Is it possible to glue wallpaper on water-based paint: painting and video, how to paste on water-dispersion

Walls covered with water-based paint can be pasted with wallpaper, after cleaning the surface Walls covered with water-based paint can be pasted with wallpaper, after cleaning the surface Painting with water-based paint is a very simple and easy way of finishing works of any room. But sometimes you want to change the painted surface, filling the room with great comfort and warmth. Help me with this task wallpaper. But from here there is a logical question, and whether it is possible to paste wallpaper on a water-emulsion.

      • Can I paint wallpaper on a water-based paint and how it is done
      • How to paint wallpaper with a water-based paint
      • Recommendations: how to glue wallpapers on a water-based paint
      • Can I glue wallpaper on a water-dispersion paint
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      • How to remove water-based paint from the wall( video)

Is it possible to paste wallpaper on a water-based paint and how is it done

ristupaya repair work can be encountered with various problems as old coating. The previous covering of walls can be in the form of a paint. If you paste new wallpaper on an unprepared surface, then in the future they will start to bubble, the wallpaper will peel off and diverge, forming irregularities. As a result, it will be necessary to start repair work again, starting from the beginning.

To avoid further problems with the new coating on the walls, the masters are advised to glue the walls to a cleaned surface. To do this, all the old covering needs to be removed from the wall.

For a good result, the wallpaper is glued only to the cleaned and prepared surface For good results, the wallpaper is glued only to the cleaned and prepared surface

. Even if it is paint, before deciding to remove it from the paint walls, you need to determine its base. The basis of the paint can be oily or aqueous. Oil paint differs a sharp smell. It is much easier to remove from the walls than water-based paint, which is removed with a thin layer.

After removing the paint without further processing the walls with a primer and putty, for gluing wallpaper on such a wall you will need to use the most super strong adhesive.

Preparatory work before wallpapering is a preliminary washing of the walls. With this preparation on the walls, you can paste all kinds of wallpaper except for the material with a vinyl base.

How to paint wallpaper with water-based paint

If the examination of the wall surface showed that they are painted in water-dispersion paint, then it is necessary to start preliminary preparatory work. The paint should be removed from the wall completely.

How to do it right:

  1. To remove paint from the wall, it is necessary to arm with coarse-grained sandpaper, with the help of which removal will occur without any problems. After the paint is completely removed and the surface is completely purified, you can start applying to the walls of the primer and start to glue the wallpaper. It is important to note that all cracks and other flaws and defects should be covered with putty. To date, there are many different materials suitable for building and finishing works. For example, in a building shop you can buy a special scraper, using which you can get out of the wall twice the paint.
  2. Clean the walls of the wall with water and only after they have dried they begin to priming them. The better the soil, the stronger and more reliable the adhesion between the wallpaper and the wall. In addition, the primer protects the surface of the wall from the formation of fungus and mold.
  3. Appeared chips, cracks and other defects on the wall are processed by putty compounds. If the walls need a capital equalization, then you need to stock up on the plaster. On such walls it will be easiest to glue wallpaper on a fabric or natural basis. When using textured wallpaper, no preliminary capital equalization is required.

Water-based paint is painted only with pre-covered wallpaper Water-based paint is painted only with pre-primed wallpaper

The modern novelty - liquid wallpaper, with which you can very easily hide all the irregularities and defects in the wall surface - will avoid the leveling of the walls.

Recommendations: how to glue wallpapers on water-based paint

If you want to stick a wallpaper of a heavy kind, then you need to create a special paper lining. When gluing it is necessary to try, so that the seams and joints do not coincide with each other. Not so long ago newspaper covers were used as such cladding.

A few rules:

  1. If you plan to glue wallpaper on the water, then the walls need to be pretreated with a mixture prepared from glue and a primer mixed in equal proportions.
  2. Wallpaper can be glued to water-based paint in the event that the walls were painted very high quality paint, and it will not eventually crack and pour under the wallpaper.
  3. Before you start to wallpaper, it will be better to do a test sticker. The adhesion can be checked by sticking one newspaper sheet. When the glue dries, the newspaper will need to try to tear off - if the newspaper is holding, you can glue the wallpaper, if not, then it is better to remove the paint using a hot water rinse.
  4. After the wallpaper has been glued, do not tear them off and re-glue them to try to get rid of air bubbles. Today, special rollers are available that can cope with this task.

Before you begin to glue wallpaper on water-based paint, it is desirable to make a test sticker of a newspaper sheet Before embedding wallpaper on water-based paint, it is desirable to test the newspaper sheet

Adhesive wallpaper on water-based paint is allowed only after 24 hours after applying to the walls of the primer.

Is it possible to glue wallpaper on water dispersion paint

Wallpaper can be glued to water-dispersion paint only after making sure that it reliably keeps on the wall. Checking the strength of the adhesion of wallpaper and wall, you can start work.

Do not always want to paint the walls again with paint, and rip off the paint to glue the wallpaper is also troublesome. Therefore, many are at risk, trying to glue the wallpaper directly on the paint.

This is not right, since the wallpaper is held, it is necessary to pre-clean the walls and treat them with a primer and other materials.

To keep the wallpaper, do not slip and do not come off the walls, you need to accurately adhere to the technology of the process of gluing wallpaper If you do not have the opportunity to perform the operation for gluing wallpaper correctly, it's better not to waste time and just paint the walls in another one at oncePaint color. The painting will take less time. If this option is not suitable, then when sticking the wallpaper it is worth to adhere to certain tips and rules.

Whether the wallpaper is applied to the water-based paint

In order to make a successful and durable painting of the wallpaper on the paint, it is necessary to adhere to the observance of useful advices:

  • Align wallpaper to the wall with a clean cloth;
  • Remove the paint from the wall with hot water or a spatula;
  • Remove the paint carefully, taking care not to damage the wall;
  • For walls covered with water-based paint, it is best to use non-woven wallpaper, because they are light and high-quality;
  • Before you paste the wallpaper, you need to mark the places of their application on the wall using a level and a pencil;
  • By gluing non-woven wallpaper, glue is applied to the wall and wallpaper;
  • To get rid of the formed bubbles, use a special spatula;
  • Wallpaper glued indoors, drafts are not allowed;
  • The wallpaper must be dry at a temperature of 18 degrees.

How to remove water-based paint from the wall( video)

As they say, nothing is impossible in life. No matter how hard it is to paste the wallpaper on the painted surface, it can be done with your own hands. Adhering to the advice and strict observance of the rules of applying wallpaper, you can achieve a very good result.