk, covered with soil, will give fresh roots, and the growth of the plant will stop.

The process of planting a seedling tomato tomato seedling planting process

impossible supersaturate nitrogen tomatoes. Many pour holes for planting with fresh manure, poultry poultry or urea. Such procedures can cause the growth of green mass, rather than fruits. It is necessary to conduct daily inspection of seedlings, remove sick and yellow leaves, and when planting, remove the cotyledon leaves that are located at ground level or lower.

How to choose tomato seeds for greenhouses( video)

Planting a tomato in a greenhouse is done in the evening or on a cloudy day in a pre-moistened soil. It is possible for the disinfection to pre-shed the wells with a thick, not cold solution of manganese. Choosing the right kind of seeds, you can count on a good harvest.