English wallpaper: in style in the interior, photo with flowers

Matching the interior of English style largely depends on the choice of wallpaper The correspondence of the interior to English style largely depends on the choice of wallpaper The English style in the interior is a union of rigor and sophistication. Neskuchny, but restrained and elegant, at the same time strict and cozy - the English house as a way of thinking, so often say interior designers. And an important role in this style is played by wallpaper.

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Wallpaper in English style: decorating rules

of the English style - a massive wooden furniture, textile decoration, unusual and refined accessories. And all together it will be an atmosphere, if not with elements of antiquity, then with tribute to traditions, warm and ageless vintage.

Wallpapers - that interior element that glues the whole picture into one whole image. And here there are several options - a modest provincial design and luxury of expensive living rooms of notable houses.

Textile wallpaper is most common in interiors in the English style Textile wallpaper is one of the most preferred, it is also often used wallpaper "for antique plaster";

  • Patterns and prints - natural subjects, classical ornament, strict geometry, curls and, of course, a Scottish cage;
  • English wallpapers are perfectly combined with wood panels and slats;
  • For a small room, the best ones will be wallpapers of light colors, and spacious rooms will nevertheless be more properly decorated with darker shades of wallpaper;
  • If the room faces south, decorate it in cooler, more restrained shades, while the northern room, on the contrary, should be brighter.
  • The atmosphere should be cozy - this is the main rule. Very bright shades, pressing prints can disrupt this situation, so do not overdo it.

    English wallpaper with flowers: classic or trendy thing

    Today is a small flower, a large flower, in a word, an English flower is again one of the most favorite prints on wallpaper. And although he never went out of fashion, just now a new wave of popularity has made him trendy.

    Images of flowers on wallpaper - a characteristic and fashionable attribute of the English style The color images on the wallpaper are a characteristic and fashionable attribute of the English style.

    The floral print can be different, and it's right to use it on the wallpaper - almost the whole art. The main difference is that small or large flowers are depicted on the canvas.

    General selection rules

    • The smaller the room, the smaller the flower;
    • A large picture can also be pasted in a small room, but only on one central wall - the other three walls remain with wallpaper without a print;
    • The fine drawing of the wall will visually remove, and the large one will approximate, this is used as a correction for the length / width of the room;
    • To reduce the effect of "obtrusiveness" of wallpaper, decorate the wall with moldings, decorative panels and curbs. This frame will not allow the wall to "ruffle".

    English wallpaper - it's not just any flower, too stylized flowers as if from computer simple graphics do not fit.

    Design wallpaper in the English style( video)

    Wallpaper with large colors in the interior

    It's modern and fresh, though the English classics do not match. True, you can find a compromise option, where the flowers - do not print the image, but still the picture. Such wallpaper is better to glue on those walls, where a minimum of furniture. Sometimes they can only draw one wall.

    Wallpaper with a large floral pattern will look great against the background of light furniture Wallpaper with a large floral pattern will look great against the light furniture

    Under such wallpaper light light furniture fits. The desirable moment is a roll call with flowers. For example, flower picking for curtains or floral print on the carpet, cushions, etc.

    English wallpaper in small flower

    Wallpaper in a small flower have been and remain the leaders of sales. Otherwise, they are often called "grandmother's", but from simple Soviet floral wallpaper English wallpaper is distinguished by the quality and sophistication of the print.

    The basis of small floral ornament in the English interior should be quality and elegance The basis for a small floral ornament in the English interior should be the quality and elegance of

    The wallpaper "under the chintz" is particularly appropriate in the interiors of country houses, but in a normal apartment such wallpaper will be the place. Very closely this style is intertwined with the provencal motifs, but there are differences.

    With what it is possible to combine

    It is advantageous to emphasize such wallpaper in the interior:

    • Furniture with flower upholstery. For example, an armchair with plating in a flower of delicate, natural colors. Or inserts on a chest of drawers or a closet with a floral print. But the wallpaper and the picture of the furniture should not merge.
    • Exquisite accessories. From the simplest cells for birds and candle houses to beautiful tablecloths, napkins, watches, etc.
    • Beautiful service in the closet. The case when a bright service with a highly artistic painting should be put on display - this will be an English cosiness.

    But, of course, you can also go too far - use flower themes in moderation.

    English striped wallpaper

    The strip is also the usual print in the English style. But you need to handle it with care.

    Strip - another traditional ornament wallpaper in the interior of the English style Strip is another traditional wallpaper ornament in the interior of the English style

    Strips in the interior:

    • The horizontal strip visually draws the room wide, but the ceilings seem to be lower than it is. A good option for a small room with high ceilings.
    • Vertical stripes will extend the walls, but in a narrow room this will inevitably create the illusion of a well.
    • Narrow stripes of similar colors are visually perceived by monochrome, contrasting narrow strip is too aggressive variant, overloading vision;
    • If you choose stripes of pastel tones, they should be wide, contrasting bands are better for taking for rooms of noisy, active, but not rest rooms.

    As for the combination of wallpaper, there are also secrets here. Excellent combination of peas and stripes, floral motifs will look great against the backdrop of neutral stripes, against the background of striped walls, by the way, checkered chairs or curtains in a cage will look great.

    How to choose English wallpaper( video)

    English wallpaper is always calm, not pretentious, without inscriptions and very bold design. But they add to the interior of tranquility, austerity and coziness, and all this together perfectly.

    Good choice!Examples

    British Wallpaper( images in the interior)