Drawings on wallpaper: geometric for walls, large patterns, wallpaper without a picture, abstract inscriptions, photo damask

Wallpaper will make the design of your room more beautiful and comfortable Wallpaper design will make your room more beautiful and comfortable There are many different kinds of wallpaper, from the ordinary and without any drawings to wallpaper with pictures and inscriptions. This article will help to disassemble all aspects of the selection of new wallpapers.

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    • wallpaper with a picture and their role in the interior
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How to choose wallpaper with a picture

wallpaper - an important part of interior room. They create a general atmosphere and the idea of ​​the room, so they need to be treated with particular care. First, you need to define the style in which the room will be executed. You also need to think over the furniture and interior items, and start selecting wallpapers for them. If you do not combine furniture and interior items among themselves, then the room will look untidy and tasteless.

Some people prefer classic wallpaper, while others try to buy a photo wallpaper or paint the walls with their own hands, creating a unique pattern. In any case, it is necessary to approach the matter wisely, to understand what patterns and types of drawings exist, for what interior they are suitable, etc.

Today there is a diverse selection of wallpaper with drawings Today there is a diverse selection of wallpaper with patterns

especially popular nowadays wallpaper without pictures, respectively monochromatic. They are pleasant to the eye, and with the right selection of color and its shade will perfectly complement the overall appearance of the room. Also, for those who want to colorize their own wallpaper, there are special wallpaper for painting and stencils for drawing on walls, as well as sticking pictures.

When appropriate wallpaper with geometric pattern

Wallpaper with geometric pattern began to gain its popularity is not so long ago. They approach more modern styles and interiors. Often you can find wallpaper with a graphic pattern, and they are also referred to as geometric.

Before choosing geometric wallpaper, you need to consult a specialist-designer who will be able to tell the most suitable patterns and colors. Choose the wallpaper itself in a geometric style is quite difficult, you can make a lot of mistakes, which then you can regret.

But, it must be said that it is difficult to handle geometric wallpaper, there are rules for their application, and if you do not comply with them, the room will seem very plain.

First, it is better to avoid complex geometric ornaments, because because of them the room can seem too congested. Secondly, it is worth considering the color combinations. Well, the final advice is that if the wallpaper with geometric pattern, it is necessary to find a more "soft" furniture that has no sharp edges and contours, otherwise the room will be uncomfortable, it is unpleasant to be a long time.

Geometric drawing is one of the most difficult, therefore it is necessary to approach to its selection very carefully geometric pattern is one of the most difficult, so you need to approach it very carefully selecting

main types of patterns that can be seen on geometric wallpaper:

  • bands of all shapes and sizes;
  • Various smooth geometric shapes;
  • Squares, rhombuses and other quadrangles;
  • Circles can also be considered geometric patterns;

wallpaper with a picture and their role in the interior

figures on the wallpaper are completely different species. From wallpaper with an abstract picture, to an image of nature or night scenery. First, you need, of course, to choose a pattern based on the overall style of the interior. Very popular now is a wallpaper with a three-dimensional drawing, although the price they have is somewhat larger. Also, a lot of choice of wallpaper, on which there are words and inscriptions.

most popular figure at the moment - a strip which relates to the geometrical ornaments.

Along with the stripes is a floral ornament, which every year becomes only more popular. It can be used both in the modern interior and in decorating in a more traditional style.

Also, as many people know, oriental drawings that depict oriental landscapes or hieroglyphs are also quite popular. Most often, they are bought in case the premises are made in ethnic style. But, very often you can meet such motives in public institutions, such as oriental restaurants.

Wallpaper with a picture will give your house a modern style Drawing wallpapers will give your house a modern style

When decorating a room, you should use the rules that relate to wallpaper. All the most basic rules on this topic are listed below.

Design rules

  • If the main emphasis is on the wallpaper and walls, then bright colors and large drawings will be just right. They will be able to attract a lot of attention to themselves;
  • If the walls serve only as a background, and the main attention should be on furniture, then you need to choose wallpaper with a small pattern and pale, and preferably pastel colors;
  • When you start choosing wallpaper, you should make a choice based on how much sun enters the room and the degree of its illumination;
  • For rooms like a bedroom or an office, you need to choose a more relaxed wallpaper that will not distract attention and prevent you from relaxing.

If the room is very small, then light wallpaper without a pattern will be very handy. Visually they will make the room wider and more spacious. If you make an incorrect choice and take a dark-colored wallpaper for a small room, it will seem even smaller.

Nowadays, many people try to choose wallpaper that imitate wood, stone, and other natural materials. Most often, it is very important for garden and garden areas. Qualitative wallpaper with such a picture can really give a sense of completeness of the interior.

Picture wallpaper( video)

Large pattern wallpaper and its application

Large-scale wallpaper is a very bold choice. In fact, it's very difficult to select a drawing correctly, especially large. This requires serious knowledge of design and good taste. If the drawing is chosen well, then we can assume that the repair has already succeeded. It is important to remember that it is better to take large drawings for large rooms, because small rooms because of a large ornament will seem even smaller than they really are.

Very often, wallpaper with a large pattern is used as a design solution, such as the back of the wall with shelves.

Instead of bookcases, some people prefer simply shelves. Usually, it looks mediocre and simple, but if the back part of this part of the wall is decorated with wallpaper with a large pattern, it will be very attractive. However, for a start you need to choose such wallpaper that will be in harmony with the basic ones.

This ornament is most typical for large public buildings, like cafes or bars. A large figure in such institutions will attract a lot of attention and delight visitors. But, of course, to begin with, you need to choose the right drawing.

In a large room will look good wallpaper with a large pattern In a large room, the wallpaper with a large pattern

will look good. Wallpapers with patterns are a highlight of the interior

There are many wallpapers with patterns. They are very unusual, and are also very mediocre. In recent years, southern patterns, like Damascus and Paisley, are gaining in popularity. Most often they are decorated with a silver or gold pattern, but there are white or other light inserts.

In ordinary apartment, as mentioned earlier, paintings with a floral pattern will be beneficial. Wall flower patterns have always been a major trend, which has survived until now.

Below is a list of the most popular patterns at the moment:

  • Oriental pattern;
  • Flower pattern;
  • Geometric pattern;
  • Wallpaper with a horizontal pattern;
  • Wallpaper with a small floral pattern.

Also, it is very fashionable to combine different types of wallpaper. In this case, they must match in style and color, although the shades may be different. For example, you can take one roll of monophonic wallpaper, and the second roll with an ornament, and then combine them. This is a very fresh and modern solution that will be relevant for a long time.

Drawings on wallpaper( video)

Finishing and overall design of the room largely depends on the wallpaper, so you need to stock up with great patience and carefully choose the future wall cloth. In fact, you need to take this seriously, because the wallpaper will serve a very long time, and do not want them to cease to please their owners in a month.

figures on the wallpaper( photos)