Partitions of plasterboard with a door: how to make a coupe with your own hands, a photo with an installation

In order to divide the room into two parts using a partition made of plasterboard, it is necessary to install a single door leaf In order to divide a room into two parts using a partition of plasterboard, it is necessary to install a single door leaf . If using a partition made of plasterboard, the space is not zoned but divided into two parts, then a door leaf is required. This is how they make out the rooms in the apartments of free planning or private houses. It is worth noting that with this redevelopment will not need to get permission from the BTI, the consent of neighbors, approved by the housing management project. In addition, it will not be necessary to plaster the walls and level them. Gypsum boards are smooth and smooth, which allows you to make perfect walls without the slightest defect. It is not uncommon for such partitions to separate the place for rest from the working area and vice versa.

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Partition of plasterboard with own hands with door

Partition from GKL with doorOr without it should begin with the preparatory phase.

The essence of it is:

  • Forming a project, which will carry out the work;
  • Determining the location of the structure;
  • Preparing the workspace;
  • Procurement of material.

For marking it is necessary to prepare tools: pencil, cord and plummet For marking, you need to prepare tools: pencil, cord and plummet

For marking on the floor and walls, you can use a normal cord, pencil and plumb line. On the floor will be placed guide profiles, which are the basis of the partition.

It is worth remembering that the installation of the door is planned and it is necessary to lay the profile to the intended doorway. The layout of the door frame can be different, for example, in the center of the structure or from the edge at the wall or at the window. In this there are no restrictions. The opening in the design for the door should not be a few mm more than the box. This is required for proper installation.

How to make a partition of plasterboard with a door

Make a septum of gipsokartonnyh sheets and a metal frame with your own hands is quite realistic, but sometimes there are difficulties when installing doors. If you approach the repair from the right side, you can exclude such moments.

Mounting of the rack profile for the partition with the opening must be started not at the door frame, but try to ensure its contiguity to the entire area of ​​the structure It is necessary to start the installation of the rack profile for the bulkhead with the opening not at the door frame, but try to ensure that it fits the entire area of ​​the structure

  • is required Installing the rack profile with reinforced stiffener;
  • The formation of the partition so that it is as strong as possible;
  • Select only high-quality materials.

When preparing you need:

  • Secure with the necessary amount of drywall;
  • Purchase a metal profile, always with a margin;
  • To buy facing aluminum profiles.

The partition with a doorway is mandatory, as it was said before, includes a rack-mount profile, and it should be located not only at the door frame, but also throughout the construction area. The profile is established in the most usual way by means of screws, and also is strengthened by means of a bar in width in 80 mm. Above the door, a special jumper is required, which will serve as the upper base of the door frame. Also in addition to the rigidity, it is possible to install a beam-reinforced profile, namely in a vertical manner. Thus, a frame will be formed in the shape of the letter P, which will make the door frame stable, strong and durable.

Door in the plasterboard partition

Installation of the door frame in the partition of plasterboard and metal frame is carried out in stages.

The installation of the door frame into the partition can be done with your own hands for reasons of economy, but it is better if professionals realize the task at hand You can install the doorframe in the partition yourself for reasons of economy, but it's best if the task is implemented by professionals


  1. There is a box for the door. For today, the choice of the material is simply huge, since it is possible to choose a plastic cloth, from natural wood or its imitation.
  2. There should be a gap of a few mm between the box and the opening.
  3. At the time of installation of the door frame, the product should not be moistened, as after installation it may dry up, or vice versa swell, depending on the quality of the material.
  4. The box is mounted assembled and at the same time the hinge is inserted.
  5. The process requires maximum care and thoroughness, and therefore if there is no necessary tool or experience, it is better to entrust it to a professional.
  6. Once the door has been installed, alignment is required through pre-prepared wedges.
  7. The door is then fastened. This is done by anchors that reliably attach the door frame to the profiles and securely fix it in the opening.
  8. Previously left openings between the profile and the door frame are filled with a special construction foam. It is worth remembering that this material has the property of expanding after drying, and therefore do not need to overdo it when applied. The consequences can be far from the most pleasant, and this threatens the skewing of the door frame, which will not only require repeated work, but it is also possible to purchase a new door. This can be eliminated if you install the spacers in the box before filling the opening with foam.
  9. While the foam dries, the door itself is prepared. Namely, loops, a lock and a handle are installed. The hardware is installed by means of a screwdriver and wood screws. Hinges are set with an indent from the edge of the door at 20 cm. The level of the hinges on the door must correspond to the level on the door frame.
  10. The door is installed only after a few days, after the foam in the door frame has hardened and you can be sure that the frame is mounted firmly and without errors.
  11. To clarify the smoothness of the location of the structure, you can use a special building level.
  12. If there are edges of the protruding foam, they are cut with a stationery knife.

After the door has been installed, its level has been checked and the strength needs to be made to finish the opening and for this purpose the platbands are used. They are sold complete with a door, and are fastened to studs of the smallest size and a length of no more than 20 mm.

Functional partition of plasterboard with door-compartment

If there is a desire to install a partition of plasterboard with a door-coupe, then do not despair and as soon as possible to contact a special company.

Functional partition of plasterboard with a door-compartment will allow to separate space only in case of need, preserving space and light in the room Functional partition of plasterboard with a door-compartment allows to separate space only if necessary, preserving space and light in the room.

The special feature of such constructions as a door-compartment and a gypsum board is that:

  • Sliding doors do not require additional space;
  • The installation of the sliding system is carried out in a manner similar to the conventional swing construction;
  • It is possible to hide the sliding doors inside the gypsum board partition.

Naturally, the doors-coupes are the canvases that open and close by means of special guides.

There are two ways of fixing this structure:

  1. With double-sided guiding rails.
  2. With one-way guide.

In the first case, you will need to install not only the upper guide, but also the lower, but this implies the installation of a paddle, which can cause constant pacing and, accordingly, discomfort. The second option is the most optimal. The rollers will move along the floor, and along the upper guide, bolted to the hardened frame, made as described above. Cloaking the doors inside the plasterboard wall is a great idea to preserve the integrity of the interior of each part of the room.

How to make a plasterboard partition with a door( video)

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in this work. Just need to be careful and accurate.

baffle design of the drywall with a door( interior photo)