How to prickle the tomatoes in the greenhouse: it's the right thing to prick, that for tomatoes you need

Thanks to the tweezing of the tomato, you can easily and quickly improve the quality of the future harvest The essence of the pinching procedure in the cutoff of stepsons near the sinus sinuses. Pinching helps to form a large crop of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Experienced gardeners know how to do this procedure, and realize all its usefulness, beginners will be useful to study this question from all sides. Pasynkovanie has its pros and cons. The technique is quite simple, but it has its own peculiarities and nuances.

    • Why topping tomatoes in the greenhouse
    • Pros and cons of pinching tomatoes in the greenhouse
    • determine how to pinch the tomatoes in the greenhouse
    • Basic techniques of pinching tomatoes in the greenhouse
    • Rules: how to pinch tomatoIn the greenhouse( video)

Why you need to pinch the tomatoes in the greenhouse

The total amount of green shoots does not affect the quality of the future crop in any way, To get rid of it. The maximum harvest is obtained from the correct combination of illumination, fertilizing, watering and properly carried out pasynkovaniya procedure.

Before you start to pinch a tomato, it is worth studying the theoretical part of the process and watching the training video Before you begin to pinch a tomato, it is worthwhile to study the theoretical part of the process and watch the training video

Pinch will significantly reduce the amount of greenery that interferes with the illumination. Ripening time significantly increases, as the plant focuses on greenery and photosynthesis.

Some varieties of tomatoes do not require pasynkovaniya, as a rule, they have the characteristics of stunting and refer to the determinant species. The pinching procedure helps to improve the quality of the crop, however, along with the benefits and advantages, it has some drawbacks. The main thing for gardeners to perform the procedure as correctly as possible. And before the procedure begins, you need to study all its features, and only then proceed to the procedure. Rely on the long experience of gardeners and the development of techniques of modern scientists.

The feature of the paminated greens is that:

  • Bushes do not grow above 50 cm;
  • The greens do not branch;
  • Such kinds of tomatoes are good and that they are very compact;
  • Suitable for small-sized greenhouses, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of them.

The pinching procedure must be completed by the end of July. Those shoots, which will begin their formation in early August, will interfere with the normal rate of maturation of tomatoes. If you do pasynkovanie, not based on recommendations for the time frame, then you can as a result of an extremely poor harvest of small fruits, and in the worst case, lose a crop. There are several different techniques different from each other in the ways of pinching, as well as in terms of time.

Pros and cons of pinching tomatoes in a greenhouse

The most popular procedure for pasynkovaniya over the second sheet for the following reasons - reducing the maturation of tomatoes, less work with seedlings, reducing the total weight of leaves.

The shape of the plant becomes attractive, the stems and trunk are strong. Brushes have branches in a rare case. No less useful and has many pluses is another technique, consisting in pinching over the cotyledons.

You can perform pinching with both hands and using scissors The pinching can be done with both hands and with scissors

The main advantages:

  1. Fruits reach the peak of maturity much earlier than in unpatched plants.
  2. The carpal position is high, which improves the state of the second brush and the vegetative - generative balance.
  3. The period of pasynkovanija small, tomatoes grow good growth.

The main disadvantages is that, in case of insufficient illumination, the stem develops unevenly and incorrectly. The stem is not thickened enough. You need to tie the plants, and you have to do it much more carefully, since the stem is unreliable. Seedlings before planting a long time grown.

Determine how to properly pinch the tomatoes in the greenhouse

Pasyning is a very important element in the care of tomatoes. When planting in a greenhouse, it is recommended to use determinant varieties that will yield a good harvest in a short time. The peculiarity of pasynkovaniya just hothouse planting of tomatoes is that after the procedure, the plant should be obtained with a single shoot and several inflorescences.

Most of the greenery is removed along with the top.

Thus, the possibility of the formation of new shoots at the apex is prevented, which will not grow after plucking, and, consequently, the rate of ripening of fruits will not be affected by any extra sprouting.

Basic recommendations for pasynkovaniyu:

  1. This procedure is carried out on a plant that has already begun a stable growth and shoots which have grown stronger.
  2. Tools can not be used, breakage is carried out by hands, shoots are removed from 5 cm in length.
  3. The greens are not "under the root" and a small part on the trunk is necessarily left.
  4. The procedure is carried out in a cool time, great for this morning or just a cool day.

For each type of tomatoes should be removed a different number of shoots, depending on their number For each type of tomatoes, different number of shoots should be removed depending on their quantity.

A two-stem tomato plant should have about 5 inflorescences. After this method, tomatoes ripen directly on the bush. It is believed that for successful development of the bush, it is enough to resort to pasyning for a week only. Nevertheless, if a green bush is planned to grow in a greenhouse for a long time, it is recommended to leave a spare shoot over the second or third inflorescence. Pinching can be compared to the usual peeling of shoots, however, this procedure is done as carefully and carefully as possible with respect to the bush.

The basic methods of pinching tomatoes in a greenhouse

There are several ways to properly form a tomato shrub. Specialists have developed 3 methods, which can be considered the main ones. The formation of a single stem is used primarily for varieties that are distinguished by a high height of shrubs. Pasynkovanie throughout the summer, as well as necessarily removal of the top to prevent strong growth, so that the culture medium will be divided evenly.

The formation of 2 stems - except for one main stem, leaving an additional appendage. The rate of maturation with this method is significantly reduced, however, this is compensated by the fact that the number of fruits is much greater. The formation of 3 stems is a feature in that the strongest shoots are left below the first brush on the basis of the main stem. Fruit ripening on the bush is limited, most of the fruits do not ripen. This technique is recommended for application to shrubs of ultra-ripe varieties of tomatoes.

Rules: how to pinch tomatoes in the greenhouse( video)

Ogorodniki with experience do not allow mistakes during the procedure of pasynkovaniya. Shrubs with lush greenery in the greenhouse indicate that care for them was not fully implemented. Getting the best result in the form of mature large fruits depends not only on watering, lighting and bait, but also on the correct application of pinching. However, it is necessary to understand, how much for the planted grade pasynkovanie is important. Pinching is carried out for different types of tomatoes, both in the open ground and in the greenhouse. It is necessary to remember that complex care of plants will allow to achieve the expected result and get a good harvest of fruits that have excellent taste characteristics.