Radiators of heating: what batteries are better for an apartment, the prices and what to put, how to choose heating

Heating radiators are an indispensable thing for every apartment and house Heating radiators are an indispensable thing for every apartment and house. Radiators for heating an apartment need to be put only quality, serviceable and most importantly able to fully meet expectations. To put the best batteries, it is worth paying attention to a number of criteria, as well as on materials from which such designs are made.

    • Criteria for selecting heating batteries
    • Which heating radiators are best for the apartment
    • How to choose heating radiators and radiators for additional characteristics
    • Tips: which radiators are better, aluminum or bimetallic
    • Types of heating batteries inApartment
    • Tubular steel heating radiators
    • Cast-iron heating devices
    • Panel modern steel radiators
    • Copper radiators heatingComparisons
    • Types of heating radiators( video)
    • Examples of radiators( photos in the interior)

Criteria for selecting heating batteries

The battery is a heating pipe that needs to be selected according to technical specifications, To what pressure in the heating system of a private house and apartment.

Initially, you should pay attention to :

  • Custom preferences;
  • Working pressure level;
  • Resistance to water hammer.

Any radiator units have a technical data sheet, in which the working pressure must be indicated. This factor is especially important, since there should be no excess of the pressure level in the heating system. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the operational feature of the utility service, in particular the difference in test and operating pressure, which can cause a breakdown, even if modern heating appliances are installed.

When choosing a radiator, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics When choosing a radiator, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the

Typically, in a five-story house, especially with an old layout, the pressure varies between 6-8 atmospheres, however in a house with many floors, for example 11-13 the pressure level is 12-15 atmospheres.

With regard to the stability of hydraulic shocks, this depends on the operational properties and service life of the product. Batteries that heat the apartment from central heating can not be saved from a water hammer, and therefore it is first necessary to assess the quality of the utility service before installing the radiator. However, even if everything is extremely stable, then it is necessary to choose equipment with high resistance to a hydrostatic attack.

Which heating radiators are best for the apartment

To properly select which batteries are best for the apartment, you will need to pay attention to a number of features of the heating equipment.

Namely, on the :

  • Number of sections;
  • Equipment power;
  • Composition of the product.

Batteries for home need to be selected very carefully Batteries for the home must be selected very carefully

Thermal home batteries can be built-up or integral. In other words, there are constructions that can be further increased in use, and there are those that have a monolithic structure and, if necessary, they have to be completely replaced. Qualitative radiators have such features as high power and maximum efficiency, with the second depending on the first.

The practicality of the device depends on how competently it can cope with maintaining the optimal indoor microclimate, especially in regions with harsh climatic conditions.

How to choose heating batteries and radiators for the additional characteristics of

Many people prefer to choose not only practical heating appliances, but also beautiful ones so as not to spoil the aesthetics of the room.

It is in this case that you need to pay attention to the :

  • Design;
  • Service life;
  • Ease of installation.

Heating appliances should be practical, and be suitable for the general interior of the room Heating devices should be practical and fit the general interior of the room

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to purchase original designs for central heating, and in a variety of shapes, colors and configurations. The service life of the product should be maximized so that it will not be necessary to carry out repetitive work in a short time, which may entail additional repairs and investment of funds. On average, the service life is 25 years.

The choice of battery for ease of installation is only carried out if the installation is carried out independently and without the assistance of a specialist.

Tips: which radiators are best, aluminum or bimetallic

For individual or individual heating, you can choose bimetallic or individual pipes that have distinctive features.

Aluminum radiator :

  • Accurate;
  • Stylish;
  • It can consist of several sections, between which are installed connecting nipples.

Due to the gaskets between the sections, maximum tightness is created, and thanks to the additional internal fins, the heat transfer of the product increases. Manufacture of radiators is carried out in two ways: extrusion and injection molding. The second is considered more reliable and durable.

Two different metals are used to create a bimetallic radiator( Rosemary):

  1. Aluminum alloy from which the fins are made.
  2. Steel or copper from which a core is created in the form of a pipe installed inside the ribs. It is through these pipes that hot water flows.

It should be noted that the diameter of such pipes is much less than in the aluminum structure, and therefore the possibility of clogging increases. In comparison of the heat transfer of these two products, aluminum is considered the most suitable option, since one section of such a device can deliver up to 200 watts of heat. Half of the heat comes out in the form of radiation, and the second part by the convection method. Due to those ribs that protrude on the inside of the structure, there is an additional increase in the heat output. In practice, after turning on the battery, after 10 minutes, the room becomes warm and comfortable.

Types of heating batteries in the apartment

Various radiators are available for sale, among which you can choose different types, types and prices. In addition, they differ in the material of manufacture and technical characteristics.

To date, there are several types of batteries To date, there are several types of batteries

Among the main types of batteries can be selected :

  • Cast iron;
  • Aluminum;
  • Steel;
  • Bimetal;
  • Copper.

For northern regions, it is better to choose designs designed for a maximum temperature of 120-130 ° C.The thickness of the coolant should be large, since thin structures not only do not qualitatively, but they will soon leak.

Tubular steel heating batteries

Indoor steel batteries are commercially available in finished form and in various sizes. During operation it is not possible to carry out an additional build-up or replacement of a specific section that has ceased to function. In order to ensure that the battery of this type can provide heat, it will be necessary before buying to pay attention to the power of the structure, taking into account the parameters of the apartment or house, as well as the presence of window and door openings. The fact that the radiator has the continuity of pipes can be called both a plus and a minus of the product, since it is impossible to increase the size of the structure, however, the occurrence of leaks is excluded.

Tubular steel heating appliances have such positive characteristics as :

  • Light weight;
  • Minimum thickness;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Large assortment in size and design;
  • Possibility of rapid heating;
  • Availability of a low quality requirement.

Tubular steel heating batteries are easy to install and available at a cost Tubular steel heating batteries are easy to assemble and are available at a cost.

The disadvantages include the presence of: susceptibility to pnemunar and low heat dissipation. If you want to buy such structures for a multi-storey apartment house, in which the central heating system is installed, you should decide on the acquisition, since it is considered the most suitable.

Cast-iron heating devices

Cast-iron radiators or accordion are Soviet models that were previously installed in all apartments and buildings. An overview of this design is quite easy to make, since modern designs of cast iron differ substantially from their predecessors. To be more precise, now these devices for space heating have a low weight, compact dimensions and are covered with special enamel paint.

In addition, the products have become more stylish, powerful and efficient, and they can become a serious competitor to other devices for heating apartments and other premises.

Cast iron has excellent heat conductivity, and therefore it is heated for a long time and similarly cools. Even if there is a drop in the temperature of the coolant in the heating system, the batteries will remain warm for a long time and will be able to heat the rooms.

Cast-iron batteries have a high thermal conductivity Cast iron batteries have a high thermal conductivity

In general, the advantages are in :

  • Low cost;
  • High strength and reliability;
  • Versatility and compatibility with pipes of different materials;
  • Easy operation;
  • Low requirements for quality of coolant;
  • No corrosion formation;
  • Long service life.

Among the cons are noted: weak inertia and complexity of installation. If you want to carry out the installation of the products yourself, you will need to strictly follow the instructions, as a violation of technology can cause problems in operation, as well as leakage in the near future.

Panel modern steel radiators for heating

To correctly make the connection of the water heating system, it is worth selecting the quality radiators( for example, in the CFM) and for this you should pay attention to customer reviews, as well as which brand is at the topmost line of the rating. Now on sale there are new, effective and very warm pipes, which are called panel steel radiators. The peculiarity of the product is that they are made of two plates of ribbed type and are made by casting, with a sealed contour inside which fills the heat carrier, which provides heating of the apartment.

This equipment is highly efficient when compared with other heating devices, and they also provide excellent air circulation in space. Steel for heat conduction is similar to cast iron, but unlike cast iron radiator with thick walls, it is possible to warm up the product much faster.

The panel steel radiators have a high heat transfer coefficient Steel panel radiators have a high heat dissipation factor

Among the design advantages of aluminum radiators is the presence of :

  • Small weight and thickness;
  • Combinations of direct heat transfer and convection;
  • High heat transfer coefficient;
  • Possibilities to purchase a model in which there can be a different number of convectors;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Affordable value;
  • Possibility to quickly warm up the room to the desired Celsius;
  • Low requirements for quality of coolant.

Among the disadvantages can be noted that if the apartment is not autonomous heating, then choosing a product with small dimensions is unlikely to achieve high efficiency. Accordingly, it is necessary to switch on the boiler to maintain the optimum room temperature, which will require additional energy costs and funds to pay for it. If the apartment has a central heating system, then this time will be excluded.

Copper radiators: comparative features

Copper radiators can hardly be called in demand, as their cost is too high, but according to their technical characteristics and performance, they greatly exaggerate other heating appliances and can become competitors for aluminum and bimetallic structures. A high-grade copper alloy is used for manufacturing, without adding impurities, which makes it possible to make the construction as durable, flexible and wear-resistant as possible. Copper radiators have many advantages, which are simply impossible to argue with.

And this is the availability of :

  • High efficiency, which allows you to heat the room for a minimum of time;
  • Antiseptic, since copper excludes the formation and multiplication of bacteria and microorganisms;
  • High-strength steam engine;
  • Connectivity to high-temperature heat carrier;
  • Possibilities to use the equipment in apartments where heating is carried out autonomously, and such compounds as antifreeze are used as the coolant;
  • Aesthetic appearance, which eliminates the regular coloring and processing to continue the service life;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Long service life, so that replacement after installation does not need to be carried out at least 25-30 years;
  • Stylish design, or as it is called - beauty;
  • Large range;
  • High efficiency;
  • Optimum cost;
  • Availability in all shops with heating devices.

Copper radiators have a long service life Copper heating radiators have a long service life

It is based on such criteria that it can be concluded that copper radiators are significantly superior to other products and can also bring considerable benefits, starting with savings, andEnding with high efficiency.

Unfortunately, the design, for heating the room, from a copper sheet is not without negative qualities. They are different. The disadvantage is that they have the highest requirements regarding the choice of pipes for the material of manufacture and the quality of the coolant. The connection of such aggregates can only be carried out with a pipeline made of copper, as otherwise copper can enter into a chemical reaction with other types of metal, which will lead to the formation of corrosion and destruction of the pipes, as well as the occurrence of leaks. Also the choice of connecting elements should be made only of copper and brass.

Types of radiators( video)

The best pipes are those that fully meet all the requirements and in particular personal preferences for aesthetics and budget. If all the above recommendations are followed, as well as advantages and disadvantages, it is possible to carry out a heating system without defects and capable of serving for a long time. Examples

radiators( photo interior)